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Powerful stuff. Confirmed subtitles are correct.

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They are correct, confirmed with a coworker.

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He was married to Jemima goldsmith..said to be princess Diana's sister..both having the same father.it is said.. goldsmith's are Rothschilds ..Kate Middleton's family are goldsmith's / Rothschild...they don't marry anybody.

...the order the garter is there to study the bloodlines ...they don't want the bloodlines diluted...they marry first cousins..the Egyptians royalty married sisters and mother's too...I have never looked at Iran khan but he won't be nobody either

Are the kazarian bloodlines in fact the bloodlines of the elohim mating with us? They gave their DNA to both clone and mate with us and it seems to me that the lords/kazarians are like the elohim ..full of pedophiles as they had sex with three year old girls..and around the tents,/temples were the temple prostitutes who were part of the worship of these elohim/gods/annanuki/lords/angels/ but we're in fact mortal and did whatever they pleased even sex with animals..the monarchs the pope's etc are all part of this ..we are divine and have a right to rule over you scum attitude..well no..nothing divine about them..they bleed and die like us..they just live longer and have better technology.

It seems to me they are still here..ruling us through fake religions and monarchs and presidents...and fake admiralty maritime law systems.

nothing has changed .

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Jamina was not her sister, but a good friend. Diana actually used her to het to true love, Hasnet Kahn.

Many believe her dating Dodi was to make Hasnet jealous.

Hasnet broke up with her. Diana would wear wigs and disguise herself so they could go out.

Diana's big mistake was going to his parents house to tell them she wanted to be with him and would convert to be a Muslim. He didn't even know she was going and he couldn't believe that she did it. It made him angry.

He has only spoken at once about her since her death. You can look it up but every time she's pictured with jimena is when she was secretly dating Hasnet.

Stop spreading bullshit that Jamina was her sister. There is more truth around her death that she was dating Muslims and the monarchy could not have that.

Dodi's father owner of Harrods in London asked for citizenship from the queen three times. Every time the answer was no.

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You sound like you read all that in the msm....I did not get my information from there

You probably believe Prince Williams father is prince Charles....

You need to do more research than the BBC and msm. That is fantasy land

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Another point is how cabal last names work.

Cohen -> Kahn -> Khan

Is what I think we are looking at. All the stuff about the Mongols is based on a single book called the secret history of the Mongols, and I'm just not sure it isn't nonsense made up by the khazars to hide other crimes.

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I don't know about the Mongols..I only know all the marriages of the bloodlines like Rothschild goldsmith's are worked out..alliances...no such thing as a love match. No matter what they try to make you believe. It's like Diana..her sister had dated Charles...and Camilla had been a fixture every one knew about. That was not the reason for the marriage break up. We will never find the truth...or her death..if she died...

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WOW! The truth is coming out from many countries. Thank God!

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WOW! This is powerful indeed.

"... Who played a role in this conspiracy from abroad and who conspired from within my country?"!

For those that don't know, Imran Khan is not only the former PM but also one of the Greats of cricket, a brilliant batsman and brilliant bowler, a true allrounder. Also the Pakistani captain for many years.

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He really isn't. His family massacred millions in Bangladesh, and he was propped up in his cricketing career by the army.

His 3rd wife is an islamic witch too.

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I don't know who this guy is and what country he was formerly a PM of.

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Was a cricketer..pm of pakistan

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Well, OP did provide the flag in the title.

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Good point. I missed the tiny pk. Now that I know this is about Pakistan I see that.

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You were able to write this post, so I assume your internet connection is working. You can find lots of information in the www, if you really want to. Give it a try, man.

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I think when you make a post, you should put yourself in the mindset that not all your audience is going to know what this is about.

It is much more effective when you do that. You can criticize me if you want, but there are probably thousands of people that watched this for a minute or two and just gave up.

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I know I'm an asshole, but really, 5 seconds to find out who he is and 60 seconds to get some context to the video above. But hey, that's just me. Sorry for ranting...

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Interestingly, we both are impatient with incompetence.

I feel that OP's post was ruined because OP didn't give any context.

You feel that my comment was ignorant and I didn't put any effort in.

People post videos all the time. Some are worth pursuing, others are trash. It takes time to figure out. People value their time. I'm not particularly interested in Pakistan. It would have been helpful if OP had mentioned this. That's my point.

Why put the effort in to make a post, but not give any context as to what it is a about? OP just dumped some video of a guy talking. Who is it? Is it real? Are the crowd pictures real?

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I also wondered about the crowd, but it seems to be real. The video above might be a follow up to what I found here, where in a newsclip Khan is shown talking about a document to prove the conspiracy against him in front of a huge crowd:


I'll do some digging, but I'm at work atm... Seems to be an interesting topic.

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He met with Putin on 25th Feb. Within 6 weeks his control over his country was all but removed ( US led silent coup?).I’ve bumped the thread to add the following.

Oxford educated Imran Khan is a sporting legend well known across the commonwealth.His status as a hero or legend of sport to his people is similar to the status afforded to Usain Bolt in Jamaica. He came to politics as a beacon of hope and pride. His country is hugely corrupt and sits geopolitically awkwardly in amongst Russia, China Afghanistan and India.

For many years it was thought that tensions of this region would start WW111.

His countrymen are amongst the worlds wealthiest ( through corruption and U.K. based connections) and also amongst the worlds poorest ( many are immigrant workers in Arab countries working for peanuts on construction projects.

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Is he saying he is in it for Jihad? Or they are committing Jihad against him? Jihad is not good...

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The meaning of jihad is in inner battle with oneself...only when there is no conflict within.....when the heart and the mind agree can you say you have won that jihad that mental fight. This is the Sufi belief. It's not about a religion ..

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Sounds like the taqqiya explanation to me. Kek.

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So much coming out from every which way! This is an exciting time we are living in! I myself will dig in and do my own due diligence regarding this guy, but again ty it is great to see the things around the world being exposed!

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Who did he give the video to though. Not very help if it a DS agent

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Just the fact he's saying it

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Just a gut feeling but looks like fake crowd to me else why can't we hear the crowd noise.

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Video from his youth? About the current conspiracy? Hmmm...