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I'm pretty sure that the PM and his family, friends, and cronies won't be dying.

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Not of starvation

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Possibly of revolt.

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If they don't scoot off to their hidey-holes they will be ripped apart. Along with the army.

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“Culture of impunity “

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Sounds a little like home base

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The shills and doomers are swarming in this thread... can you spot them all?

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The "nothing is happening" and "We'll get'em in 2024" boomer brigade is being dropped in by Air Doomer.

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Are you awake yet? This is us next.

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Bingo. Then they'll use it as an opportunity to force the Great Food Transformation.

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I could stand to lose a couple pounds. But I feel like this is not de weigh...

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It's a heavy weight on my mind right now

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Have you looked in to the keto diet?

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My four current food groups are:

Protein, caffeine, nicotine, and ovaltine.

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Stock up

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4 downvoters not paying attention.

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Tell them the Ukraine has 40B from America and open borders. Just trot up there and ask for a slice of the pie. After watching the video I can only presume the powers to be are using Sri Lanka as a test bed to see how far they can push a population before they explode. The residents are dirt poor and rely upon a few pints of cooking oil to heat their meals. Now, fast forward to what the powers to be are doing in America. The exact same thing. But our gas reserves are a little larger so it will take a few months before we hit the rioting stage. But once we get there we won't just scream to the elected figure heads, we will begin to take some serious actions. woe be the ones who were elected and let this nonsense commence.

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...at which point Soros will activate his BLM thugs to start looting those of us who have prepared food. they will then attack us with the support of the military and the police with impunity and punish us for defending ourselves.

welcome to JoBurg china.

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Not gonna be pretty for them if they don't take away all the guns first regardless of military & police support.

And a gun grab at this point would be too late. With all the war and supply scares going on even the sheep will be wary of such actions. They needed to do that last year when support for authoritarian overeach was at a all time high.

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They all thought she would win.

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They needed to do it 30 years ago

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They can not know how many guns are really in this country because we didn't have forced gun registration.

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Many of us are handy enough to make our own guns and ammo.

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Well then provide the rest of us a link please

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Hah! Sorry I don't have one. In my teens I used my mechanical aptitude to make a couple using scrap pipes and fireworks. My friends were convinced I'd eventually be arrested.

Instead I went to school and became a Mechanical Engineer. The guys at the metal fab shop I worked at were into guns and handloading ammo, so it was easy to dream stuff up and make it.

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That's ok. That stuff scares me anyway. But I did see some macgyver type solutions that turn into a plume of smoke.

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I can't believe people would ever register a God given right. Fools.

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After BLM they are NEVER taking people's guns away. They will have to kill us first.

Because we understand what is coming for us once the gun is gone.

Even as JoBlow tries to bring us back to the Obama years (guess who is the real president "controlling the teleprompter") they don't understand how badly 2020 hardened the country against them.

Either devolution is real, and we are getting a new government soon. Or the US is going to break into a 1000 way civil war. Its not gonna be north vs south, because that isn't even relevant anymore. Its going to be Americans vs self-styled "Europhile" liberal fascists.

The only thing I know for sure is that trying to run an Obama-style fascist America is not going to work. Its already collapsing. Violence will erupt when basic supplies run out.

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How many guns has USA citizens got? Stop dooming

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And it seems we add some more gun owners every year as things keep looking crazier and crazier

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Doesn’t mean anything unless those gun owners accept one of two realities: Use them regardless of punishment; or lose them before getting a chance to use them

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Indeed. I know for a fact that many previously anti-gun leftards went out and bought some protection in the midst of all the "fiery but mostly peaceful protests."

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I would love to b able to own a gun..UK does not allow it's citizens to defend themselves..we are just sitting ducks for the army of young illegal immigrants men that come in ...TPTB have protection of course

The way they are going we will all be attacking them with whatever we can find!!

