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Indeed. The body is an amazing miracle.

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Still sad/terrifying that ONLY 74.2 million total for all ages (22.4%) and 54.7 million over the age of 5 (17.5%) are unjabbed.

Let's hope the predictions of "bad outcomes" from the jabs are over estimates. If not, we're in for a load of hurt, pain, expense and death in the next (estimated) 3-10 years unless someone comes up with a way to short-circuit it.

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I hope you're right fren cuz otherwise that Deagel.com prediction for 2025 population may actually play out.

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The numbers line up.

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CDC report admits 74.2 million people in the USA have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine,

another 157 million have refused a 2nd or 3rd dose

This equates to 70% of the entire population of the USA who have not had either a first, second or third dose of a Covid-19 injection.

This is not how math works, at all.

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In general, it makes no sense to talk about unjabbed + once-jabbed + twice-jabbed as a group, UNLESS they're trying to show how many are "unvaccinated" (since not having all 3 jabs = "unvaccinated" in clown world).

If so, it would have been a lot clearer if they'd just said, "100,724751 or 30.3% have 3 jabs (and are fully vaxed and boosted), which means 231,175,249 or 69.7% (roughly 70%) have 0 to 2 jabs."

(Not even gonna address the 2nd set of numbers, especially the 18k.)


74,252,173 unjabbed + 257,747,187 at least 1 jab = 331,900,000 total

257,747,817 at least 1 jab - 219,778,035 2 or 3 jabs = 37,969,782 only 1 jab

219,778,035 2 or 3 jabs - 100,754,751 3 jabs = 119,023,284 only 2 jabs


74,252,173 - unjabbed (22.3%)

37,969,782 - only those with 1 jab (11.4%)

119,053,284 - only those with 2 jabs (35.9%)

100,724,751 - only those with 3 jabs "fully vaccinated and boosted" (30.3%) (= 69.7% unjabbed, only 1 jab or only 2 jabs)


331,900,000 total


37,969,782 only 1 jab + 119,053,284 2 jabs = 157,023,066 those with 1 or 2 jabs (47.3%)

157,023,066 1 or 2 jabs + 100,724,751 3 jabs = 257,747,817 those with 1, 2 or 3 jabs (77.7%) (which = 22.3% unjabbed)

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100% are unvaccinated, so I appreciate you putting "vaccinated" in quotes.

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Thanks a ton for translating

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Worse than I thought

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Same. Lumping 0 shots with 1 shot and 2 shots but no 3rd shot seems silly.

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I think it's a great indicator. A weighted average of the ratio of truly brainwashed and recently awoken people will give a good temperature check on how many NPCs remain.

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I was going to do the math. A lot less intelligently of course. Well done sir. Math checks out. My thoughts on this method below "A weighted average of the ratio of truly brainwashed and recently awoken people will give a good temperature check on how many NPCs remain."

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You're awesome!! Thanks 😊

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And yet 156 million got the jab once. Place them on the jabbed category and they are the 70 percent.

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Came to say this

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If the predicted bad outcomes from the jabs turn out to be true, you can throw out the white hat / black hat theory. Because in that scenario, depopulation objective is achieved and they were both working for the same master.

I do believe that, however, life will always find a way. God did tell us to be fruitful and multiply.

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Another uggly truth, dammit man that stark cold reality is harsh... But true...

The life that prevails may not be like the life that we know at all.

Once these science projects are released "into the wild" it's hard to calculate 100% accurately what will happen. Could turn out to be their twisted terrestrial version of the Andromeda Strain and all of humanity is lost.

They are a clear and present danger to ALL.

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I find it hard to believe that only 74 million have not been violated. 22%? Only one in five? Mebbe...but considering the source.... I mean, who could imagine that the CDC might fudge data to portray purebloods as a smaller % of the pop before their comrades in one or more of their militant arms start replacing the piles of bricks on the corners with pitchforks, clubs and torches and urging the villagers to go after them there monsters?

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I too hope it isn’t as bad as it is predicted to be, not only for the sake of those individuals and their families, but also to prevent a perpetual cash flow to Big Pharma, hospitals and doctors.

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Just one of the 74.2m here. Thank God for discernment is all I can say.

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Many jabbed were at an age where parents made their decisions for them.

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. . ., or children made the decision (coercion) for their aged parents.


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Or parents pressured to vax by their older children. Often to be able to see grand children.

The coercion by employers, airlines, etc were incredibly powerful.

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Somewhere along the line, there was a dumbass involved in the decision-making process ... #JustSaying

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Discernment needs its own post

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I'm glad to hear that, not that I trust their numbers. I know exactly 10 people, including myself, that didn't take any. Everyone else is double or triple jabbed. So scary.

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i dont trust those numbers

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Yeah I'm in a blue area and almost everyone around me is jabbed, most with 2.

And all my family overseas, BIG family and large group of friends I'd hang with every summer, all jabbed.

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I am praying for them and very scared. But we didn't know what was going on in time to even warn them. They were terrified by the TV and ran as fast as they could to get injected. Now it's too late.

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Pureblood checking in.

Have had family members cut me off because of it, and I know I'm not the only one.

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My neighbor who ended up getting stuck in Scotland for 10 days longer than planned due to a positive COVID test couldn't come home to the USA. She and her hubby had 4 shots each.

