The only way is the....... (media.greatawakening.win) Gimme an 'M'
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Ding, Ding, Ding....we have a winner!

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I have heard Pres Trump talk about "TV Generals" and "Real Generals." My opinion is we are good.

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my sentiment exactly

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Milley isnt the military. Youve been here long enough to know that. The combatant commanders are far more important than Milley.

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Miley seems to be only an actor not a general.

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Much like Biden is only an actor not a pressie

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Yes. They all are acting. I believe all are arrested and they have to play a major role just the population do not freak out about the abomination they have done. It is something that I think Our President DJT can’t control. They are more things out there that doesn’t make any sense and I feel we are winning means God is.

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There's the magic words- combat commanders. De oppresso liber.

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Yep. Milley's role is not even part of any chain of command. He can't give orders. He's only an advisor.

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Milley is a sideshow freak

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Yes please ... u/#trumptank

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Can they please do it NOW!?!?!

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I always keep martial law in the back of my mind… are we asking for something we may regret?

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This I am concerned with also, though I know it is a sin to worry as God says in.

Matthew 6:26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

Revelation 3:10 Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth.

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Is there any other way? The deep state aren't giving up or even comprimising. Military is the only path.

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Thanks for your unsubstanitiated "Ive read" opinion handshake. Now back to reddit.

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Well if you read it then...... [insert eye roll here]

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I read that Trump is a big evil Nazi, doesn't mean it's true.

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Trump must've been compromised his first 2 years of office with the logic Anons are making regarding SCOTUS.

Patriots wanted to have this nationwide conversation. This will expose PP entirely. Right after Elon bought Twitter. Leaks from embedded Clowns? Inevitable. Go as far as say, expected.

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Would you expand on your take, regarding the timing of this leak?

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White Hats own Twitter. That's what you needed in place.

This obsession over 2000 mules we anons have...This obsession over 2020 voter fraud. As crazy as this sounds to us, its NOT gonna move the needle with Normies. Mike Lindells symposium? Was NEVER going to move the needle. It was designed that way (Lindell symbolizes a Pillow in Comms, as in, 'Sleeping on' a topic).

No, the only way Great Awakening happens is when normies are exposed to Crimes Against Children. And abortion is a massive blindspot normies have. This conversation had to be had now. This tenuously held belief needs to be publically expunged by society as a whole. We will become united.

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I like it!

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Funny - that was my exact thought when I read Ruger's response!

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That’s fair, but if crimes against children is the key, and Disney is recently exposed and under the spotlight, then why/how is “Disney” a “distraction”? And from what, I wonder. Or is there something bigger to expose in terms of crimes against children? Is HRC at the end of that road? Curious how “Disney is a distraction” (Q post) comports.

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It's not a distraction. It's part of the slow leak of exposure.

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Yet, here most anons (including myself) leaned toward a wide disclosure of elites torturing & sacraficing babies, then perhaps eating them.

Don't lie, yeah you thought it 😊

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I still think it.

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Things like that I don't think will ever be 'widely disclosed'. Q said the choice to know or not would be ours. I think the info will be out there for anyone who goes looking for it, maybe it will be easier to find, but I highly doubt we'll ever see a report on that on the 6 o'clock news.

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Thanks for your contribution. Good stuff to think about.

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"No, the only way Great Awakening happens is when normies are exposed to Crimes Against Children."

That's what it's always been about. Those who know can't sleep.

Barf bags and kleenex at the ready.

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I'd be amazed if something like this could actually undo decades of programming. But then again, we've come to almost expect crazy on a daily basis.

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I believe we are seeing more craziness because their world views are being challenged on a regular basis now and they are struggling with the cognitive dissonance. Something like this RvW situation exposing something irrefutable in regards to crimes against children will separate those who are salvageable, unsalvageable, and the evil. This could be the end game.

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I sure hope so.

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I'm very certain that his first term was just exposure and putting people into place and setting things into motion. The low gas and booming economy were secondary.

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It is the only way.

Not long now!!!

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A perspective on this...

We KNOW the Supreme Court was compromised during all of the trials relating to the election steal of 2020. Not just the Supreme Court, but all the way down the chain. It is so abundantly obvious that fraud occurred. Massive Fraud. As Trump says, "Determinative fraud."

The courts all declared "laches" or "moot" in order to avoid the introduction of evidence in any court of law. This is why liberals can claim Trump lost all his election fraud cases. They were all thrown out on the technicality of being brought too soon, or too late. Both can't be true, otherwise all criminals could get off.

For example,

"You can't charge me for murder. The person is already dead. Your case is moot."

"You can't charge me for murder. I haven't killed the person yet. Your case has laches. The crime hasn't been committed yet."