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Not true, you can own weapons in the UK. There's about 1 million shotgun holders, probably with 3 + shotguns each for game and clay shooting. Then there's those with firearm licences for vermin and bigger stuff like deer. Then there's the gun clubs for both pistol shooting and long rifles for target shooting.

Yes you have to fill out forms, get Dr's to fill out forms and in the case of owning rifle for vermin, deer etc you require land owners permission along with the police firearms unit to check out the land, back stops etc, and lastly the requirement to have the weapons properly secured.

But with a bit of effort you can own a firearm in the UK legally, I have for years.

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I have tried..gun shop in my city never seems to be open..don't want a rifle. I must keep trying

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Mate are you in the UK? First you need to go online and download a shotgun application. It recently changed, and the Dr's part is a real pain but fill out what you can and send it to the Dr's with the fee.

You will also need passport photo's to go with the application. Once it is all complete send it off to your firearms unit, it will probably take 8 weeks. I can't remember the fee, but it's somewhere around £100 with the Dr's fee.

Once you get it back, you can then buy a shotgun and cartridges.

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You will never use them to end tyranny. All the wars since 1776 were population shaping events. The genes that did it back then are gone.

I pray America proves me wrong.

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I hope you're wrong, but fear you may be right.

I just try to remember that 1776 was a chainsaw... But now we don't need a chainsaw, we need a scalpel and gamma-knife radiation treatment to cut out the pieces of cancer in our society.

We are now in this age of information, disinformation, and mass surveillance. I think perhaps we ARE the scalpel and the chemotherapy. Maybe, just maybe, we're EXACTLY what is needed for this time, place, and circumstance.

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Sons and daughters of the pioneers and natives are still here and we've taught the more recent arrivals.

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Like I say, I pray I’m wrong, else it’s 1000 years of tyranny at the hands of the antichrist.

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Yes, thank you, my prayers for the folks in Sri Lanka as well.

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May they hang their tyrants by their toes. Amen.

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Joke is on them. We're armed to the teeth and I have a few good recipes for long-pork! 😜🤗

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All they need to do is beg Russia to invade them and they can easily get a piece of the 40 billion pie.

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Problem is most of the $40B goes to US weapons firms and US politicians.

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The biggest issue strategically is that they use a divide and conquer methodology and we're becoming more and more united because of this shit.

To put it very simply, if we reach a critical mass of true unity against them, it's basically game over if they try to Sri Lanka us. We have millions of vets with every form of trade/skill including combat in a country with the most civilian-owned weapons on the PLANET. We basically are a reserve army of our own and they damn well know it.

So what they need to do is A) Push as much division as possible so they can B) Activate the "collapse switch" on our country. The idea is that as we're infighting, they can get off scott free and "help" in the recovery efforts.

I suspect they're already behind the curve on this one. That would explain the need for Ukraine, Buffalo, and Roe v Wade all within what? a couple of months? They're pushing DESPERATELY to divide and I think we've kind of already reached the battle lines for how it'll play out if SHTF. They definitely track these metrics on a consistent basis through various means. This is also likely the real reason for mass immigration: instability post-collapse.

In other words, they know they're on the losing side and they're trying to force a win in the last quarter, but statistically it's nearly impossible at this point. Won't stop them from thrashing though. They're tenacious. Gotta give 'em that!

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Thank you for chiming in. I appreciate your views. Hopefully we will overcome these globalists and see some great hangings down at Gitmo. HRC first, Barry #2, Big Mike #3 and Soros #4. Be a great time watching on TV.

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Divide and conquer is the European aristocracy tactic.

They invented it. The old ancient nobility, the warrior knight kings of now gone old Europe always sought unification, not carving factions against each other in their enemies. But the aristocracy, the merchant princes, of colonials Europe were the ones that sowed division and strive everywhere they go to make places weaker and easier to conquer and install puppet states to gain control.

They perfected it, and they used it to build their authoritarian empires that jackbooted the world. They were the very people America was founded by rebelling against.

And never forget the euros invented fascism.

Take a guess who is behind everything, take a guess who is and has always been the ENEMY of America? If you guessed the Eurotrash, you would be right.

