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Taiwan is to China what Ukraine is to Russia.

Both have abnormal amounts of personal interest and investment from deep state globalist politicians.

Both are small supposedly "independently democratic" places that are nothing but.

Based on the general theory that Trump, Xi and Putin are in some kind of alliance, it would make sense that Putin wants Ukraine back and China wants Taiwan back. They are "their country first" like Trump is America first, and the plans for a mutually prosperous America, Russia and China require that the criminal globalist strongholds posing as independent nations are destroyed.

Pelosi isn't a diplomat. There has to be personal stakes for her to want to go to Taiwan. We've seen all the pedo actors and warmongers flying to Ukraine for photo ops and psyops. Would make sense if a similar thing would occur re Taiwan.

Thus, this may explain the different response to Pelosi re Taiwan. I mean, logically if China were pro-Globalism why would they be upset with a globalist visiting a globalist stronghold?

Now, assume that China at the highest levels of government is trying to RID the country of globalists, while also being brutal Chinese.

Does the response to Pelosi make more sense?

"Get your globalist hands out of our country, stop interfering, or we will go to war with the US right now", knowing full well that the deep state don't have total control over the military and can't launch a proper response.

Or, if you're cynical, this is theatre and the prelude to an all out China vs. America attack and falls entirely within the scope of destroying the credibility of the west.

But I like my hopium answer better.

Curious to other opinions, since I'm not entirely savvy about geopolitics.