Perhaps the SCOTUS leak is a white hat move, or an event that will take the SCOTUS down to a level where it belongs, just as corruptible as all the other branches of power.

This is the first ever "leak" from the SCOTUS in the modern era, which proves it can be just as corrupt as the Executive and Legislative branches of government.

Perhaps this is setting the stage for military control because all of DC has been corrupted. Every corner of the beast.

I believe this is a deep state maneuver to push through abortion legislation, or rally their base for the midterms, or start more riots, etc.

However, there is another angle to this that could prove beneficial to cleaning up the corruption. We shall see.

The bottom line though is "Chief" Justice John Roberts is a complete liberal and he is the head clown driving the clown car. 🤡🚙

Roberts is responsible for the failures at the SCOTUS as well as ALL appointed FISA court judges, who clearly fell hook, line, and sinker for all of the DNC, Hillary, FBI, CIA, Fusion GPS lies during the 2016 election and the spying on the PRESIDENT before, during, and after the election.

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I read it. Learned a lot I never knew of the history.

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...that was the plan

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Yeah, like everything else in the country.

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This might have been the plan along. Show SCOTUS is compromised and let the final option play out.

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Without a clerk leak, we wouldn't have heard about CJ John Roberts' profanity laden tirade at the other "junior" justices re: election. But then again, we didn't need that, and we didn't gain any new information. Time to lock down the clerks from leaks - it's always them.

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ooooh, where might I see john roberts' profanity laden tirade...." ?

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You mean the only people with access to supreme court documents and working with the judges are the source of leaks regarding documents and the justices? Who else would it be? The clerks are who the justices work must closely with and are the ones who keep things going (outside of workers like receptionists, etc). I'm just not sure who else could leak substantial information about the supreme court and the cases they take.

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All becoming clear

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Executive branch - compromised Judicial branch - compromised Legislature branch - compromised House of Representatives - compromised Senate - compromised Congress - compromised DOJ - compromised FBI - compromised CIA - compromised from inception State Department - compromised FDA - compromised Elections - compromised Supreme Court - compromised

Amazing that these were probably all compromised for many decades.

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Hopefully the normies come to understand it like you do.

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How does this relate to covid?

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That the American attention span is that of a nat, COVID is done gone ... it’s on to the next crisis agenda for the Libtards to react to, what’s amusing to us is this too will pass as they have nothing ... when are the aliens supposed to show up?

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when are the aliens supposed to show up?

They're already here. Coming across the southern border.

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Ha lol no I mean the “flying in from outer space ones” ...

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Yay, we get a new world!!!

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My theory is that the DS has threatened the family of a clerk and they released the draft in return for their safety.

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I'm not sure I understand how this proves the court is compromised when Roberts appearing on the Epstein flight logs did not.

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Military baby!

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This is very dangerous, though. So PRAY!

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I don't know...WHO was the actual leaker? Was it one of "our" guys? Or was it from the left? I'm thinking from the left. To gin up outrage, get the money mills cranking again, and re-ignite their base. Abortion will probably be a base issue election for them, they are hoping to turn out enough purple haired genderqueer "its" to help them in the midterms from getting pummeled. Or on the more sinister side to help them rig/steal the election for dems.

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Are we getting to RED4?

RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] >to central locations under guise of citizen riot >control.


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Start over. Revolution.

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Correction 2 branches that Devin stated. But right now the White House is compromised too.

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Who posted this btw, the way its cropped I almost thought the caption was also Nunes, is this just some random anon self-captioning a nunes post?

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Perhaps the leak itself is military operation to initiate the process of devolution?

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"gimmie a squiggly..."

looks around embarrassed

Uh... Wrong cheer. Sorry folks. 🤣🤣🤗 ~~~~

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Our Bank is compromised, Our FBI and CIA is compromised, Our Press is compromised, Including the 3 Branches that Devin just stated I agree the military is the first option.

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Yep, military just might be the only way. I think Time is down to it’s last metaphorical seconds for the Cabal.

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You omitted the executive branch as being compromised.

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The only way is.... for Russia to save us?

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I sure hope you and Q are right. I’m old enough to know that a defaced military (if not sanctioned by a law abiding president) can cause all kinds of problems.

On the other hand, I live within a very large military area and all the folks I know, including family that are former officers and enlisted, they would not obey orders to take out their own citizens. I just still keep “the military is the only way” on a short leash. It’s ok to have concerns!

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Good guess, but... YES.

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SCOTUS been compromised... where you all have been?

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Where you have been?

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If the court was compromised they wouldn't be overturning Roe versus Wade.

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The goal is to expose everything as corrupt so the masses accept a military takeover. Which is why I think we will lose the mid terms.

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If we lose the midterms we may face a civil war. Most of the country despises this administration as it is and most Americans know the Democrats stole the election from Trump.