China is a horrible enemy, but is horribly incompetent. Russia has never actually killed Americans. the EU however? I think there were 4 wars with them. Revolutionary war, war of 1812, and both world wars. They haven't forgotten. Do you think those "ho ho, the colonies" jokes are actually jokes? They are bitter and want their colonies re-conquered.

The Euros bought out American media and turned them into propaganda mills spewing anti-Americanism. The euros are behind leftism that seeks to end every American freedom and turn us into a facsimile of Europe with gun bans and censored media and no free speech. The Euros are the ones trying to make America subserviently to Euro organizations like the UN, EU, and WHO, IMF and more. The Euros HATE America all the way from the houses of Lords to blokes on main street.

The EU is America worst, most bitter, and most committed enemy. They are at war with us and most people don't realize it.

Joe Biden is just the puppet president of Vichy America.

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Make the maps on paper now.

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Personally, I see this getting worse. But it had to happen. The food problem is nothing more than a manufactured crisis; the sooner people get together and work, the sooner we can become self-sufficient in the food sector.

About the petrol crisis: there's no getting around this, it'll be hell. But this is where the self-sufficiency in food comes in:

We spend millions on importing food we have been growing for generations in our own country.


Because for every ship that docks at our harbors: the politburo gets a commission. This gives them incentive to import essential goods (food) from abroad and to stifle local production. Which is exactly what happened with the organic fertilizer bullshit.

We paid China 4 mil USD for a shipment of organic fertilizer from Qungdao. Our scientists refused to pass it because it contained microbes, industrial waste (metal, asbestos), and human waste.

What did our government do? Send it back. China in response blacklisted one of our state-banks. Our government proceeded to grovel and bring the tanker back, paying 4 mil. This happened back and forth until it went out of the news cycle.

So back to the thing about self-sufficiency and oil. We don't make our own petrol, so we damn well need to import it.

If we become self-sufficient, we won't need to send money for imports of food. And as a result we can spend that on oil instead.

Short term, I'm not optimistic. Long term, I'm optimistic.

Whatever it is. It's Elohim's will.

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Thank you for your report. Stay safe!

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Here is a nation the US SHOULD be giving aid to.

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No foreign aid for anyone until our borders are shut. illegals deported, dreamers as well. All politicans with dual citizenship are removed and we get all of our veterans off of the streets. Then we can talk about foreign aid.

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Bingo. America FIRST.

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Foreign Aid = Money Laundering

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No aid to any country, if all the countries have the cabal removed they won’t need it they will become self sufficient as we will.

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I say we need something like a three strikes system for criminal trespassers. After that, send them to a prison colony somewhere by the arctic and let them enjoy their "freedom" up there for the remainder of their lives.

Any larger groups crossing the border should be treated as they are, an invading force, and met with appropriate responses. Using women or children as shields will be considered war crimes and Mexico, as the source of these groups, will be held accountable as necessary until it ceases.

We have a legal immigration system. Use it. Don't get in? Too bad. We're full.

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No. Take care of yourselves. The more you guys give, the more our fucks waste. I'm tired of people fleecing you guys while blaming you for everything.

Fix your shit first, let us fix our shit first. When everyone's in a good place, we can kick a few drinks back and work on trade.

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We shouldn't give aid to any country. We need everything for ourselves.

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We can consider helping other countries when our homeless population reaches 5.

People. 5 people.

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None of them veterans.

Wtf_socialismreally 11 points ago +11 / -0

Some of them leftists

tenthousandspoons 15 points ago +15 / -0

All of them ex-Twitter employees.

Wtf_socialismreally 10 points ago +10 / -0

So, all of them leftists then

tenthousandspoons 10 points ago +10 / -0

Obviously. By their own admission, they're all "commie as fuck."

