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Friendly reminder: the answer we want is not always the answer we get... But that does not diminish God's Goodness...

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A couple of months ago, my sister and her whole family got Covid and brought low by it. My brother in law stayed home sick for 2 weeks taking Dayquil until he got to a point where he couldn't breathe. They took him to the ER (in Florida) and they measured his O2 in the low 90s but said it wasn't low enough - gave him some meds and sent him home.

I found out he was sick after his visit (and didn't even know he had gone to the ER). I start telling my sister what she needs to get, who to contact for meds, etc but she is really weak. Then she tells me she is taking him back because he is coughing up blood. His O2 is now in the low 80s.

I told her they are going to push for Remdesivir and ventilator, and that she needed to push for X, Y and Z first, etc. She texts me back the next morning saying they put him on Remdesivir. The next night they threw him on a vent and vented him to the max and blew out his lung. Thirty six hours in his O2 is now in the 60s and they said he would be brain dead. Two and a half days after entering the hospital he was dead.

He was 40 years old and non smoker, 170lbs and no comorbidity. Pneumonia (they called it 'Covid pneumonia') is a real killer folks.

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Unfortunately that is hospital protocol now in most states. I'm sure there will be malpractice suits in the future but that won't bring anyone back.

I know a guy from High School that just died this past weekend. He went to the hospital in Colorado and they immediately gave him Remdesivir which caused him to flat line while it was being administered. After that they vented him and he was dead a few days later.

I currently have a relative in the hospital in South Dakota where they gave him Regeneron/Regen-COV and he is on oxygen. Appears to have been through the worst.

Not sure if its a red state/blue state thing? Or just hospital by hospital basis? Either way, I'm convinced that Remdesivir is medical murder at this point.

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The new CDC guidance is to not give monoclonals if the patient is after day 10 or needs oxygen.

Idk if there’s any truth to it, as I’m a couch medical article reader and not a full doctor. However, it makes some sense as your viral load peaks by day eight, and you’re dealing with the leftover inflammation by days nine and ten. The antibodies won’t have spike protein to attach to if the viral load is past peak.

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It's always been 10 days for the monoclonal antibodies.

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Huh. I thought they were using them after that point before. Guess I was wrong. Thanks for the clarification.

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Murdered, by the numbers. They have a script and are using it.

If you want a friend or loved one to have a reasonable chance of survival, you must bust them out.

They are deliberately allowing the illness to progress to get the patients tetering on the edge and using vent and Remdesivir to push them over the precipice.

Every hour they go inproperly treated is critical for life and the quality of their recovery.

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That is so sad, my heart goes out to you. And this , even in Florida, where the governor is supposedly on top of it all. Apparently the hospital systems are beyond his control. .. so sad

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They are. Many of them are privately held, but some are university hospitals.

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I had a good friend of mine put on Remdesivir also after he was admitted to the hospital. He had checked into the hospital a week after receiving his booster and was diagnosed with covid. Me and my daughter could visit by looking through the glass. We prayed but once they get put on this treatment it's pretty much the same ending which unfortunately for us was the loss of our friend.

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Pneumonia is caused by a bacteria. Viral pneumonia is actually really weak sauce

Pneumonia should be IV antibiotics plus a steroid. IVM won't do much to help. Remdesivir does fuck all to help since it is doesn't do anything to begin with, but also because the pneumonia is caused by bacteria

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I was in the hospital for Covid caused pneumonia back in September. I thought for sure I was going to die. Avoid the Remdesivir, push hard for ivermectin.

He can come back from this. I did and I'm doing great now.

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Only a small percentage get covid pneumonia and we don’t know why. Although the death rate is 1 percent, that’s not the rate of very sick people. It’s not just 1 percent die and the other 99 percent are great. It’s 1 percent won’t survive. 10 percent will need hospitalization. 20 percent will have more than a moderate illness, severe. And 70 percent will tough it out at home.

Many who survive will never be the same or will be disabled, but we have yet to see how much. It’s more than 1 percent.

Not that this is more than any average risk, it’s just another risk, which affect people.

Despite worrying about risks, we do need to accept we have them. Worrying about them doesn’t affect them. But knowing about them helps us accept them.

God bless

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Dear Lord, we know not the hour or the day but we do know we can rely on your word and in your promise of life eternal if we confess our sins and believe in you. Please bless all who are in pain, suffering, hopeless and alone. Keep them close to your merciful heart and surround them with angels to lift them to heaven when their time comes. We ask this in Jesus' name. AMEN.

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Christ says that if you have Faith the size of a mustard seed that YOU can move mountains. Because you believe it is done.

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Heavenly Father please show your presence to this dear friend, the family, friends, and caregivers, so they may get through this difficult time. We pray that you show them the way towards your light, grace, and salvation. And we thank you for all your blessings. Amen My brother is in a similar situation as we speak. The outpouring of love and prayers on this forum is without a doubt a most welcomed light in these dark times. I thank all the frens for caring.

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If you can't get the correct supplements or treatments to him, but you can still phone him or a relative, tell them to get him turned over onto his stomach when he's in bed.

And for him to get up and move around as much as he can...lying in a bed lets it settle deep into the lungs. He needs to move to circulate it out.

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Tell his family to put him on the z stack ASAP

It’s all over the counter and can be given to someone even on a ventilator

We gave it to my sister and it saved her life

Quercetin Zinc Vit D Vit C

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Will pray for you and your friend, fren.

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You don’t know anyone where he is that can help out?

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Lord Jesus, All things are possible through you who gives us strength and only through you. I lift up this person to you and ask you to please move your mighty hand and work a miracle here and heal them and surround them with an army of your angels to protect and comfort them. In Jesus Almighty name, Amen

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Prayers on the way.

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Prayers offered now, and I've added your friend (and you) to my daily prayer list. +++

Please keep us posted. We care. (Ignore any trolls that might appear in your thread.)

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Done. I hope your friend recovers, and if not I know God will welcome him with a warm embrace.

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Praying that God remove every cabal roadblock set up by the evil one and pave the way for actual healing treatment, for peace for the whole family and courage to speak up and not back down.

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Hopefully you are in comms with whoever is taking care of your friend.

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May God press these doctors by the Holy Ghost to do right by him regardless of the evil laws. In Jesus name amen. God's will be done. In Jesus name amen.

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Done. 🙏❤️💯

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Praying for believing doctors to take over the protocol and to use wisdom in avoiding bad policy. Praying for wisdom for your friend's family and knowledge of how to proceed and potentially suggest ways to help. If you would like, I can also mention this in the prayer thread on Christianity.win since it's my day to post the prayer.

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What is his name?

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Saying prayers 🙏

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Doing so now. First comment is also correct.

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Praying for your friend.