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Anders 3 points ago +3 / -0

Do you think in that scenario the vax-poisoned family will just be playing in the park?

Yes I do. Even if both parents know they have VAIDS and they killed their children, they will want to make the last few years of their children's lives as enjoyable as possible and make as many happy memories as they.

If they know you are unvaxxed, won’t they be full of as much hatred as they are now

Yes, I expect most of our cities to burn. People of all ages will know the ŋew world order knowingly stole everything from them. Mental illness and trauma will become the new normal.

Wouldn’t they be prone to lashing out and blaming their “vax rash” on the unvaxxed?

They'll be angry at everyone, depending on which of the five stages of coping they are working through.