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We need a deserted island that’s where they go.

dty6 4 points ago +4 / -0

Twitter employees refer to themselves as Tweeps. Not even kidding.

tenthousandspoons 4 points ago +4 / -0

I saw that! In the leaked email. It took my brain a couple of seconds to work out. Remarkably close to "dweebs," that one. Is this what these high-paid children do all day? Sit around and think of ways to middle-school-ize the vernacular?

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You are more than welcome to submit your own charity to whomever you please. Forcing the rest of us to do so at gunpoint is unconstitutional.

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It's called a joke my dude. 5 whole people is non-feasible to begin with, if we got homelessness that low we'd be a utopia, which is unachievable

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Well when we actually have fertilizer we grow more than enough food to feed ourselves and the world. Just like when Geotus had us energy independent.

We can easily grow enough food to feed ourselves and the world. A lot of crops are exported soy is a huge export to China.

Aspie 3 points ago +3 / -0

We can sell to the world, not give to the world. Also, we have plenty of fertilizer. It's just being held up somewhere. The largest phosphate mine in the world is not far south of me in eastern NC.

Here's a photo of the phosphate mine in Aurora, NC. Lady Bird Johnson used to have an ownership interest back in the 60s. https://news.nutrien.com/hs-fs/hubfs/Aurora%20NC%20Aerial%20(1).jpg?width=284&name=Aurora%20NC%20Aerial%20(1).jpg

HunnyB 1 point ago +1 / -0

I didn't say anything about giving the crops away, I just said we grow more than enough here. I should have been clearer, I was really tired when I wrote that.I live in the heart of farm country. Although I haven't done much digging into the fertilizer shortage (personal life has been hectic) I do agree that the shortage is manufactured.

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Didn’t they fully rely on both Ukraine and Russia for oil? And they couldn’t get Ukraine’s oil and they banned Russian oil, thus removing their entire stock.

WeAreThePlan 12 points ago +12 / -0

Boy, they are almost as stupid as U.S. politicians.

M25WhiteFeather 4 points ago +4 / -0

Nope. They're just pretty good at puling the wool over their voter's heads and running off with the goods.

M25WhiteFeather 5 points ago +5 / -0

No we don't. We rely on the middle-east instead. Yes, they tried to do the Ukraine spin, but we shut them up pretty quiclky.

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Sri Lanka could easily feed itself and grew enough food for the entire nation up until 2021. They had always used fertilizer, most of which was inorganic.

Their leader decreed that all crops grown in Sri Lanka must be Organically grown only. No exception. Crop yields dropped by nearly 30%. That one stupid move began the slide to poverty. Instead of testing first to see if it would work... they just mandated it.

M25WhiteFeather 19 points ago +19 / -0

The dumbass is literally our version of Bidum. Multiple farmers are now revolting. They've said that the next time the govt comes to campaign, that they'll be run out of the town with pitchforks.

Welcome change in attitude.

McSimply 1 point ago +1 / -0

Instead of testing first to see if it would work... they just mandated it.

What's worse is there's no reason it couldn't have worked. They just needed to source sufficient organic fertilizer to replace what they had been using as well as natural repellants for local pests. At worst it would've taken a few years to completely make the switch.

Of course, the best course of action would've been not to mandate organic farming but to incentivize it after they had ascertained workable standards. It's obvious their reason for forcing it suddenly was to cause problems.

Recyclops 9 points ago +9 / -0

We have a Sri Lankan anon that posts here, M25WhiteFeather.

M25WhiteFeather 21 points ago +21 / -0

I gotchu fam.

FreedomLover2020 8 points ago +8 / -0

SriLanka is rich in natural resources of food, forests, greenery, full of life. This is just pure fearmongering.

M25WhiteFeather 15 points ago +15 / -0

We are. The oil situation is dire. But the food situation will fix itself when people decide to. We weren't called "The Granary of the east" for nothing.

M67frag 6 points ago +6 / -0

So is Africa and yet they starve constantly...

Mutti2 14 points ago +14 / -0

Africans killed off their farmers and sold their equipment etc for scrap. They made this mess for themselves.

