Spicy truth! (media.greatawakening.win) LET'S GOOoOo
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Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?

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With Stacey Abrams on the planet, there is a problem right now.

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No joke. I bet if you threw a handful of skittles at her, they'd begin to orbit from the gravitational mass.

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She keeps messing with the tides.

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when you are an angry liberal and just decide to start eating your enemies instead of arkanciding them

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odd question... the odd answer is ...yes, the mass/ gravity of earth is about to see a serious increase.

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Not a movie watcher I guess....

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Perfect meme OP!

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I don't know where Michael J. Fox stands on the issue, but if his parents had known he would end up with Parkinson's, would he have wanted them to abort him because if it? I'm guessing no, because he seems to enjoy life despite the handicap, and was probably loving life before the symptoms set in.

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A hard life is still a life. He found love, heartbreak, excitement, depression, family.

The babies that were killed got nothing

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Point taken, but Parkinson’s isn’t totally congenital. There are genetic predispositions that increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s, but they don’t always result in a manifestation of the disease. They think it could be environmentally triggered. There are multiple people who were diagnosed with Parkinson’s after working on a Canadian tv show that Michael J Fox was part of when he was young, before he did Class of 1984 (crazy movie, btw) and Family Ties. They’re trying to figure out if it’s coincidental or if there was some kind of chemical exposure in that old tv studio.

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I didn't know if Parkinson's is congenital, but used that as an example of how some women will abort if they even THINK their child might be born "abnormal".

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I got you

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This is elite.

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From you that means alot :-)

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I am always here for a Back to the Future meme.

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Aside: Guitar history-wise, this scene is pretty interesting. It's not just the terrible things he just did to that guy's guitar (and the priceless look on his face we see here), at the time it was basically an accompanying instrument and expected to be polite (and the first guitar solos, such as they were, were JUST appearing, e.g. Rock around the Clock). The Les Paul (not pictured), unbelievable as it seems now, in fact was intended to be upscale and for jazz players. Which it failed at miserably, due to double whammy of a) unapologetic high cost due to target market and b) solidbody slab tone. It was out of production through most of the 60s, but after blues/rock players (Richards, Clapton, Beck, Page...) discovered it....

(Slash's famous LP is a ghost build, but that's yet another tangent....)

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Your kids are gonna love it...if they are lucky enough to be born

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So they’re saying a white guy was responsible for the invention of rock and roll.