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Every six months, I make a post asking everyone for their predictions for what they believe will happen in the next six months (In January and July). Then I go back and review to see what was correct. Often we get a lot wrong, although last time, many of the predictions turned out to be rather accurate.

So here's my best guess for the next six months:

Mid-term elections:

I do NOT predict a red wave of any kind. I do predict that Republicans will win a few strategic seats, and we'll have some real conservatives in seats where RINOS have been for a while. We will see some nice Republican wins in areas such as Missouri where vote ID now exists. Cheating is not cleaned up enough, and as actually barely touched. Thus, Dems will retain will retain a lot of power.

We'll probably see a few states strengthen voting laws a little more during this period.

Trump will not be in the White House at this time, but we'll certainly be seeing a lot of him around the country by that time.

Covid: In winter we will enter seasonal flu season again--which is now called Covid spike time. As Covid has become a liberal's best friend, I don't think we'll see flu relabeled as flu again. What we see will be called another resurgence of Covid,

I predict that next virus season, people be getting somewhat sicker than they did during the Omicron season. We in GAW will be saying it is the vaxxed that are much less healthy and exhibiting symptoms.

By January 2023, I believe there will be greater concern that there is something wrong with the health of the vaxxed. There will be scattered lawsuits around the world, but don't expect anything from our cowardly politicians or leaders by then.

I believe we may hear about a few random countries around the world banning the vaccines as more data comes in though.

Most places of business that have vax mandates will have removed them by then, small chance the military will reverse this by then.

If Fauci isn't dead or disabled, I expect him to be the face of stupid bureaucratic advice.

Expect to continue to see a handful of masked idiots when you go out in public.


Expect small to no relief from gas prices. Good chance the Ukraine, Russia conflict is over by January, and the gas prices remain the same. Then MSM and the dems will have to find a new scape goat.

I don't foresee starvation or even many empty shelves at the grocery store, but I believe buying food will start feeling more noticeably painful, based on the prices at the time.

January 6 event

The MSM and Democrats will continue to waste our time taking about this over all "non event." We will probably see a lot of boomerang information come out from this, but it doesn't matter. Boomerangs and being proved to be hypocrites never harm those people.

Voter Fraud and 2020 election

True the Vote and other forums will release more indisputable information that proves that the 2020 election was stolen. Like always, this information will just be going to those that already believe this. The MSM will tell the rest this information "has been debunked." and those people will continue to believe without questioning.


I believe the names of Ghislaine Maxwell's clients will remain sealed. I say there is a small chance Prince Andrew is charged with anything. Moderate chance Maxwell is suicided.

Return of Q A lot of pessimism here I know. I do believe that the return of Q does mean a turning point though. Thus, I do foresee we'll see some very nice victories in the next victories in the next 6 months. What these will be is very difficult to predict, but it could be bringing down institutions, powerful figures, or laws that we never thought was possible.

Anyhow, those are my predictions for the next six months. What are yours?

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Russia will have broken through in the Donbas region as inflation-ridden Western economies lose the capacity to support their proxy war.

As liberating Russian forces move west through Ukraine they will expose the biolabs and their connection to the Biden regime. Their discoveries will be just as shocking as the discoveries of the westward moving Soviet soldiers 80 years ago.

The day after Putin takes Kiev, the 2020 theft is decertified and Trump returns to power with a 4 year term starting in 2023.

This phase will be complete by the end of 2022.

On Jan 6, 2023 the storm will commence and Obama, Hillary, Biden, Kamala, Nancy Pelosi will all be publicly tried before a military tribunal. Where their crimes against humanity will be exposed.

With the rightful government restored to power 2023 will see the strongest economic growth in American history. The goverment will restore sanity on issues like sexes, pronouns, abortion, white guilt.