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from the maxwell trial we learned some bizarre weird shit now you're like

haha what's weird? she fucked kids and supplied kids to politicians to fuck so they could blackmail them yeah but that's not weird that's just jew shit going back thousands of years the actual weird shit is

tetris (yes the video game) was bought by her family using jew tricks against the russian creator family had ties to the guy who created the first internet worm as well as that "worm virus inventor" being a venture capitalist who also funded a startup called "Y combinator" this startup would eventually create reddit first, 3K+ sites they copied digg's format almost exactly then ran a huge FUD campaign when digg updated their site to pull all their users over maxwell was the FIRST REDDIT USER TO 1MILLION KARMA AS WELL AS THE MOST ACTIVE AND HIGHEST GROSSING KARMA ACCOUNT ON ALL OF REDDIT using bots and other various means of control of reddit they pushed most forums out of operation through jew tactics (shutting them down any way possible) and pushing all to reddit using bots and karma manipulation as well as having very few mods control nearly every popular subreddit they controlled the egregore, zeitgeist, the thoughtsphere formed on the website and pushed it in their direction doing this they factually promoted any sort of ideas that would normalize pedo shit maxwell's sister provides software for nearly all intel agencies around the world her father provided russian GRU with PRISM (they later found out that this software was spying on them and shut down all computers for a week to purge everything, switching to something else) same sister that provides software to our intel agencies also provides Google and Microsoft use of services to deal with information management through a company she became president of Commtech which bill gates helped startup she had a private sub license as well as operated subs in the virgin islands had a group Tarramar abusing martime law


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