She is a dyed in the wool Liberal Commie. I said interesting isn't it that American Citizens have to have a test to come back home but illegal aliens can walk over the border without masks or COVID tests. They could have dengue fever for all we know. And they are bussed or flown into the city of their choice now.

I am not sure if she blew a fuse thinking on that one or not but she had a very blank look on her face when I said it.

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Interesting experience you had with your neighbor.

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Yet she still believes her jabs saved her because she had no symptoms. And I said what if it was a false positive? She said she went and took a second test the same day and came up with the same result.

If they told her she needed 10 more boosters she would take them in a hearbeat.

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Maybe she got a saline shot, or maybe the symptoms just haven't kicked in yet. Those who fell for the jabs don't have this information because they didn't do the research, so they may go on for awhile thinking they're safe when they're not.

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Good for you. THAT is the kind of short-but-sweet shocking truth bombs that are needed to get them to "maybe" look at things from a different perspective and think about the illogic/insanity/injustice of what's going on.

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Smart, well-informed patriots. We don't like to be told what to do. Did the "Powers that be" forget this? Yes, to their great disappointment. Don't tread on me, baby!!

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I don’t believe these numbers at all.

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Me: Had Lung surgery stage 1 cancer in 3/2020, Have asthma, was overweight ( just lost 40 pds) exrays show beginning of emphysema. Skin cancer surgery in Feb. Out and about all the time in society, never wore a mask except to doctors where they made me. 58 yes old, husband had covid ,didn't quarantined in our house. I am not vaxxed..... Never did I ever get their covid! Just about everyone I know that was vaxxed got covid and I according to them am a prime candidate to have gotten it. Hmmmmmm.....I may die of something else but I doubt it will be covid.....

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I will die a free blood.

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come vaxx me bro

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Pure blood for life.

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I am proud to be part of that Fuck the Jab club. 73 and strong as a horse.

This means 30% will soon have heart problems. Right Bill G.?

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This is good news. The damage to people's immune systems increases with each additional injection.

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We have that many idiots in our country?

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Not for long...

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Guess that proves there still are some smart people in the U.S.

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I don't believe these numbers. I can't believe that many took it

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Fear and propaganda are VERY effective tools.

A couple of my lib Dem friends have their heads stuck in the sand so firmly it'll take a tsunami to get them to look around and see even a fraction of what's ACTUALLY going on instead of blindly believing the "official" bs narratives the MSM and the DNC tell them about most subjects.

(Heck, just watch the never-ending stream of Dem political commercials. They almost never say they're Dems and they continually lie to make it sound like, with all the freebies, gimmes and other socialist/communist legislation they're trying to implement, they're single-handedly saving their constituents and the world from impending Republican-driven financial, political, societal and medical doom. Without a balanced media, too many people believe the propaganda in the commercials.)

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I would have guessed way more took it than that honestly.

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Opposite for me. I can count on one hand people I know that did not take it. But I'm in a blue area.

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It is probably all over estimates but it still shows that the population in general is split regarding the poison jabs.

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The US has purchased more than 2 billion doses. Roughly a quarter has been dumped abroad and another quarter is promised to be exported.

So 1 billion doses of the jab for the US population. At least half of it is going unused right now. Expect over purchasing to be a scandal at some point.

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It was a scandal day 1 when the plandemic kicked into high gear.

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I know one American that's got two thumbs and no shots...

Accurate or not, nice to see some numbers outside the Regime's.

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So 77% have had 1 or more shots. Only 22% have had no shots. 66% have had at least 2 shots. A significant portion of the population has in effect been sterilized. Birth rates will drop precipitously. The debate over abortion has lost a lot of meaning, since the release of the bioweapon shots. The Supreme Court who would not review any election data, would not rule on shot mandates against our military, would not rule against shots for medical and first responders, the Court that has allowed the destruction of critical elements of our society, now wants to rule on abortion. It’s a bit late after they failed to stop the sterilization and wave of death that is only getting worse. Somehow, I cannot feel like the Court is doing a great job and is working to preserve our rights and liberty. My wife’s family has lost two members in the past 6 weeks due to clots and organ failure. One had Pfizer, the other Moderna.

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So only less than a third haven't taken any, that's heartbreaking.

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Glad to see I'm in the smartest group!

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Some bad math in that article. the 157 million figure treats a person who refused the first, second and third as three, so the number is inflated.

Still damning but just saying its over stated.

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Math is racist😃😃😃

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So less than 25% pure blood

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I still be pureblood. No vaXXXine for me.

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Pure blood here

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Ha! My edumacated guess was about 30% of the population got the clot shot.

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I can only hope so. Unfortunately, I know many people who took the first jab for sure. Almost all of them did it to save their jobs or schooling (2 were in nursing programs). A few because they were afraid, as they have personal pre-existing conditions. A couple out of concern for elderly parents. A couple, just because they are sheep. They did their kids too. ☹ Those I know who got none at all, aren't really broadcasting about it freely at this point.

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This math for a headline is embarrassing.

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This is very telling given how much propaganda is spewed non stop from fake news about the "majority" and the poison injections.

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157 million had a first dose? Then where do you get 70% refusing a first, second or third dose?

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Now the CDC isn’t lying?

Think real hard on that and your perspective will switch to where it needs to be.