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This week my mind has been operating in a constant state of allegory as I go over various decodes given to us by the White Hats, Q team, and President Trump.

One such decode is that of The Return of the King.

I have been meditating on this subject for a number of days wondering if I should make a post with my stream of consciousness regarding the subject. I decided, what the hell! Some of y'all might find this interesting reading material.

Let us begin with the author of our allegory.

J.R.R. Tolkien was a brilliant man; one whom I believe to be underrated in many regards. True, he has been recognized as an acclaimed writer, and his writings have captured hte hearts and minds of millions of readers the world over. What leads me to state that he is underrated is that I believe his stories have more allegory in them than has been truly recognized by the common reader of fantasy novels.

I believe it is no mere coincidence that the phrase The Return of the King has come back into prominence this year. It is not mere happenstance that Joe Biden's public relations team came up with The Great Maga King tagline, and President Trump then retweeted The Return of the King for the whole world to see. Nothing is random. There are no coincidence. We are watching a carefully scripted film; one that I believe is modeled after some of the greatest fantasy writing the world has ever seen.

This decode of allegory is going to work in mirrors; forwards and backwards.

Forwards in regards to the Q team's use of allegories found within The Lord of the Rings, and backwards in regards to concepts I believe Tolkien was aware of that many Anons have not given adequate thought to, and that I hope to shed some light on.

To travel this road of allegory, it will be necessary to understand a modicum of history.

I want for you to hypothesize for a moment that you are a philosopher and man of deep thought and knowing. You are born at the end of the Nineteenth Century, a century scarred by the Napoleonic Wars, the Russian Revolution, and the American Civil War. You grow up hearing the stories of conquest, of victory and loss, and of the numerous bloody battles that took the lives of an incomprehensible number of soldiers and civilians. Little do you know that the terrible stories of the past would echo into your century and lead to not one, but two cataclysmic and catastrophic World Wars that would dwarf the conflicts of the previous century.

After these wars have subsided, the powers of the world have been irreversibly restructured. Empires that existed for generations have been torn down, and the economies of the world have shifted like tectonic plates. The map that you knew as a child is now wholly unrecognizable.

As a man of philosophy and deep thought you know things about the true causes of these wars; of Napoleon, Marx, Lenin, and Hitler. You know things that are dangerous; knowledge that would kill a foolish man, as it did many men before you and many after. You want to tell the world of this knowledge, but you know you cannot do so directly. Like Riddles in the Dark, you choose to wrap the truths you know in allegory.

I believe this to be the situation that J.R.R. Tolkien found himself in, and what ultimately inspired him to write The Lord of the Rings.

I present to you the very beginning of The Lord of the Rings for examination. This poem precedes J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy and holds much hidden truth for those who know what to look for.

Three rings for the Elvan-kings under the sky,

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,

Nine for mortal men doomed to die,

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne;

In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie.

One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them;

In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie.

Now I want for you to imagine some slight alterations to this poem that will elevate it from its allegorical roots. Though small, these changes are profound in their implications.

First, let us replace the term ring with something we in The Great Awakening community know all too well. The rings in this poem can be imagined as pedophile or child sacrificial rings. Rings of dark evil. Rings where we in the Q community know that dark ritual blood magic is performed and used to blackmail and control the leaders of the world.

Already you can see where I am going with this.

What inspired J.R.R. Tolkien to write this poem? Was this poem a mere figment of imagination? I believe that all great literary works find their inspiration in some form of reality. What might J.R.R. Tolkien been aware of in his day that he could not put to paper in literal form?

Let us return to the poem for further investigation. Replace the terms Elvan, Dwarvan, and Men with their respective Earth counterparts. However you imagine these to be, it matters not for the overall allegory to make sense.

Now comes the Dark Lord and his dark throne, and the Land of Mordor. I want for you to imagine this one exactly. There is no shred of doubt in my mind that the Land of Mordor in the One Ring poem represents the very real world counterpart of Khazaria.

For those in The Great Awakening community that are not read into this area of research, I will do my best to summarize my understanding of world events as they relate to the Khazars. I may make mistakes or gloss over important details. Understand that my own understanding of this subject is elementary. I still have much knowledge to aquire, and I am open in admitting that. Feel free to correct or add to my history.

Khazaria was a real place in which there dwelled a very wicked people. These people frequently practiced blood magic and ritual sacrifice of children. They cared not for the sacrifice of life as they believed Moloch would bestow great worldly powers to them for this sacrifice.

The countries surrounding Khazaria knew of their wicked ways, and resented them. One such country that stood up to them was Russia. The Khazarians were given a choice by a lenient Russia. Convert to Islam, Christianity, or Judaism or be exterminated for their wicked ways. Undoubtedly the Russians were hoping that in conversion these people would cease their blood magic and be cured of evil.

