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No charges have been filed against the Wisconsin Election Commission. Somebody took a Law Enforcement Today article and made false claims about it. People shared it around all over the place today.

As per Cates. Gateway Pundit article on this is wrong.

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Why is this stickied? Just a friendly correction to the sticky we just had up, which was apparently someone at Gateway Pundit misreading something. Thanks for understanding.

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This is nothing compared to the real crimes involved.

The Shariff cannot be trusted to expose the deep criminal corruption in his jurisdiction. It is way beyond his capabilty.

The DA cannot be trusted to prosecute the criminal corruption when she is corrupt and protected by the circles of criminal corruption that installed her into office to cover up the previous corrupt criminal District Attorney.

The AG is the most untrustworthy of them all, and has weaponized his office against those who are attempting to investigate and expose the real crimes and corruption in Racine and Wisconsin.

The Truth has been shared since the beginning.

Racine, Wisconsin is the Root and model for the election fraud involving mayors and other officials, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Bill Gates and Brad Smith, LeBron James and Caron Butler, and Joe Biden himself who made a “highly unusual move” to rig a billion dollar referendum in the April primary in Racine.

The real crimes and Agenda are much worse than nursing home election fraud and the WEC, are and much deeper and darker than rigged elections.

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Well no shit. I mean anybody who has a basic understanding of how the legal process works would have been able to tell you that police aren't the ones who charge people. It's the prosecutors who do that. The problem we're having is that the prosecutors are all corrupt.

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Sorry, I hate to say this (and hate to be right), but this just seemed too good to true. I figured something like this was going to happen.

Just like watching Lindell, knowing he's going to run into a brick-wall in the SC (breaks my heart):

"The military is the only way."

Cases / situations like this are important, though, as they show how deep and pervasive the corruption is, and necessary to force the [DS] to cross red-lines.

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Gateway Pundit a long time ago said that Amy Comey Barret was on house arrest as well. And the Q folk ran with that article as well. Desperate people will cling on to whatever hope they are given even if it's a big fat bowl of donkey shit.

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Sheriff is doing their job and showing people of Wisconsin where the rule of law is collapsing in their state: Wisconsin State and District Attorneys offices.