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I have another hour of the workday, I really can't take this


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Hey, that's one week less than two more weeks! We're getting closer.

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And a blood moon on the 15th to start off the week... we've anoned this song and dance before and honestly I hope it's Jesus, but I'll accept second best "king" either way.

EDIT: "Q Day" is Tuesday...


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You know that photo of Trump that was posted just a couple days ago where his hair was huge? I joked about him looking like Don King and I made a meme of "King Don." Looks like I was closer to the truth than I realized. Who'd have thunk? Wow.


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That tweet posted about the Ghost 👻 army.


If you scroll down on the Twitter link there’s a reply tweet: White haired man playing piano. It says “The King has returned. He looks like an old Elvis & his voice is similar. It went right over my head until the I read your comment. I’m a huge Elvis fan so it was click bait for me. (I don’t believe he’s alive) Sorry I don’t have the link from here for back story. (Long story I can’t search, unresolved login issues on commuties)

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I’ve been down the Elvis rabbit hole almost fifty years. I remember watching the live concert from Hawaii. I say that was my first concert. I finally went to Graceland several years ago. I binge his live Vegas 70s concerts on YouTube at least a few times a year. I have seen all the possible Elvis “alive” that pop up. Years ago there was one floating around he was alive in Mexico or South America. That man loved performing to much to miss out on all that attention. If you watch the Memphis Mafia (body guards) videos on YouTube if you ever had a doubt about his death in 77, you won’t anymore. Listening to his hair stylist was the kicker for me. Especially when they talk about his death & the funeral.

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Wow. heavy!

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I don't just like fags, I datefags

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Top Kek.

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Not unusual fags.

Just planefags.

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This is so what Isaac Kappy was referring to before his death. Regretting he would miss the return of the "the King". Spooky.....

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Kappy said that? What was the context? The only "Returning King" that comes to my mind is Jesus Christ.

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Damn that's crazy. Never heard him mention this, got any links?

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Well, anything on Isaac is hard to find any more, but back in the day after his death, there was a letter he had written. It was a long rambling letter where he talks about his life and his regrets and how people close to him betrayed him, etc. Some speculated it was a suicide note. Anyway, at the end of this letter, he mentions the return of the King and not being around to witness that. Jesus, Elvis, no one knew who he was referring to. I know someone on this board can find it.

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What?!! Oh, be still my heart. Excuse my French but, my balls are so blue they're about to burst. And I'm not even a man! Let's GoooooooOOO!

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Well, Democrats would shriek until they pass out to try to convince us all that women can have balls, too. 🫃🏿

Of course, the rest of the sane world is perfectly comfortable with reality, and metaphor, so we pick up what you're setting down, and are right along with you, real balls or no. 🎳👍⛈🇺🇸✝️☀️

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Lol. Thank you. Dr. Steve Turley had a video today of protesters in front on nancy pelosi's house complaining she hasn't done enough about abortion. One of them (a guy - I think?) was talking about women and all other 'uterus bearing' people. So hey, if men can have imaginary uteruses, I s'pose I can have imaginary testicles. :D

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I guess in today’s world view you could be a man if you wanted to😀 😫

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Apparently. Fortunately, I am sane and I will leave being a man to the real men!

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OK I am getting excited.

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"You're excited? Feel these nipples!"

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Hahaha is there a waiting list?

PepeSee 3 points ago +3 / -0

Depends? (BTW since the source is obscure, it's from the movie "Brain Donors")

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You rule. Nothing beats a BASEketball reference used perfectly!!! :-)

PepeSee 2 points ago +2 / -0

LOL I didn't know it was one. I (and possibly they) got it from "Brain Donors."

Edit: Ha!

The line "you're excited? You should feel these nipples!" was later reused by producer David Zucker in two movies he directed, BASEketball (1998) and Scary Movie 3 (2003).

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Nice!!! I'll have to check that out then! :-)

PepeSee 2 points ago +2 / -0

It's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Remake of Night at the Opera (though with ballet instead) with a young Turturro in the Groucho role. Be advised, the first few minutes you'll be like "oh jeez this is cheesy" but once it gets going, hang on.

I consider it peak ZAZ (even though by this point the three of them weren't all collaborating together) along with Airplane!, Top Secret!, and the original Police Squad! series.

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I heard your sister's going out with SQUEAK

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Just two more weeks

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I have a feeling this is going to be another “disinformation is necessary” tweet… I really hope I’m wrong but it seems like there’s still a lot that has to play out. I don’t think this tweet means what we are all hoping it means.

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This is what I'm thinking too. Either he'll put something out on Twitter or announce his candidacy for President. He wouldn't tip the white hat's hand like that. It would give them an opportunity to counter

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I'm on a hopium wagon.😬 I wanna believe.🤨

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I’ve been trying to cut back on hopium...

*pulls out lighter and a pound of hopebacco

...let’s do this.

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Love the hopebacco. Puff puff give man

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Not even popping the popcorn anymore. On the edge, praying.

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Why the excitement? @believemedia is asking @kash and @q some things? No facts only questions to others.

Who is this account, what am I missing that his questions are valued as statements?

navycuda 3 points ago +5 / -2

In some ways this kind of scares the shit out of me. Starts to make me think of revelations too much.

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NO FEAR release it!!! They feed off of it don't give them any more energy.

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Honestly I feel kinda the same. Trying to just stay positive and hopeful though!

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Yay! Its a lot closer than two weeks away 😃

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Chess move for an ammo expense. Seen it before, that is all.

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Yeah, anytime the white-hats publicly promote a date it's to create panic on the other side. I refuse to date-fag anymore lol.

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Tendies at the ready sir

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The first full moon in the month of Taurus is Wesak (May 15th) and this year also a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. (Time to purge emotional baggage making room for necessary growth). Look for plot twists, heightened feelings and intense transformation.

Wesak is the celebration of Buddha's birth & enlightenment & death. According to ancient beliefs, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left the Earthly plane under the Full Moon of Taurus. The Buddha returns in the month of Taurus’s full moon each year to bring a new radiance to the world. Spiritual leaders gather in the Wesak Valley, a mythic place high in the Himalayas where the Buddha appears and blesses humanity with his yearly dispensations.

The full Moon in Wesak is also the time in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in a deliberate effort to invoke the Healing forces of Shamballa. The ceremony of Wesak is held in the Wesak Valley, A vast crowd assembles in the valley in front of the great rock table at the end of the valley.

The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose.

The Christ represents Gods unending Love and promise for humanity. The Full Moon is like a pitcher pouring out a divine healing elixir.

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E II will go. 🧐

King Charles III inbound. 🧐

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The MAGA KING will be in Asstin Texas next week too.

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Y'know, I could use a little datefagging today. Sometimes it's hard not to let the black pill take hold, just a little.

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First time in my life I want the weekend to hurry up so we can get to Monday faster lol.

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There is only ONE King and we do not know when He plans on returning.

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I still hold onto JFK Jr coming back (king)? With Trump by this side?

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One more week instead of two?

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"Get ready" every week for the past 3 years.

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TRUTH on android? He will return to his rightful throne as the king of social media?

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Please be Jesus.