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With Trump forming his own media empire, what would distinguish it from other content-sharing sites? What could be done to rival it, besides the head figure being extremely well known?

It could appear to demographics from the past and present, with wholesome content embracing traditional values that my dad will love, but also modern, ingenious presentations that my mom would make models of.

Perhaps for video-creation, it could not be as hard on 'free speech' as other Big Tech platforms, but also promote content that won't be hit with lawsuits or could be taken down by its competitors.

I want journalism that will actually report on the news. That the research is done by genuine people that want the truth to actually be shared out without meddling from oligarchs or biased overlords.

Maybe a creation section, where everyday people, if they get chosen, get a chance to promote their channel or business or hobby? I want audience that content-creator focused, rather than the corporates and souless content that plagues Big Tech platforms,

Maybe if it expands, a possible way to reach out to friends and loved-ones, with privacy kept intact, or a place to get the latest news without filters.

More content made more for independent studios and by people with engaging stories and unique perspectives to be shared.

But lastly, imo, and it might be unpopular, but I want content and ideas to be made of! I don't want it to be political. I want a chance where people could come together and poke at their creations without being mean-spirited or supremacist. I want 'conspiracy theories' being subtly accepted and made digestible for the average viewer, for it not to be mocked, but layered with a tint of 'truth.' I want couples of diverse backgrounds to be in friendly competition with one another, to get along with each other, rather than one group being elevated and the other demoted. I want to hear ugly conversations and perspectives similar to ones seen in the Jubilee. I want people to know, and younger generations to understand, that accepting people of differing views/beliefs will keep our country grounded and not contribute to the nation's polarization. America divided won't prosper us as a country. I don't want compromise, but I want people to actually understand why they think the way they do. To see where the other side is coming from. I want content that will make people 'think' rather than being told what to think.

I want it be obvious that it it's a media empire that sets it apart from the rest.

Like President Trump, I want it to be an outsider. Something new for a change, y'know?

It might all be wishful thinking, and I have a lot more to say, but I think it's time for you all to speak!

What do you want to see out of TMTG+?

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I'd like to see debates. Not talking heads, not one sided commentary. I want to hear 2 people on different sides of issues discussing them without ad hominem attacks. I'd like to see points being made with references to back them up. If the leftists are brainwashing kids in colleges, let them go toe to toe with experts that oppose them. Let the students watch that, not one sided propaganda. These debates should not be 20 question types or timed responses from biased moderators. Let it be 2 or 3 questions debated thoroughly for an hour. I want truth, not propaganda. I'd give the left equal time but make them back every statement with references. Not just opinions or talking points.