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makemyday007 25 points ago +25 / -0

Canada’s elections were about as real as Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows.

schiff_for_brains 5 points ago +5 / -0

It all depends on how you count the eyebrows.

catsfive 5 points ago +5 / -0

And who counts the eyebrows.

FractalizingIron 2 points ago +2 / -0

"I did not, I repeat, I did not have sex with those eyebrows"

BC, Jan '22

Sit0nTheFence 3 points ago +3 / -0

haha ,..yes wasnt there a time in and interview when one of his eyebrows came off,..or maybe just slipped down outta place or something,.?

Zuk_ 17 points ago +17 / -0

Watch CA has been on my mind last couple of days

Q20191776 8 points ago +8 / -0

I knew CA had multiple meanings! I just knew it.

user2827 1 point ago +1 / -0

I did look at that a little, without doing any clock fagging there was 1 mention in 2018, but later in the year and didn't appear to line up.

hundro 14 points ago +14 / -0

These convoy gatherings seem a lot like the Trump Rallies. Normal, good, happy people that just want to be free to live and work without interference. The other side is made up of weird, miserable, incapable people with their hands out demanding everyone else give them whatever they want.

PepeSee 5 points ago +5 / -0

Yes. Every MAGA thing I've been to the people are cool and love the country and just want to be left alone to do what they want.

hundro 3 points ago +3 / -0

How on Earth did we get here. The loudest, whiniest, most helpless people are calling the shots and telling the rest of us how to live? We're awfully patient and tolerant, but geez, this will not continue!

I love you people. This could be such a beautiful world.

PepeSee 3 points ago +3 / -0

This is the best book I've read on the subject.


hundro 1 point ago +1 / -0

That's freaky! As I was typing that comment I thought of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged". It really is a parallel for today.

PepeSee 2 points ago +2 / -0

Yes. Such was her ability to understand principle, she knew where it was going absolutely.

I've been rereading her nonfiction essays, and it's amazing how she identified - in the 1960s - that "conservatives" were going to give the game away ultimately, by failing to conserve anything. That was what, 5.5 decades before "RINO" was coined?

PepeSee 3 points ago +3 / -0


It's a beautiful world.

Dardar 2 points ago +2 / -0

😍THAT was Glorious.

PepeSee 2 points ago +2 / -0

Oh fuck yeah, amazing. The Nightfly is one of my very favorite, absolutely desert island albums. I mean top ten, how could you ever not hear this album again in your whole life.

Edit: Top comment. LOL he's totally right.

"Probably the best band in the history of music. no one like them has managed to merge so many musical genres and styles succeeding in creating a unique, inimitable, superb product."

PepeSee 1 point ago +1 / -0

For those not already dead from boredom - my ranks

Steely Dan - best band Police - best band 2 (it's basically a tie but totally different approach - NO ONE could meld on stage like these 3 though) Frank Zappa - best solo artist/composer/often best bands too ('88 esp) Best er something else I guess The Orb

intraara 2 points ago +2 / -0

A bunch of maga flags throughout the towns/convoy too, almost shed a tear

Zeitreise 14 points ago +15 / -1

The Great Awakening is world wide.

Read up on Prussia Gate.

The world's "elections" have been a laughable mockery since inception.

We've been owned by a cult for centuries if not longer.

ILoveIvermectin 7 points ago +7 / -0


We’re here voting and the world has been burning for 100 years.

The last 100 years of so called free and fair elections have been the bloodiest in human history and That's saying much…. The same idiots keep getting elected no matter what we do and things keep getting worse and worse.

This is world wide.

Bubs10 4 points ago +4 / -0

I think New Zealand’s was too

Kaizen 4 points ago +4 / -0

I hope my Canadian friends can reunite Castro Jr to the rope. Lead the way and give the rest of the world courage to do the same for these criminals.

SpecimenP 3 points ago +3 / -0

"Watch CA"

deleted 3 points ago +3 / -0
VonJager 3 points ago +3 / -0

The world economic forum and its masters are attempting to take over the world. Some silly elections are not going to stand in their way.

TruuthSeeker 2 points ago +2 / -0

Green party win? Come the fuck on. Ofcourse it was fucking stolen. I called it day one.

Said. Their goes fucking Canada.

standwithuQ 1 point ago +1 / -0

Turdo is a Liberal NOT Green party.

TruuthSeeker 1 point ago +1 / -0

Yet won in the green party lmao stfu

heebiejeebie 1 point ago +1 / -0

they do use the dominion election theft software up there, too, right?? we see how well that shit worked down here... . there's 90% of the politicians right now that are total horseshit and got there only by cheating.... well.. .the great awakening is happening and the next round will be different... but we still need to get 2020 resolved.... that stinking pile of shit needs to get fixed.

Sit0nTheFence 1 point ago +1 / -0

Doninion got Boris Johnson in Scott Morrison in Australia and even Jacinda D=Adern here in NZ,..and probably many others,.Countries,isnt Dominion owned by Canada not sure on that one,..but apparently they were being run outta Toronto,..

arterius2 1 point ago +1 / -0

Liberals can’t win any elections without cheating

SuckaFree 1 point ago +1 / -0

A worldwide reckoning has begun.

WeAreTheWorld 1 point ago +1 / -0

God bless the world!!

Suggestion: Perhaps you Canucks should scale down the random beatings and 🔥 of buildings....

Peace and love neighbor...<3

deleted 1 point ago +1 / -0
MrJimLahey 1 point ago +1 / -0

I need to stop browsing this morning. I'm waiting for a co-worker to ask what is wrong why I have tears in my eyes.

BetsyRossRocks 1 point ago +1 / -0

"Violent insurrection"