Ultimatly the Khazarians chose to convert to Judaism. Though they painted themselves as Jews, they did not cease their blood magic. They conducted their witchcraft in secret for hundreds of years while calling themselves Jews. They became chameleons; shapeshifters who took on the form of others in order to obfuscate their true nature.

Finally, having had enough and having been more than fair to the elite of Khazaria, the Russians mounted a full incursion into the Land of Khazaria to deal with their evil ways once and for all. It was at this point that the Khazarian elites fled in the middle of the night with their stores of gold and headed westward. Here and there they settled, and always they remembered those who in their mind had wronged them. They vowed revenge against the Russians and the World at large.

The Khazarian's secret blood magic never ended when Russia invaded their homeland many centuries ago. It continues to this day as many in The Great Awakening and Q community are aware. It is propagated and spread by an elite group of families and their secret orders. The last two hundred years of history has been about their revenge upon this world, and upon Russia. It was the Khazars who infected Russia with communism through Marx and Lenon. It was the Khazars who set Napoleon and Hitler upon Europe. It was the Khazars who stole the wealth of America and led us to be dependant upon their central bank.

In the shadows they have constructed their rings of pedophilia and blood magic. Like Sauron in The Lord of the Rings, they masked themselves like chameleons and befriended the nations of Earth. One by one they enslaved the nations of Earth with their rings of pedophelia and child sacrifice.

Each Deep State represents a Ring of Power, and Khazaria undoubtedly holds the One Ring that rules them all; the Ring of Power to blackmail and control the entire human race.

Indeed the quest we see the Q team embarking upon these last several years is not unlike the quest of The Fellowship of the Ring. Are we not seeking to destroy the same Ring of Power? Is not the knowledge of this Ring of Power a great and heavy burden to those of us who know? Q said it many times. Those who know cannot sleep!

It is at this point that I must emphasize that J.R.R. Tolkien was a learned scholar of his day, and an avid historian. I believe that Tolkien would have been aware of much of my aforementioned summary of history. I do not see how a man of his interests would not have at least a tertiary understanding of Khazaria and the people who dwelled in and migrated from that region of the world. Therefore it is plausible that Tolkien may have mirrored his understanding of history past, present, and future into the plot lines of his epic trilogy.

Now we have sufficiently set up the overall premise that The Lord of the Rings may be allegorical in nature. Let us continue with how the Q team, along with Trump and Kash Patel have been using this allegory as the backdrop of their trilogy of films they are showing humanity.

In the years preceding the 2016 election, the Khazarians were preparing for their final conquest over humanity. They had successfully kept the Middle East in a state of perpetual war for generations. Through these wars they amassed an incredible amount of wealth; siphoning it from the American taxpayers who were unwittingly contributing their wealth to an elaborate money laundering operation. Their ultimate plan was to take out the two world super powers that could still stand in their way; Russia, and America.

The plan was for Russia and America to ultimately go to war with one another and mutually destroy the other. Without America or Russia, and with the CCP in control of China, the Khazarians would have nothing standing in their way of total world domination and their New World Order.

Let us take this story and mirror it into the world of Middle-Earth. Through this allegory, we can clearly see the direction that world events are taking. Recall that Tolkien's Lord of the Rings was not composed that far in the remote past. His trilogy of books were published in the 1950s. Therefore we can see again that it is plausible that either his books have inspired world events, or that world events have been inspired by his books.

In The Two Towers we see the Khazarian plan for world domination unfold much the same as it does in the real world. Rohan and Gondor were the only two Middle-Earth powers capable of or willing to stand up to the might of Mordor. The Elves were leaving Middle-Earth, and the Dwarves were weakened by their battle with Smaug and had no interest in fighting Mordor.

Sauron, like the Khazarian elite, knew that he had to break the will of men of the west in order to defeat Gondor and conquer the world.

Sauron started with the land of Gondor, and the city of Minas Morgul and Osgiliath; cities that bordered Minas Tirith the stronghold of Gondor's power. He effectively put Gondor in check when he conquered these cities.

You can think of these neighboring territories much like we think of the NATO powers bordering Russia, for in our allegory it is the people of Gondor whom symbolize the people of Russia. This is plausible, as NATO was originally founded in 1949 prior to the publication of The Lord of the Rings.

With Gondor (Russia) in check, Sauron laid his plans with Saruman and Isengard to deal with the men of Rohan, whom we can think of as The United States of America. Saruman's horde of Uruk-Hai bearing the White Hand were meant to lay waste to Rohan (America) so that the final destruction of Gondor (Russia) could take place, and Sauron (Khazaria) could achieve world domination.

