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Let me preface this with:

  1. I am female
  2. I never was confused about my sex or gender
  3. I don't have children, but would like to one day.
  4. I have friends who are trans, I have a family member who has transitioned (in their adult life.)

This. Is. Painful to watch. Don't get me wrong, Matt and Daily Wire did a phenomenal job with this documentary; the questions, the pointing out of the history, the inconsistencies between the interviewees.

But I'm half way through the movie at the time of this posting, and I keep having to pause almost every 5 minutes or so just to calm down because this is making me made and upset that there are people who are either so indoctrinated into believing what they are doing is right, or that they only care for the money that comes to pushing this evil onto children.

Adults is one thing. You'd expect an adult to take responsibility for what they choose to do to their body.

Children is a WHOLE other story... and it's sick. Evil and demonic aren't harsh enough words for what the transgenderism agenda is.

What gets me most upset is some of the interviewees having this... smile... on their face as they explain about themselves and their profession.

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So I powered through the rest of the movie. And what got me was the ending. I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but for those of you who have, you know.

So my conclusion for everything else above,... is that transgenderism attempts to blur the line between the interpersonal relationships that we make with each other as the opposite sexes.

Men can be women, women can be men,.. and anywhere in between, eliminate what it means to define who you are, what it means for actual self discovery, and the connections you make with other people.

If transgenderism exists to say that you will not be happy unless you transform into the thing that you are not, it is providing a solution to a problem for external pressures rather than internal confrontation. It seeks to remove who you are in order to conform and be dependent upon that conformity, otherwise you have no self worth.

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great synopsis. I am curious that you have a family member that has transitioned. It is so rare. Why do you think your family member did it. extreme low self esteem and need to attention?

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I could not begin to guess. It's a cousin whose family we haven't been in touch with for a while, happens sometimes where we'll go years without speaking. Not out of any hostility, just life.

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It's much like the 'shout your abortion' garbage. (which is being directly confronted by Created Equal). It's definitely demonic. I agree that those who would push this on children would be better off if they had a millstone tied around their necks and were tossed into the sea if they do not truly forsake and repent for their sin. As for adults, I question whether anyone under thirty has developed enough understanding of irreversible consequences to make a decision like that either.


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Were you surprised that your family member transitioned? The amount of brainwashing and manipulation out there is beyond sad. I saw a clip of some pride parade and there was a little boy dancing in the parade as a girl. What is wrong with his parents?

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I was surprised to hear about it, I haven't actually spoken to my cousin who did transition for over a decade, this was more of a 'heard-through-the-grapevine" kind of thing. I love my family though.

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Only in that cousins mind did he transition.

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What is a Woman does a great job revealing what we've known for a long time:

Transgenderism is attempting to normalize mental illness.

They cannot pretend to be sane if the world is treating them like mental patients. They are attempting to redefine their mental illness as normal, genetically fine, and thus the gaslighting is constant against anyone that refuses to bend the knee.

The question is, why are we playing along? Why is the press (legacy media) promoting these delusions as normal and sane?

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Is there a free link available?

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Your welcome! Have a nice day, and try to keep calm when watching.

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I watched on Odysee, not that hard to find.