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Thank you for those words friend and you are have 100% right attitude and that is what has been with me for many years.

But at some point everyone breaks, beacuse I have lived with this on my mind for many years now. So has many,

And I guess at this point in the “end time madness” everything comes back at you ?

I’ve been in a war mind state for years against the globalist agenda,

It didn’t take long to figure out Iraq and 9/11 was BS, not with the uncensored internet back then.

And sience then friend..F me..The things I’ve learned and the places I’ve been in terms of work.

I “got in” briefly and saw these people, and their infrastructure in means of the internet. But the most valuable thing was to understand how they think about people.

Right after I quit in that bunker, about 50 m below ground..

It was hard times for us before Trump. People who doom now..Haha.

When Trump came along, the meme wars and I’ve been glued since with it , and the. came Q, I thought it was a nothing burger in the beginning, but 6 month in following on chans we realize this might be it..

Since I’ve learned math physics, history, occult, , Advanced IT-networking principals, theories, art, movies, music..Everything that will give me the complete picture of everything. What our mind can do and what we can see, and how it all is connected. .Man the amount of interviews. Symbolism, also traveled with other Anons to studie deep state thumbs and burial places I’m Scandinavia. Old Viking settles etc..

I have done this 15 hours a day aprox for almost 7 years.

Seeded information, educated in groups. Put down debates, helped people financially. Protected people from racist bullies. And I always try to red pill with class at every opportunity given.

This has become my war and life. Beacuse I know I’m here for this then I’m off home.

And i have studied concepts and done calculations to try to proof my findings.

I have been in the process to try to start a grassroots movement based on brain and cool and with no worship tendency or hope on other peoples information.

Totally independent and 0 focus on money.

And not the love light new age naive hope and whises.

But cold facts, dates, schooling and a “never give in” attitude. It’s to the death no matter death but with the mercy of Jesus’s and help the people on the ground who needs help and not fuck around on social media “dripping” . This has been my mindset and now it’s starting to take a toll.

We almost were about too try to get a boat in the north of Norway and try to find the entrance to inner/hollow earth in the North.

Maybe, just maybe get in contact with the higher beings and side step the filter of the military and explain to them they need to turn to the little guy and not these..Well that was just foolish LARP but we were actually tempted to see how far we could go north…

Some of us gave up on this world when we understood what people like Tolkien and people like him tried to tell us.

People want to “reform” Mordor.

I want to see that tower and all its filth destroyed once and for all no matter if it means I’m dead. Even if it means just a little bit seeding.

But today it all came down on me..I crashed.

And i will be back in the saddle tomorrow, just some sleep.

It’s impossible for me to take a huge step back at this point.

You can’t ask a soldier in a war to take a step back.

We always look to the “higher” being for guidance in I if ignorans? When I have a perfectly good Anon who helped more then most.

Everyone can be wrong, even the most powerful and wises. Or I don’t think we would have been singled out like this to begin with.

Thank you fren.

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