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Welcome to Part III of the New and Improved Gifs and Q Posts tutorial thread!

Save these links folks!

Follow this link to navigate to Part I

Follow this link to navigate to Part II

Follow this link to navigate to Part III

Follow this link to navigate to Part IV

Your friendly neighborhood moderators have been busy! Santa brought y'all a lot of new shiny memes to play with!

How to Post a Gif or Q Post

In order to post any Gif or Q post simply copy any of the codes found in this thread, paste them into your post or comment, and remove the space.

Due to the quantity of Gifs now available, this thread will remain locked so it can be loaded much faster.

If you have a favorite Gif you'd like added to this list, feel free to message the moderators with your request! Also, don't forget to upvote your favorite memes! This will give your moderators an idea of what Anons would like to see more of!

A note of importance on using Gifs and Q posts on this board. Community styling must remain on in order for your posts to properly display the desired Gif or Q post.

Get those Meme Machines fired up!