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Maher also noted how during President Bill Clinton's presidency, there was a mantra that abortion should be 'safe, legal and rare.'

That's not where the Democrats are now. They don't say that anymore,' pointing out how the pro-choice caucus in the House had even adjusted terminology which saw 'choice' swapped for 'decision' and even the term 'pro-abortion.'

'No one should be pro-abortion!' Maher stated.


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He has been slowly turning, and one of the few not afraid to voice opinion that goes against the left belief

PepeSee 5 points ago +5 / -0

Basically he's like that little stick figure thing Musk tweeted out with the center moving to the left under him.

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He's the Yin to Stephen Colbert's SATANIC CHILD-FUCKING AND BLOODSUCKING Yang.

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Bless you! I was just about to point this out.

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interesting, and think Bill Maher has been on Q's radar for a long time. he was in jfk jrs. 1997 george magazine, survival guide to the future. the article was about Hollywood and BM's movie; "Cannibal Women and the Avocado Jungle of Death.

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Do a search for 'bill maher kid love productions'. Not even joking, its the name of a company he created.

If he has been turned, I hope that he has spilled beans that he never even knew he had until he was firmly convinced to try harder to remember. Because thats one hellish place he started from.

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Something I've been saying for a while: "you don't have to support everything someone says and does to welcome good deeds from an individual".

Glad to see that message taking hold here.

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When the time comes, it will be important to remember Bill's production company is called Kid Love Productions, and he is a longtime member of The Red Shoe Club.

Maher is a shapeshifter, and a cunning one, at that. He knows the tide has turned, and is acting appropriately.

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Just because Bill Maher of Kid Love Productions happens to say some stuff that we agree with, does not mean he's suddenly on our side!!!

FFS he was one of the late night show hosts that trashed Trump every night of his Presidency. He is part of the lamestream media.