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Hey frens. I hope I'm not being selfish or coming out of the blue with this, but I'm requesting prayers for my health. I suspect I am dealing with a bacterial or parasitic infection that might be more than I can manage naturally, and I might need to go to Urgent Care for this. The past few times I've seen doctors, they haven't been able to do jack squat for me, so I have both the fear that I'll get brushed off when this could be something serious, and the fact that I am uninsured and a doctor's visit is something I have been trying to avoid for as much financial reasons as practical reasons.

Naturally, I'm a bit of an anxious mess right now. I've been watching my body carefully and hoping this this infection works its way out if I properly rest and nourish myself, but if I have to go in, I'm hoping that I'll get a doctor who actually listens and doesn't charge me out the ear for what I hope is just a need for some proper antibiotics.

I hope that all makes sense. Like I said, I'm starting to get pretty nervous about this and I don't think that helps the situation at all. I've been praying for a breakthrough in my health so I can get past this, but I feel so far away from the Lord right now that I feel like maybe I need some help in this department. Any possible advice for naturally handling an infection like this would be awesome too. I'm worried that if it is bacterial, because of it's location on my right side, it might be appendicitis, and I just don't need that time bomb right now. :( If it's a parasite, I'm not sure what else to do besides antibiotics. I'm at my wit's end.

Anyways, thanks in advance. You guys are the best, not just because I can make a prayer request like this but because you guys are just an amazing, talented group of frens and you are a daily life saver in this crazy world.

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….”but I feel so far away from the Lord right now…”

That too, my fren, is a dis-ease. I will gladly pray for you, but know that the Lord is never far from us, and always hears our prayers. We just have to open our hearts to receive the answer. Start there, and He will bless you with the discernment you need, and you will know what to do - whether it’s a medical treatment or a change of diet, etc. May God bless you and restore you to perfect health.