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I work at a brewery in the Seattle area and it’s crazy to actually see this play out. I know Dave from X22, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone etc. have been saying this would happen but WOW they are all jabbed and boosted and getting sicker and sicker. A couple of them are getting covid AGAIN. Meanwhile the pure bloods and 1/2 jabbed guy are just fine and it’s bad enough that management is giving us both time and a half and extra PTO to keep the beer flowing and canning line running.

None of them are getting the connection though. Just as clueless and naive as ever.

1/2 jabbed guy has gone from sportsball normie to based. I am using counter predictive programming on him with the info Q has provided us and it’s worked on him. I don’t mention Q at all but I just have told him what’s coming and as it happens he awakens more and more.

He thanks me and my non Q patriot co worker for convincing him not to get the second jab. Now that this is playing out he is ODing on redpills.

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Same in my office. I'm the only non-contaminated out of 8. I got covid in May of 2021 and haven't gotten it since. The other seven have gotten it at least twice in the past year alone.