from coworker re vax: redux ⚠️ Vax-TYRANNY ☠️
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I posted this one year ago:


""I will have to miss the outside meeting today - the Moderna vaccine has left me tired out. Had chills half the night, and a fever the other half. I'm getting over it though and ... I am back in the office"

Today, one year later, I saw this coworker wearing a mask at the coffee bar - they had been out sick for an extended time - because they kept testing positive for covid.

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But I'm sure he/she/it is grateful to be fully vaccinated and quadruple-boosted or it could have been MUCH worse.

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I just heard this on a conference call this AM. We have about 5-7 liberal shit heads here. Of course they are mega jabbed. One has been out 5 times or so with "COVID". He just returned from another battle with it. He was telling off of us about how bad he was, then proceeded to tell us all how he was so grateful to be jabbed.

These are adults in their 40's. Scary.

kkthxk 3 points ago +3 / -0

It's all terribly predictable. A lifetime of indoctrination, serial trauma based programming, subservience and frankly, the total absence of human will to both recognize the prison or break through has created a population of people that can be made to do... almost anything, to themselves or to their loved ones. All that is required, is for the television to speak the lie and they will think it true, so long as all the others around them also obey.

The herd has been cornered, afraid and ready to run in whatever direction that is demanded, for quite some time now. Nothing changes this other than Yuri Bezmenov's proverbial kick to the balls.