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Frens, looking for a little help. My very healthy wife got sick a few weeks ago. She had 103+ fever for a week. We first used horse paste, HCQ and the remainder of protocol. After multiple test it was determined no flu no China virus and doctors assumed bacterial infection of some kind. They put her on one antibiotic then another after that did not work.

On Monday morning she had 4 strokes. Mind you she just turned 50 and in good health. She has been at the best research hospital for care. They are not able to identify the cause.

They are now saying they believe it’s an immunity issue and want to put her on blood thinners for life after acute rehab. She has nothing in family or background that would lend to an immune issue. My first thought is this is the work of spike proteins.

My wife is base and would never take the vaccine. She had a lot of doctor appointments over the last 4 months. My question is it possible that she got injected without knowing it or got infected by shedding? Is there anyway to test to determine if she has the spike proteins?

On another note my wife is out of the critical phase now has a long road to be self sufficient again.

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You hit a great point. I told my Daughters to be very careful when taking their kids to the doctor or hospital that sooner or later they will be giving them the vax by itself or mixed in with something without telling them