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Do you need a miracle?

This weekend I remember my first miracle.

Many years ago I was flying in a small plane with my friend Doug who was the pilot. It was after midnight and it had just rained. We were attempting to land in the city of Worthington. The airport was covered with a thick blanket of fog. No one was at this small airport to give us direction.

We lowered our plane into the fog to circle and look for the airport. We did this three times and found nothing. It was like flying into a solid white wall. When there is no visual reference you can get vertigo in a matter of a few minutes. One can be flying sideways or upside down and not even realize it.

Doug was worried. He apologized for taking off in the first place. We should not have been flying in such weather. I felt calm and told Doug that God had a plan for our lives and we would live to effect the lives of others in a positive way.

A fourth time we descended into the fog to look. We were so low we buzzed a house. I could see the outline of the shingles. Then we crossed the runway. I thought, "We are actually going to make it!" Doug banked the plane to the left. Once we completed the turn we would be lined up to land.

In the turn we were again flying into the fog. We looked for the lights of the runway. I looked over at Doug. He had blacked out. I starred at the controls. I had no idea how to land this thing.

I don't remember the impact. My next memory was waking up still in my seat. However my seat had moved. It was now where the right wing used to be. The door to the plane was open in front of me. I sat right behind it with my feet sticking straight out underneath it and into a fleshly planted corn field. I was fine.

Both wings and the engine were gone. Doug's seat too had separated from the floor and he was laying sideways on the cockpit floor. He was in shock. He knew his name, mine, and nothing else.

We spent the night in the hospital and left in the morning. Just before leaving my friend, Karen called. She and her husband, Loren were driving while we were flying. She had been asleep and woke up having dreamt that Doug and I were unable to find the airport in heavy fog and land. They stopped the car and prayed for us.

Do you need a miracle? You can have one. You can have more than one. I have witnessed many in my life. Do you know someone who does? You can manifest a miracle for others just as Loren and Karen did. Miracles do happen.

Do you need a miracle?

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Maybe God wants you to educate others on what to do in that situation. I'm not a pilot, but I think dipping into the fog to try to get a visual is a bad idea. If your ILS can't guide you in for whatever reason what do you do?

My guess would be to land elsewhere. You should have the fuel to reach an alternative airport. If not, a lit highway or sports field might work.

Any licensed pilots have advice?