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I woke up one morning sometime during the 2016 election cycle and was informed that "woke" was taken from us and now meant being a leftard.

What ever happened to the A-OK sign? Thumb and index finger with the middle-pinky extended like those freemason ass holes do. Apparently that means "white power" too? Then the Proud Boys started using that...

If symbology is their downfall, we'll at some point be able to freely use symbols without the adulterated impressions put on them in this communication war.

Throw up your signs. If it's coming from you and not being used for child sacrifice... That's taking it back. Don't be afraid to throw up them PB's!

Don't be afraid to declare you "woke up" without adding context and filler as to what it means. It's clear what it means. STAND IN YO TRUTH!

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Jew media bastardized the "ok" hand gesture as "white power" to make a statement how it was spreading among young boys, as there is a game associated with the gesture

Then you had people using it unironically to mean those things