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I am interested in your thoughts on this. My partial opinion on this is that as patriotic, God and country loving, law abiding people, we are easy to control and manipulate. If Franklin Graham tells us to get the vax, because we identify with him, we'll go get it. We give to their charities, as they hoover up our money, because we want to help and do the right thing. They used this to get us to lockdown, wear masks, and close our businesses. But they have been using our goodness against us for a very long time to manipulate us to do their bidding.

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I think this: .... Its just an illusion. Like think about it. The entire world is a giant Potemkin Village. AKA a total fraud. The elites make movies and pay kids to play sports to entertain the masses. They let us have jobs cause it doesn't matter what we choose. We all have to work. Taxes are inevitable. Just like debt in the current world. We are slaves regardless. Damned if you do, damned if you dont.

Have you seen netflix lately? I can't believe peoiple watch that shit. Its all trash. I could never sit through so many seasons of bad acting. Its excruciating.