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The first hour were doctor introductions and statements.

The questions start around 2:22 into the forum.

2:22-2:50 robust immunity gives full protection; no need for jab and will make worse, so why the mandate; 70% have had covid so if this number is revealed, it would show the failure of all the the policies and procedures implemented to stop it; the jabbed carry a high dose of covid because the jab doesn't neutralize covid entering the body like natural immunity does

3:00-3:10 masks debunked

3:11-3:15 doctors and pharmacists across the US cannot prescribe nor can pharmacists fill ivermectin or HCQ

3:28 chart on stats on safety of HCQ and I verses Remdesiver

3:37 there should never be govt agencies overseeing the safety of treatment programs; if independent safety boards had been involved as they should have, the emergence of unexplained deaths and high mortality rates would have shut the jab program down immediately

3:51 natural immunity has been ignored and denied and it's harmful to 16 million children this is being forced on

3:52 Dr. Kory asks why are they doing all these things against what is known proof to patients? Plain and simple ... corruption.

4:03 discussion about the risk of each additional shot given to jabbed; vax enhanced diseases

4:24 hospitals have become dangerous places for sick people

4:36 medicare payments to hospitals correlated to the treatment given; Remdesiver fraudulently approved but became the only protocol this way

4:40 nurse at Houston Methodist shares story; doctors threatened if giving medical exemptions or VAERS; higher-ups erased the records

4:52 spike protein discussion and DOD data base whistle-blowers

4:58 cancers in remission for years are now active again after getting jabbed

5:05 discussion on how the jab does interact with your DNA; myocarditis discussion

5:20 discussion on reproductive organs affected by jab

5:24 nurse testimony

I hope this helped and maybe a sticky will get it seen by more who will go listen. I can't over emphasize how important this panel was.


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Thanks for the write-up!

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Thanks. I was quite shocked when my entries on each line rolled into 1 big paragraph. LOL appreciate the instructions.

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Sad but true: there are no directions about how to format your stuff around here anywhere. I grab nuggets as they trickle out. Glad to get another one…

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A post on this could be great if any old guard could help us newbees on the formatting...

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Or enter twice.

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God Bless Ron Johnson for tirelessly working to get these critical thinking expert voices to the normies! We have all heard them, praying "we" have grown a thousand-fold through his forum.

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I was so happy to see that he decided to run again for another term. He is a good one to get things done.

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Excellent work my friend. TY for your hard work. I am planning on watching.

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If you read between the lines the "Why" comes into focus. The most powerful and wealthiest don't need money, they want life, extended life. China gives them unlimited organs from the Uyghurs; the globalist are giving China domination over America by causing an explosion of Cancers, suffering and deaths while extracting all of our livelihoods, savings and retirement. ORGANS FOR POWER. Organs for Land, Organs for trade. SICK!

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Nice synopsis and time references. Thanks.

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Thanks so much, fren.

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Thanks. Completely forgot the link.

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You're awesome! Thank you😁

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Thank you, Factfiler. Name checks out!

reacher 8 points ago +8 / -0

Thanks for the summary! Here are the doctors from the first hour: Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, Harvey Risch, Pierre Kory, Richard Urso, Christina Parks, Mary Bowden, Harpal Mangat, Paul Marik, Aaron Kheriaty, Robert Malone, David Wiseman, Paul Alexander

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Really appreciate this summary. I hope the right people are listening. Good stuff!

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thank you, OP, great work. helps communicating with more ppl

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Thank you....this is very tedious to put all this together and share it! It is amazing but oh so horrifying...thank you for your service to the truth! WWG1WGA 🇱🇷

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Thank you! What a good FREN you are to this community!

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Thank you for your efforts for all of us

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Thank you . This is a big help!~

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Thank you.

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Many thanks for the summary fren.

gobby 4 points ago +5 / -1

So good of you to compile and post this. Thank you!

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Thank you SO much for the break down for those of us that didn't get to listen to the whole session.

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Thanks so much for this! It is very helpfu!

Binome169 4 points ago +5 / -1

I chuckled at the Doctor there wearing his white lab coat......! What sort of ego thinks that’s going to add any more than a doctor in a suit..... it’s a hearing not a hospital....!


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It works to sell supplements on TV, don't underestimate the white coat.

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Some limpwrist hopped up on soy is furiously down voting every post in this thread 😆

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Why do they hate people questioning the narrative? Science is NEVER settled, science is questioned.

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The 5:24 trauma nurse testimony is EXTREMELY important. She describes how patients are dying of hospital protocols, not Covid.

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Watched an hour of it mid afternoon. Outstanding discussion. Hope to see rest of it. Thanks for the summary.

Dlh221 1 point ago +1 / -0

This is great!! I watched the whole thing straight through today. But this time line is great as I wanted to re-listen to certain things again. This helps tremendously! Thank You!

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Watched the whole thing from 2:22 onward till the end, this conference literally confirms and/or talks about every hot point we raise here on GAW, these are the mavericks of the current medical regime brainstorming in public about highly sensitive issues, I agree super important panel!

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Thanks for the big effort. Not every one can spare 5 hours to listen to the entire hearing.

My wife and I listened to it all and your cheat sheet is spot on!