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Cozette 30 points ago +30 / -0

My muse: Imo the key phrase is "Playbook known".

In fact, post election scenarios were war gamed in early 2020 by those who planned the coup. Podesta played Trump.

There were four scenarios that were war gamed. This was one of them. However, the coup plotters preferred scenario, per their color revolution playbook, was that President Trump, realizing that theyd rigged the election, refused to leave, triggering the need to remove him by force and sparking a civil war that would justify brutally crushing any MAGA resistance to their coup.

Hence the inorganic flood of " Cross the Rubicon, Don" memes that started on glowie controlled /pol/ and spread to MAGA internet community's prior to J6.

Hence the seething flood of anti Trump "he's a pUsSy" hate posts when Trump refused to take the bait and instead peacefully moved his headquarters from the DC White House to the Winter White House at Mar a Lago.

As Q has said repeatedly, "these people are stupid" so of course this move by Trump hadn't been anticipated or war gamed. Better yet, leaving peacefully allowed President Trump to turn the tables on those who pulled off the coup.

Ever since then, mad lad Trumps been using their own color revolution playbook to oust them. Legally. And they know it.

Without revealing everything, Q was letting the coup plotters and us, at least in retrospect, know that Trump and his team knew what the Swamp Demons were up to and weren't caught by surprise.

Remembering Q fragments: Moves and counter moves. It had to be this way. Be loud. Make your voices heard. Make the changes that need to be made now that you are precipice aware and motivated.

Trust the plan. In other words, trust Gods plan for us and have confidence that Trump and Q have a plan too.

WWG1WGA. Work together like the crew in the movie White Squall, when the storm hit, and we will survive this.

I-AM-ANON 3 points ago +3 / -0

The thing is though, is that Trump did cross the Rubicon.

Historically speaking, Julius Caesar was one of the greatest military minds to ever be born. He began his career as a foot soldier and ended it as the Emperor.

When he crossed the Rubicon river, he actually marched past Rome in pursuit of Pompey, which was completely unexpected on part of the Senate which had harangued him for treason.

It actually took several years between the crossing of the Rubicon and when Caesar finally arrived in Rome, as he pursued Pompey all the way to Egypt, and was briefly distracted by an affair with Cleopatra.

All in all, this was the greatest head feint in all of human history, as Caesar temporarily allowed Rome to exist in near total anarchy without a government while he conclusively decided the civil war with Pompey.

The parallel with Trump and our modern times is nothing short of symphonic. We are seeing an almost perfect overture between the orchestra of history which played out in Rome, and the melody as it expresses itself again in our modern world.

After all, America is the spiritual and symbolic manifestation of Rome within the modern world. It's easy to see that had Trump initiated civil war, our entire society would have transitioned into an Imperial state, just as happened before. This time we may see something entirely new form instead: a worldwide Republic.