HunnyB 8 points ago +8 / -0

Whenever aid was/is sent to Africa it doesn't go to the people it goes to the militias there. Much like whenever we give to a charity the money doesn't go to the actual cause it goes to administrative costs.

McSimply 2 points ago +2 / -0

Much like whenever we give to a charity the money doesn't go to the actual cause it goes to administrative costs.

"Administrative costs" is just a fancy word for slush funds.

Dogelog 3 points ago +3 / -0

Armed soldiers at petrol stations doesn't seem like fear mongering to me.

M25WhiteFeather 11 points ago +11 / -0

Our populace is unarmed. But we are very close to clobbering soldiers. Note that the oil shortage is a manufactured crisis. I've enough instances of nearby stations simply claiming they have no fuel left, only for people to look into the tanks and see that there's enough. They usually give this to their friends and people who pay top dollar.

FreedomLover2020 4 points ago +4 / -0

I was referring to food shortage claims

GoGoOptomistic 3 points ago +3 / -0

They grow some of the best coffee in the world.

DZP1 5 points ago +5 / -0

The intent of the elite is to cause collapse and then dominate the restoration, everywhere. Cut off the food supplies then when the panic comes institute government food supplies, with control attached. Citizen, you want government cheese? Show me your social validation ID!

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People are waking up more each day. Even some of the people I've passed off as too liberal to ever wake up. These are interesting times. All of those who are clinging to their hopelessness and doom and gloom will get their doom and gloom, but for those of us who are awake and know what's really going on behind the scenes, behind the amusing propaganda we see in tv and Facebook, we are grinning from ear to ear, because we already know how this is going to end.

FreeTrumpian 5 points ago +5 / -0

Problem is that now they're going to beg us for food. That we need for ourselves and Biden's gonna give it to them. Along with a couple pallets of cash and some tanks.

Q-cumber 5 points ago +5 / -0

This is coming to America and it will be our precipice.

SadNZer 4 points ago +4 / -0

This is NZ in about 9 months

Notanotherkiwi 5 points ago +5 / -0

Correct, hope you've been stockpiling

SadNZer 2 points ago +2 / -0

o7 - of course, I reckon we'll last the first few weeks until the armed bandits start going door to door led by someone like Neegan out of the walking dead. The sheeple have no idea what is coming. It's sad.

Hope70 4 points ago +4 / -0

Where is the Left demanding aid to Sri Lanka. I bet you hear nothing, because unlike Ukraine (the hub of money laundering, human trafficking, Nazi soldiers, bio weapons labs) Sri Lanka is not important to the cabal.

AlgaeBanquet 4 points ago +4 / -0

Get those vegetable gardens started frens! Seriously consider getting some chickens too. Now really is the time.

haddock 4 points ago +4 / -0

Have you read that Australia has now prohibited to grow your own food?

AlgaeBanquet 10 points ago +10 / -0

Yeah. All over the world, govts are threatening it. I believe that Dicktaker Dan Andrews has introduced a Bill potentially yes, banning vege patches.

Regardless, I will continue to grow a lot of food in a small area. More than I can eat. It's not hard. It's rewarding and fun.

I'm an Aussie laughing at these idiots now. I don't care. Dictates of tyrants? Pffft! Fuck em haha!

M25WhiteFeather 6 points ago +6 / -0

This angers me more than anything.

Under what pretenses can you stop people from growing their own food?

You ANZACs better get your asses in gear and stab this guy up the ass with a cactus or I'm going to cry over the good old days of Mick Dundee.

Brooklyn_Patriot_76 4 points ago +4 / -0

when countries starve, their leadership tends to start wars to deflect. big, big wars.

prediction: our food crisis will begin with shipping what we have overseas to these hellholes.

M25WhiteFeather 8 points ago +8 / -0

They already attempted this. As of a few days ago, there was an announcement of the former LTTE (a separatist group we fought for 30 years and won against) committing a bomb attack today (18th).

