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For a long time we had been getting requests for user avatars (those little Pepes that you see next to some people's names). So far it has been ad hoc and limited to a few people only.

We have been working on an exciting new system that monitors the user activity and adds an Avatar to those who meet minimum criteria in terms of karma points and account age!

And guess, we have just rolled it out!

If you are one of the lucky ones, you might have just seen an Avatar next to your name. If so congratulations !

This is also our way of recognising contributions made by our long term users, and in future we plan to enhance this system to add special custom avatars to those veteran users who go above and beyond. We hope that this community keeps growing by leaps and bounds and continue doing the amazing work we have been doing as we get closer to the Great Awakening!

We are still working with many constraints, so please note that this system might change without notice, and please refrain from griefing mods regarding the Avatars!

Note: If anyone wants to change your avatar to a female one, please send me a DM with the message "requesting female avatar".

After going through some feedback, wanted to add a couple of things. Whether you have a Pepe or not, just remember that every one here is valued equally and everything you do - even the ones just lurking and learning - is to change the world and wake people up. I can't think of a single other community that can actually claim they are making the world a better place until Q came along.

If we could, we would love to give Pepes to every single one of you and let you choose which one you want. Unfortunately, we are working with great many limitations and have to be very careful with how many people we add or we end up slowing down the site for everyone.

Currently, the minimum requirements are 40K combined posts+comments karma, and > 6 months account age. This may change in future as we work on giving Pepes to more people. The process to get Pepe is automatic, but is processed once daily. If you are inactive for 2 months (no posts or comments), you might lose your Pepe. Don't let these minimums daunt you. The real fun is waking up one day and seeing a Pepe next to your name! This shouldn't distract us from doing our real job - changing the world.

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I am in awe of how much work you do… above and beyond and Stars and Stripes to you!