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Last week I posted on this board that I verbally resigned from my woke fortune 500 financial institution. Today I formalized and submitted my written resignation effective Dec 31. It feels good.

The past week was crazy emotional to say the least - after 20 years with my firm I'm leaving some very good people behind. But I refuse to spend any more time with a company that is imposing vax mandates and, from my standpoint, is on the wrong side of history. I told management that they might as well quit too as the company will be litigated into oblivion (a little dramatic but could be true) with all the civil rights and constitutional violations.

I'm leaving a lucrative position with 2 kids in college so not the best time to leave - It's in Gods hands now and I know all will be OK. By stepping out of the matrix for real today I only hope that I can wake up a few folks on my way out. For the next month my new job at my firm is to red-pill-the-fuck out of as many colleagues as possible. Wish me luck.