It's hilarious because we just got a new PM that did jack-shit about the war since he was in office. India is looking eager to dogpile on it too (they gave the "intelligence alert").

India also happened to train the separatists. Then walked out with their tail between their legs when said separatists killed their PM.

Phishhed44 3 points ago +3 / -0

So where’s the leftist outcry, morbidly sad adverts etc etc???

Wexit-Delecto 2 points ago +2 / -0

This one is caused by leftism so it’s a conspiracy theory like Venezuela.

Bigly2020 3 points ago +3 / -0

Notice how they have nothing we want so there is no outcry on the tele for the, no bio flags nothing

Th4rd_R3ich 4 points ago +4 / -0

The fucking Ukraine bio flags really trigger me. 😂 it's like holy shit how fucking blissfully unaware of your own virtue signaling can you possibly be?

McSimply 3 points ago +3 / -0

Most of those people probably couldn't point to Ukraine on a map until a few months ago and many of them probably still can't, lol.

Th4rd_R3ich 1 point ago +1 / -0

"Dur der hur.... it's next to Russia you Trumptard!" 🤪

Probably something like that lol.

hildberht 3 points ago +3 / -0

But for your trouble you can own nothing and have a social wage to get by on. Now back to the tea plantations serfs.

Mcmurdo32 3 points ago +3 / -0

So...the Democrats are running that country too?

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PhDinNY 3 points ago +3 / -0

Interesting that the woman at the end says there is a "culture of impunity", which is what we have here in U.S. Any Q posts regarding Sri Lanka?

magavoices 3 points ago +3 / -0

No gas to cook your food? Burn wood. Or eat food that doesn't require cooking.

No fertilizer? Get some chickens on your farm.

No money for gas? Ride a bike or walk.

The key is all the gas sitting off shore waiting for the government to buy it. What's that all about? End consumers should be the ones buying gasoline. Were they getting it for free from the government?

If so, the problem is communism.

M25WhiteFeather 5 points ago +5 / -0

No gas to cook your food? Burn wood. Or eat food that doesn't require cooking.

This is hilarious. I love how the elites kept complaining about fossil fuels. Then once they cut off the gas supply, people in our country (mostly rural areas, can't find nor burn wood in the cities) started burning wood.

More CO2 emissions FTW.

No fertilizer? Get some chickens on your farm.

All the wise old men were called "old relics" when fertilizer came around.

Now they're dead, and we don't have fertilizer.

If our morons had listened they had generations of wisdom to get us out of any rut.

No money for gas? Ride a bike or walk.


My extended family and I are probably the only people in the country that just walk (walking is called "exercise"), people are so used to transport that they take a bus for walking distance.

I can walk 12 kilks without overexerting myself. The moment someone else tries they dry-heave and crumple at the first klik.

It's sad actually.

The key is all the gas sitting off shore waiting for the government to buy it. What's that all about?

Gee. Take a wild guess who gets a commission on the late payment surcharge? (no sarcasm directed at you, just for comedic effect).

End consumers should be the ones buying gasoline.

I mean we do, but we don't produce our own, so someone has to buy it for us to bring it here.

That's what the government does here with CEYPETCO. The other supplier is IOC Lanka, or Indian Oil Lanka. The only problem no one is wild over IOC is because they price-gouge.

We used to be heavily socialist (I use that term loosely, socialism here is more or less social-welfare with populism and state-managed economies. It's weird actually, I don't even understand.), and it surprisingly worked out well for us till the war screwed us over.

Most of the major corporations are state-owned:

  • CEB - Ceylon Electricity Board.
  • LECO - Lanka Electricity Corporation (partial state-owned).
  • CEYPETCO - Ceylon Petroleum Corporation. *
  • SLT - Sri Lanka Telecom.
  • NWSDB - National Water Supply and Drainage Board.
  • CO-OP - Sri Lanka Co-operative (think state owned Walgreens, but for the lower-income population).
  • SLTB - Sri Lanka Transit Board (public transport).
  • CRB - Ceylon Railway Board.
  • Air Lanka/Sri Lankan Airlines - yup, state-owned flag-carrier.