Recall that during these events, the Ring of Power (pedophilia) was thought to be lost to the world. Sauron (Khazaria) had lost control over it, as did the the world of men. As we know by now, through the diligent and courageous work of Julian Assange and the Q team, the Khazarians have indeed lost control over their One Ring. It is no coincidence that Julian Assange emerged from his captivity in the Ecuadorian Embassy looking like Gandalf the White. He is often even called The White Wizard in the Q community. Remember, NO COINCIDENCES!

These plans would have come to perfect fruition had Gandalf and Elrond not brought an unlikely band of heroes together to form The Fellowship of the Ring.

It is clear to me that either the Fellowship represents the Q team, or that Q modeled their quest after the Fellowship and Tolkien's writings. Regardless of how you interpret this, their quest to destroy the One Ring in the Heart of Mordor is mirrored perfectly in the quest to rid the world of the Rings of blood magic and pedophilia.

This of course brings into question just how old the idea of Q is, and how far back it can trace its roots. I believe the war we are fighting has been fought many times over throughout history. What we know of as Q today could have existed before in history during the Napoleonic Wars, the Russian Revolution, and the First and Second World Wars.

The Final Battle at the Gates of Mordor has been in the making for quite some time I believe!

Continued in Part II

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Qanaut [M] [S] 22 points ago +23 / -1 stickied

So a couple of post-writing thoughts I had while brainstorming this post further...

It occurs to me that allegorically President Trump is clearly Aragorn, while Julian Assange is Gandalf the Gray / White.

Also, I was thinking of how Smaug from The Hobbit might have played into this narrative. When Tolkien was writing this book, both China and Russia were still under the influence of communism. Perhaps Smaug's attack upon the Dwarves of Erabor represents the influence of communism upon the eastern provinces of the world. China is often symbolized with a great dragon after all.

As for the Hobbits... I believe the Hobbits of the Fellowship to be the Anons in the know, while the Hobbits of the Shire are those who sleep and slumber. Recall that in the books the Scouring of the Shire took much of the Shire's innocence and ignorance away at the end of the novel. Even the peaceful folks of the Hobbiton learned to be great warriors, led by the Anon Hobbits whom were trained to be great warriors of wisdom by the other members of the Fellowship, and the powers at large in the world (Gondor and Rohan).

CrimsonSentinal 21 points ago +21 / -0

Thinking out loud here, Biden calls Trump the “Maga King” on Wednesday May 11th 2022. And five days later my copy of Kash Patel’s “The Plot Against the King” is printed in Coppell, Texas - this information is printed on the very last page of the book. Tell me again how a coincidence like that can happen? Kash’s book had to be written and illustrated over a year ago (illustrations take time to create). Plus, the inside credit page looks like the year “2022” wasn’t always the intended year because the font is bold where all the other font on that page is regular size with the exception of the book title.

Was Biden’s comment about the MAGA King in reference to Kash’s book? I wasn’t paying attention to why exactly Biden said what he said.

Qanaut [S] 33 points ago +33 / -0

Again I must emphasize that there are no coincidences! Mathematically impossible at this stage in the game!

I believe Biden is fully controlled by the Patriots and playing his role spectacularly.

Honor+Duty 20 points ago +20 / -0

“Let’s have him fund crack pipes” bwahahahahaha

TheTroof 4 points ago +4 / -0

Putting men in women's sports was also a huge poke in the eye of women voters. That really turned off a LOT of women, and men, who were left of center. Everything he is doing is making 90% of Americans angry. This simply has to be by design.

ACTS1711 7 points ago +7 / -0

I agree 100%. This is not the original Biden "who looks shot".

queue-anon 2 points ago +2 / -0

How do they get everyone else to play along? Like his wife, family etc. ?

ACTS1711 5 points ago +5 / -0

The same question can be applied to the traitors that were blackmailed and bought and paid for.

With Patriots you either comply or you're headed to GITMO and a firing squad.

It's called coercion.

Strelnieks 7 points ago +7 / -0

Biden is a bit like Gollum when Sam & Frodo have the elven rope tied around his neck and the wax/wane behavior after he is "freed".

While restrained, Gollum is a pitiful mess full of agony and misery. Yet, he is still leading the hobbits.

Then once freed, his warped mind grapples with both the positive and negative emotions of leading the hobbits. Eventually at Shelob's cave his desires overcome his vows and the audience (normies in this case) can see exactly who this charming character really is after assuming Smeagol to be at least somewhat partly good.

Anon1970 3 points ago +3 / -0

This is the only thing that makes sense to me.

