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for anyone who cares literally at all I have to confess something. I've been struggling massively with addiction for a while now. I'm not exactly comfortable saying what the addiction actually is but I've been trying for months to quit. and every single time I try, I succumb to the temptation. I'm making a mockery of Jesus's sacrifice, and I hate it, and I want nothing more than to be able to overcome my addiction, but I simply don't have the strength. what am I supposed to do? it's really starting to feel hopeless.

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Have you noticed that the more you struggle with it, the greater the temptation? Don’t struggle - you only give it strength in doing so. You cannot help yourself, but real help exists. Take time to meditate, and pray. There’s no problem that cannot be resolved when you place your trust in God. Also, stop berating yourself - God doesn’t condemn you, nor should you. Ask His help with a sincere heart, and He will answer. Don’t begrudge your helplessness, but let it be a cry for help to Him. May God bless you and free you.