Were they getting it for free from the government?

Are you assuming we don't pay for gas? Someone has to bring it to the island before we can pay for it.

All of these work on taxes, and the payment we give for their services.

How does it work? F**ed if I know.

Did it work before: yes.

What changed: think "Idiocracy". The govt thinks plants can grow with Brawndo.

magavoices 2 points ago +2 / -0

Are you assuming we don't pay for gas?

I don't admit to be an expert on supply chain delivery of gas. But I don't think the US government buys gasoline from tankers to resell it to companies and individuals inland.

The article says the gas isn't being delivered for consumption by the people because the government of Sri Lanka doesn't have money to pay for it. The government shouldn't have any part in the supply chain.

So then I looked up Sri Lanka's government and apparently communists hold a majority of seats, at least in recent history.

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I don't admit to be an expert on supply chain delivery of gas. But I don't think the US government buys gasoline from tankers to resell it to companies and individuals inland.

That's comparing apples and oranges. The US is a better market than we ever were. Besides we don't produce our own gas, so we have to get it from somewhere else.

The article says the gas isn't being delivered for consumption by the people because the government of Sri Lanka doesn't have money to pay for it. The government shouldn't have any part in the supply chain.

In a perfect world, it shouldn't. I'm a proponent of minarchism, so I can understand the argument. But the fact is that the government does, mostly because the only actual distributor of gas is Ceypetco that is state-owned. Ceypetco was supposed to be a solution to OPEC in the country, so naturally it became a monopoly.

Our country has pretty tight regulations on anything that comes in or goes out (unless you're an apparatchik or on the politburo, in which case go right ahead). And in the end it works very well for the people fleecing the country.

So then I looked up Sri Lanka's government and apparently communists hold a majority of seats, at least in recent history.

If you mean SLPP, yes; on paper they claim to be leftie. In practice they're corporationists.

There's only a handful of socialist parties in the country, the only one represented in parliament is the JVP, and even that is just 3 seats.

Sri Lanka is a little odd in that it's understanding of communism/socialism is (wierdly) different from what other countries consider communism/socialism. I can't explain it.

Perhaps this is because the only party with some clout is the JVP which started out in response to the elite of the country taking advantage of the lower class (think giving incompetent graduates jobs because they're from Ivy League schools over extremely competent graduates from the village *school"). There's a huge layer of classism that exists in the country even today.

All in all, sorry if it looked like I was lashing out at you. I also tend to go off track a lot. So apologies for that.

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Well they still have their mask on like obedient little stooges.

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Oh. You. Have. No. Idea.

The only reason people aren't terrified of Covid is because of the economic situation.

Before it was law, I got scowled at for not wearing a mask.

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I worked in a Colombo office for a while. I simply stopped paying attention to the scowlers.

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Starting to look like part of a grand strategy.....

First world targeted: First, push deathvaXXXes onto developed countries that can deliver them and force them on the population. Distribute globally, too... to kill as many as possible.

Third world targeted: Now, pressure supply lines and create food and fuel shortages world-wide. Only the 3rd worlders will be starving to death, but the 1st world must be pressured so they can't help as much.

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Brought to the world by the WEF, and Bill Gates, and George Soros who won't starve or do without anything.

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40 billion will be gifted tomorrow

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Fire up the printers.

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But 40 billion for Zelensky bombs?

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Here you guys go as many clips as I could find and put together of Sri Lanka. Martial law and people fighting for food and fuel. The Country has SHTF.


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Holy Crap!

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Sri Lanka is a very small country, and it's an island. Don't you think that's a lot easier to take down quickly than it would be the USA?

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The banana farmer has plenty of organic matter around that he could be composting and feeding to the worms in the soil, he doesn't need petrochemicals..

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Western countries are going to be over ran with millions of starving illegals. This has been the plan all along, I'm sure.

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they'll just pop across the US southern border and become millionaires...

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