Huskereyez 20 points ago +22 / -2

If I could meet one of you beautiful faggots in the real real or some sort of QQ meeting I’d need to take vacation time cause we gon be here a while. I could talk about this stuff all day long. Great post!!

MAGAbot2000 17 points ago +17 / -0

A very good theory. Pedant mode engaged - you missed a line

Three rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,

Nine for mortal men doomed to die,

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne;

In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie.

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them;

One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them;

In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie.

Qanaut [M] [S] 8 points ago +8 / -0

Doh! I knew I had a typo somewhere in this double whammy!

RugerP89 6 points ago +6 / -0

Rings are control Comms

The rings in this poem can be imagined as pedophile or child sacrificial rings.

Disagree with that. Not saying that Clowns can't be controlled/have strings on them due to being blackmailed for pedo etc, but rings themselves signify being controlled (kiss the ring, Pope owned by Rothschilds)

My question for u/Qanaut, given that Clown World has long controlled what Media is successful and popular, why would Peter Jackson's Fellowship of the Ring (Dec 2001) have been allowed to become a cultural behemoth if it contained anti-Clown symbolic Comms?

Cpleb 8 points ago +8 / -0

Well this one is easy…the derp state loves rubbing it in our faces. Also part of the satanic cult magic to work is they must tell their victim the truth and if they still fail for it then it’s on them…no refunds.

RugerP89 6 points ago +6 / -0

The more I learn of the vastness of Clown World, the more I am in awe by both the importance and prevalence of Comms.

When anons think "Symbolism" they tend to think archaic Magick ritualism. I believe this is encouraged by Clowns, as it creates blindspots. Such an Anon would never imagine King of the Hill containing pro-creating-school-shooter Comms, for example.

jmkjr2 1 point ago +1 / -0

What’s this now about KOTH??

RugerP89 4 points ago +4 / -0

Helluva way to get your first introduction to Clown World. Recommend a strong drink.


jmkjr2 2 points ago +2 / -0

Not my first introduction by any stretch but damn…King Of The Hill too? I honestly felt that show was pretty “clean”, regardless of the Mike Judge/B+B connection. It was better/smarter/funnier than B+B by orders of magnitude, for my taste. I read about half that synopsis and closed the page. Too damn depressing. Thanks for the link though 👍

Cpleb 1 point ago +1 / -0

I seriously question there is anything “clean” at all now. They have their grubby paw prints all over everything.

jmkjr2 3 points ago +3 / -0

Also…global megablockbuster films = megablockbuster profits.

I’ve had these kinds of wonderings myself. In all the Epic Good v Evil stories/films known by everyone alive, good always wins. WHY would the ruling elite allow the depiction of their own demise in all these “hero’s journey” stories? I don’t know the answer. I wonder if it’s just part of the rules they have to play by? Part of the larger “Cosmic Movie”? They KNOW they lose in the end, but they still (must?) give their insane world domination narrative their complete effort regardless of the known outcome? Or perhaps it’s a “predictive programming” tactic to condition The People into a false sense of security? Perhaps they don’t care either way as long as it creates profit for them? As I said, I don’t know, but I’ve been pondering this concept for a long time.

Cpleb 1 point ago +1 / -0

Personally I think it’s along the lines of what you said regarding false sense of security. Keep the masses sedated. Believing that there is justice and the justice system and all these institutions are there to help them. Makes them write off the “one off” story about injustice in real life.

Mad_Maximo 1 point ago +1 / -0

It's easy to overfantasize good. You can do so in such a great way that people could only digest it as fairytales.

Heckles 16 points ago +19 / -3

Fiction is reality, what a wild world. This is the best post I've seen in a while, thank you!

Mr_A 12 points ago +12 / -0

You might be interested in this take on Tolkein. Very similar thinking, slightly different take, and some Tolkein sources and quotes that could be of interest.


Qanaut [M] [S] 6 points ago +6 / -0

Thank you for the recommendation. I shall indeed bookmark it for reading material!

propertyofUniverse 11 points ago +11 / -0

I wonder what the specific act of casting the ring into the fire represents.

It causes an immediate cascade of failure in the cabal.

Thank you for these posts. I had been vaguely thinking along the same lines.

I think Tolkien once said he modelled the honest, simple and incorruptible hobbits on people from the Black country in the UK midlands.

Since I'm from the midlands, I am most gratified.

Evil has long been ensconced in England in the power structure, we've had to live in its shadow for hundreds of years. It's no coincidence that England, once culturally the back woods of Europe, ended up a world empire.

edit, I know you haven't identified England as a major power here, having allocated Russia and the US, but I'm just writing from the perspective of someone who lives in a country infected by the cabal early on.

propertyofUniverse 8 points ago +8 / -0

Replying to my own comment - there's a sign of craziness!

