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If anyone is the "voice of the normie" I believe it would be Joe Rogan. Last week, he was on Tim Pool's show, and said that now pretty much everyone believes the media is full of S___. He said "it is quite a big difference between now and Walter Cronkite.

Another guest (Luke? Ian?) said "actually, he lied also. They always lied. It's just that now the people are realizing it. Rogan agreed, and then began giving some of his own examples of how the media had always lied.

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I have never looked at him as a normie. He has always seemed open minded, but stuck sort of in the middle of the road, and questionable. He may have many normie audience members though.

The shit Russell Brand has been saying lately is more of a 180 in messaging, not that I trust him either.

Now let's talk about DMT.

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Joe Rogan is open about his politics. Thats why I respect him. And he can see shit for what it is. Pim Tool on the other hand is too little too late. He always wants to give the BOTD when everyone knows it’s not warranted.