Mega Thread - Sussman Trial Day 1 (media.greatawakening.win) 🚔 Sussman Mega Thread 💸
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PhDinNY 7 points ago +9 / -2

So is Sussman going to end up just being a fall guy, with no bigger fish?

Heldiggrisen 2 points ago +9 / -7

He will be acquitted.

To put the spotlight on the absurd corrupt civilian legal system.

To show normies and the MIL just how bad the system is, and that the only way forward if we want justice for all, is via military tribunals and GITMO.

PhDinNY 12 points ago +12 / -0

But leftist normies, the ones who really need to wake up, with just say, "See, we told you there was nothing to those charges!"