I wonder what the specific act of casting the ring into the fire represents.

It causes an immediate cascade of failure in the cabal.

I have just thought of one thing.

The GameStop MOASS is a potential cascade failre which might immediately bring down the cabal. Direct registering shares is represented on the superstonk forum as a purple ring !

SoMuchWinning45 7 points ago +7 / -0

The Wall Street Bets/GME/Superstonk subreddits might be the light in the darkness on that site. What they're uncovering about the current financial fuckery cannot be discounted or dismissed. They're waking themselves up, then spreading that information. Another hedge fund has fallen (Melvin Capital), so that's another nail in the coffin.

queue-anon 2 points ago +2 / -0

WSB is compromised. All good stuff is on superstonk now days.

SoMuchWinning45 3 points ago +3 / -0

If the ring represents pedophilia, it could be either destroying that blackmail, or showing it to the world, and damn the consequences and mental breakdowns that come from it.

propertyofUniverse 2 points ago +2 / -0

If the ring represents pedophilia,

Yes, that's probably it.

Donny_Fiasco 8 points ago +8 / -0


I'm so down with this I left the same gif in both threads

ChronicMetamorphosis 6 points ago +6 / -0

Fellowship of the (pedo)Ring, The Two Presidents, Return of the MAGA King.

Featuring John Trump as Bilbo.

CaptainQirk 6 points ago +6 / -0

I feel it also bears considering that "The Lord of the Rings" can also be said of Saturn the Planet. Convert that to Saturn the God and thus black cube worship...

I have a copy of LOTR, it's Red, and on the front it basically has an Eye surrounded by three rings in a triangle pattern, it's clearly referencing the All Seeing Eye.

ozthentic 5 points ago +5 / -0

"Q" is spiritual and GOD driven. No way would I a computer 1st grader then, have found it Jan 2018. I was searching and praying for truth. Big reader though and Q joined all the pieces together finally.

shadowsheikh 4 points ago +4 / -0

LOTR is an obvious Gnostic allegory. Sauron is Jaldabaoth. Whether the story is rooted in reality or not is up for debate.

redtoe-skipper 4 points ago +4 / -0

Thanks! Interesting thoughts.

I also think of those who were not given a ring.

When we compare elf's, dwarfs, men, urukhai, hobbits, it is not about natural race but station.

Hobbits are typically libertarian, freedom loving folk. Their roads and deellings are not impressive, yet those of men and the elf's ( scientists) are.

Each group has their own ways. Yet, bound in common cause, to defeat tyranny, and destroy centralized power.

But it is the most unlikely, the basket op deplorable, with some help, who play the decisive part.

ThetruthSpreadsinNY 3 points ago +3 / -0

Sweet new Pepe.

BushEra 3 points ago +3 / -0

I cordially dislike allegory in all its manifestations, and always have done so since I grew old and wary enough to detect its presence.

-JRR, eventual forward to The Fellowship

DoMagnum 2 points ago +2 / -0

Smart Phone = Eye of Sauron

deleted 2 points ago +2 / -0
Tangent-love 2 points ago +2 / -0

Very good post.

FiercePatriot 1 point ago +1 / -0

I think this is a very interesting take on things and you have my attention and interest.....and of course, a desire to watch LOTR again!

Qanaut [M] [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

Don't forget to read the books too!

I'll never forgive Peter Jackson for omitting Tom Bombadil.

He did good by Tree Beard though...

Overall a great adaptation!

Iknowstuff 1 point ago +1 / -0

Hole-lee-sheet, Batman!

Moman 1 point ago +1 / -0

The Khazarians were given a choice by a lenient Russia. Convert to Islam, Christianity, or Judaism or be exterminated for their wicked ways.>

It's my understanding that Russia had had enough and was going to just destroy the kasarians completely. But they had spies in Russian that warned them, and over night they fled. and ultimately ended up in Israel, planting seeds of peoples all along the way. And it was Israel that gave them the ultimatum to convert to Judaism or leave the area. I could be wrong, I have read, watched and listened to an endless amount of info on this subject and it all kinds runs together....

Qanaut [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

You could be right. Like I said, my understanding of the Khazarian history is extremely elementary and comes mostly from The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal and Clif High's work.

I think I got the overall premise of who the Khazarians were, and what happened to them though.

Perrin 1 point ago +1 / -0

New phone. Who dis?

SoMuchWinning45 1 point ago +1 / -0

and President Trump then retweeted The Return of the King for the whole world to see.

