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stevethefish76 47 points ago +54 / -7

It's time for Trump to do something. There is no excuse for him to be ignorant about this. As much as I love him and his son with their "ha ha ha Democrats suck" comments, it's time to admit the elephant in the room. I'm not dooming; I'm being real. We've got villains Fauci and Obama personally overseeing little children getting the death shots now and it's disgusting. Is heart attacks for 5 year olds part of "the plan"? This has to stop. Just as the OP says, if you do not think all vaccines should be halted immediately, you are part of the problem.

bpsays 17 points ago +18 / -1

It is all a choice. You cannot tell people about this. They have to be shown.

The information is out there and it takes people waking up want to see the information that is in front of their face.

Everydaypast 16 points ago +16 / -0

Tell that to the 5 year old who had the misfortune to be born under the wings of well-meaning but ignorant parents.