Not to beat you over the head with it, but he re-truthed the picture, and the whole world cannot simply look at it because you need to log in/register to view anything.

inquimous 1 point ago +2 / -1

This whole idea pins on painting the Khazarians as a Satanic cult by completely rewriting history. They worshipped or gave sacrifice to a variety of deities but not Moloch. They didn't come from Babylon, more likely Siberia. The conversion pressure was from Byzantium and the caliphates: there was no Russia at the time. Here's a summary of who they were, although I feel sure you and others will dismiss it as made up post facto by the Khazarians you have made into your bogeyman. There is evil in the world, but it has many, many supporters and taints everyone: it isn't "them," it's "us."


Yeah, Wiki. 267 citations, 122 annotated references, a fine bibliography. I don't think you could honestly read one section of this article (and of course as good researchers, find as many of the references as you can and read them to cross-check), and still believe this fable of the Khazars somehow being a kingdom of Satan persisting through the ages.

FTA: "Determining the origins and nature of the Khazars is closely bound with theories of their languages, but it is a matter of intricate difficulty since no indigenous records in the Khazar language survive, and the state was polyglot and polyethnic. The native religion of the Khazars is thought to have been Tengrism, like that of the North Caucasian Huns and other Turkic peoples.[21] The polyethnic populace of the Khazar Khaganate appears to have been a multiconfessional mosaic of pagan, Tengrist, Jewish, Christian and Muslim worshippers.[22] Some of the Khazars (i.e., Kabars) joined the ancient Hungarians in the 9th century. The ruling elite of the Khazars was said by Judah Halevi and Abraham ibn Daud to have converted to Rabbinic Judaism in the 8th century,[23] but the scope of the conversion to Judaism within the Khazar Khanate remains uncertain.[24]

Where the Khazars dispersed after the fall of the Empire is subject to many conjectures. Proposals have been made regarding the possibility of a Khazar factor in the ethnogenesis of numerous peoples, such as the Hazaras, Hungarians, the Kazakhs, the Cossacks of the Don region and of Ukraine, Bukharan Jews, the Muslim Kumyks, the Turkic-speaking Krymchaks and their Crimean neighbors the Crimean Karaites, the Moldavian Csångós, the Mountain Jews, even some Subbotniks (on the basis of their Ukrainian and Cossack origin and others).[25][26][27] The late 19th century saw the emergence of the theory that the core of today's Ashkenazi Jews are descended from a hypothetical Khazarian Jewish diaspora which migrated westward from modern-day Russia and Ukraine into modern-day France and Germany. Linguistic and genetic studies have not supported the theory of a Khazar connection to Ashkenazi Jewry. The theory still finds occasional support, but most scholars view it with considerable skepticism.[28][24] The theory is sometimes associated with antisemitism[29] and anti-Zionism.[30]"

Trump_astic 1 point ago +1 / -0

Chills as I read this post… hair on end. I’ve read this before … DejaVu This… … great work ! Look forward to next post!

skf93 1 point ago +1 / -0

This was a nice read, but I've heard that Tolkien said he didn't use allegory in his books.

Qanaut [M] [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

If I were a writer trying to cover my tracks and comms, I think I'd say much the same.

Q has told us on many occasions that misinformation and disinformation are necessary.

Bigfred 1 point ago +1 / -0

Solid read so far.... gonna have to come back to it after work to finish it.

scurfie 1 point ago +1 / -0

Oh, there's going to be a return of the King and when he comes he's not going to be happy.

UnbreakablePatriot 1 point ago +1 / -0

Nice write up. I think you need to substitute Isreal for khazaria. Saving Isreal for last would make Isreal mordor where the eye needs to be destroyed. They are the hidden hand of sauron. Khazaria is just an underground stronghold of the orcs imo. Maybe where they have been breeding abominations of evil that eat men.

GODisinc0ntr0l 1 point ago +1 / -0

And the letter Q is like a ring with an endpoint, an X, that puts an end to the circle.

manxom 1 point ago +1 / -0

and it's interesting that he skips 5 in the poem

navycuda 1 point ago +3 / -2

This return of the king shit really freaks me out. This isn't healthy anymore and sure makes this whole thing look like revelations is playing out.

If it is revelations that means we've failed as humans, we've let evil get beyond our control.

AngryDwarfPaladin 11 points ago +11 / -0

With all due respect, @navycuda, how have we failed as humans if Revelation/the end times are playing out right now?

If we believe the Bible is what it says it is, then isn't it inevitable that those end time events are going to come to pass at some point?

As a follower of Jesus, I too agree that it looks like Revelation/the end times are playing out. I won't claim that it IS happening - Jesus himself said that no one, only the Father, knows when those times will come.

But, we are told to make ourselves aware and look for the signs of the times. There sure are a lot of signs right now, that is for sure.

All in all - whether it IS those times or not, the only true best thing any one of us can do is submit our lives to Jesus Christ - accept his sacrifice for us - it is FREE to accept. And then it doesn't matter if it's end times or just hard times. We are saved. Now go spread the good news to others so they can have that same hope in the midst of all these struggles.

Look up, my friend - in that situation, only good things come from the "end" here on earth - whenever that end may be.

navycuda 5 points ago +9 / -4

The problem is that certain aspects of the bible have been intentionally misrepresented to us.

I've read a few different opinions that suggest "Thou shall not kill" should be, "Thou shall not murder."

I've come to the opinion that the true form of "Hell" has been hidden from us and instead has been used to scare people into compliance with the church. Pay your tithe, show up on time, perform these ceremonies, ignore the preacher raping your son. Hell is self imposed. Hell is the realization that the choices you made were wrong. That when your life ended you were not permitted to join with your creator. An eternal sorrow, eternal torment perpetuated by your own actions. The realization that God isn't making you suffer, you suffered because you chose to ignore all the evidence, you chose to ignore your Creator.

The truth that is in the Bible shines through, but it isn't in the letter of the word. I don't believe revelations is intended to be a prophecy, but rather, a warning of what will happen.

The Bible tells us about God's wrath. At some point, the heavenly war will kick off when we humans have discarded the teachings of Christ and believe the lies. For a time I was pro-choice, but I see now it's wrong. I see now it has been a means to murder millions of lives before they saw the light of day. I see how depravity is encouraged, defended and children are encouraged to ignore their parents, their traditions, their biology and succumb to the primal distraction of lust.

Satan only gains power when we follow him, so for that war to actually happen, that means there has to be enough humans who have sold themselves to the devil. Enough souls who have shunned the Creator of all things. Enough souls to warrant the destruction of this beautiful Gem of Creation, the Earth.

So yes, Revelations means we have failed as humans. It means we have brought judgement upon our entire species.

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@navycuda - How cool is this! A new message from Pastor Jack Hibbs just came up in my feed - the topic? The Reality Of Hell.

I urge you to take a listen! My wife and I learned so much - directly out of the Bible - exactly from what it says - context included - from Pastor Jack. Him sharing the truths of the Bible helped us survive the lockdowns of CA. One of the only churches in the Irvine area that did not lock down except for a couple weeks at the very start of the coof (when we were all trying to figure it out).

Now we still listen to his messages - they are pure Biblical truth - no religion. Just Biblical truth and insight into the cultural contexts those messages were written with - which brings out so much deeper meaning and really brings it to life in ways we'd never knew.

I urge you to check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqyEhd0y4bQ

ozthentic 7 points ago +7 / -0

Cool . Will listen. Have no time for compliant scaredy cat pastors who submit to the will of baal worshipping govt while ignoring all the brave heros they preach about.

Honor+Duty 7 points ago +7 / -0

Halelujah, brother. So sick of listening to watered down bullshit pretending that evil does not exist and extremely present in the government and we as Christians must fight it. Not cow tow because we are a 501c3.

Huskereyez 4 points ago +4 / -0

Good listen. Thanks

AngryDwarfPaladin 4 points ago +4 / -0

Also - here's a great message we got to hear in person, "God in America".

Jack went to the Museum of the Bible in DC in 2021 and shared with us just how integral the Bible was in the birth of America, it's founders and it's values.

Some really amazing stories about George Washington praying before Valley Forge - and a spy that was going to kill him in those woods saw him praying - and deciding to not go through with the act.

I think there is more to that story - can't remember - give it a go though! It will make you really proud of the foundations of America and give you a really clear picture on what we could return this country to.


Huskereyez 3 points ago +3 / -0

Thanks I’ll check it out. Love this stuff.

AngryDwarfPaladin 2 points ago +2 / -0

You bet! Here's the counterpart to that message - "Evidence for Heaven".


Huskereyez 3 points ago +3 / -0

That one was good too. Thanks so much!

AngryDwarfPaladin 3 points ago +3 / -0

You bet! I thank God for the opportunity to share His hope in these hard times. He orchestrates things like this.

AngryDwarfPaladin 5 points ago +5 / -0

Also - FWIW - Hibbs is a total Patriot. Really wouldn't be surprised if he was aware of these boards, LOL! He's certainly engaged in battling a lot (all?) of the same junk we talk about here. Total warrior for Jesus. Give it a go - what's it going to hurt?

Light1SingleCandle 4 points ago +4 / -0

Right. I think that too many people maintain a juvenile understanding of Christianity, much like the atheist view. They never grow past the idea of "an old guy with a gray beard sitting on a cloud" directing traffic into heaven and hell based on behavior kind of like a spiritual Santa Claus. It is in the act of believing and trusting in Jesus that we are saved for the very reason that you described. Hell is the eternal torment of separation from God with the awareness that it was by choice. Those are the same people who consider it blasphemy to think that Christianity is for our benefit, not God's. We go to church for our benefit, just like we lead a healthy life for our own benefit. Although God wants us to spend eternity with Him, it is our choice. God will continue to be, no matter what we do. It is we who will suffer eternally if we choose to not believe.

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Revelations is a limited hangout to goad people into rectifying the world under Gods principles

ghost_of_aswartz -1 points ago +1 / -2

Because the truth is that there's no catastrophic end, and if there is, we'd never know about it. There's only the circle....the cycle...and there would be collapse, and then life goes on, and we rebuild and rebuild. Civilizations rise. They disintegrate. They fall. They rebuild.

Sometimes they get a glimpse of the past. But mostly, the bad guys hijack the narratives of the past in order to maintiain their control, so that another cycle is ensured.

The way to break the cycle is redeem civilization by educating those about the cycle and who benefits--qui bono--from the collapse and rebuild period

ghost_of_aswartz 2 points ago +2 / -0

bonus thought: freemasons call themselves the builders

what are they building (or rebuilding)? (civilization)

ghost_of_aswartz 1 point ago +1 / -0

idle hands are the devils playground

when everythings built up

better call a wrecker or a terrorist otherwise those hands get idle

monstermagnate 1 point ago +3 / -2

That's cool Now do Star Wars!!!

deleted 1 point ago +1 / -0
Adopted-Patriot 1 point ago +1 / -0

Having studied the Summerian cuneiform tablets, the ‘king’, Enki, has said he will return around our year 2700+, when Nibiru passes by our earth.

ghost_of_aswartz 1 point ago +1 / -0

Who is Elrond? (don't you dare say Elrond Hubbard)

Giuliani... or Trump, or possibly Rand Paul? My vote is for Rand....keeping the candle of freedom lit the evil shadow of congress

Who is Tom Bombadil?

The spirit of freedom? The spirit of justice? Maybe John Durham, not as a person but as a mythical force of justice that would restore liberty and right the wrongs of the Sauronites

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verboten_hamster 1 point ago +1 / -0

"Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow! Bright Blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow!"

"Tom Bombadil was apparently immortal and possesses a range of enigmatic powers able to give full control over his domains"

"He was also referenced as being impossible to capture or imprison."

Ukraine comms? lol

Brent75 1 point ago +1 / -0

Holy crap I’m impressed brother!! This is awesome, and beautifully done!

SevenThunders 1 point ago +2 / -1

You lost me when you hit the Khazar screed. It has been proven through dna that Ashkenazi Jews are not related to the Khazarians. Sorry to upset that little bit of anti-semitism.

Satan has been the god of this world since the fall of Adam and was defeated at the cross. His full occupation of this world will not be complete until the return of Jesus.

He has minions from all races including the Jews, such as the Sabbateans and Frankists, but also all the western pagans and new agers and consumers of psychedelics and those who practice witchcraft. Many of these sit in the high halls of finance and have immeasurable worldly wealth.

These are your enemies in this world.

CQVFEFE 1 point ago +1 / -0


This is so well written it's amazing. I like Tolkein too, so really well done with the allegories.

Also it bears pointing out that in this sentence

either his books have inspired world events, or that world events have been inspired by his books

...both those conditions are the same thing, in the active and passive voice. :)

Did you mean instead to suggest world events may have inspired his books?

DavoutNey 0 points ago +1 / -1

The Khazarins set Napoleon on Europe?

What evidence, any evidence, do you have to support this? None.

Napoleon was declared upon by almost every country, not the instigator (except for Spain and Russia) and his dispute with Russia was primarily due to disagreements about Poland and Russia's failure to adhere to the Continental System (economic blockade of England).

Qanaut [M] [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

You need to watch The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal.

In that documentary the research of Augustin Barruel is brought up, and how his works proved that the French Revolution was orchestrated by elite secret societies.

You won't read this history in any common textbook. It has been systematically burried. The Cabal historians have done an excellent job of obfuscating the true narrative, and burying their tracks.

They even burned to the ground the village that Hitler came from in order to hide the fact that he was half Jewish, and a Khazarian asset.

They are very good at this game, though their inbreeding has dulled their minds of late. They are no where near as sharp as they were during their prime in the 19th and 20th centuries.