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Pretty Sure they’re the ones responsible for making IKEAs deliberately frustrating so that couples argue and breakup.

Sinister family of vampires.

Also they apparently own Ericsson

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IKEA instructions aren't even that bad.

Amazon Basics products that come with like 10 pages of double sided print 8 of which are different languages of warnings about the product and only like 2 pages about how to put it together in fairly broken English or no words at all, just barely descriptive imagery?

That stuff's hell. But sometimes Amazon Basics have rebranded stuff that are cheaper than overpriced versions of it, like Ergotron monitor arms or whatnot.

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Can not stand ikea or their cheaply made products.

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I think this says more about your relationship.

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You’re the expert

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Have you really not witnessed couples on the verge of breaking up in the IKEA labyrinth?

Every time I’m there, some shit is going down.

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Yeah, quite often....

There are other meaningful pursuits when it comes tot he wife. Ikea is not one of them.

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I never have, though that is like a culture thing at the only IKEA near us. I could see it happening in areas where marriage isn't so strongly pushed & strongly held as a sacred pact. I do see frazzled moms in there all the time or that occasional mom who just strolls fow what I assume is the free babysitter LoL

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I don't buy chinese made garbage that libs flock to.

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They Jewish/Khazar?

CoolAsACucumber 18 points ago +20 / -2

Any name with a "berg" at the end is definitely Jewish.

Also they are an old black nobility family so yes Khazarian as well in there.

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What is "black nobility"??

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I'm gonna throw a dart at the board and say it is phrase used to describe an old rich family that got it's money and power by making people's lives a living hell.

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Sounds about right.

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Black nobility are not really noble by birth but buy their way in after being organized crime lords who run human trafficking, prostitution, vice etc. trades.

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Yes they are a 13 Bloodline family and Khazarian Mafia on par with the Rothschilds.

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Real life Jutul industries family

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I saved this post from anon FearTheCucumber to my hard drive awhile back:

posted by FearTheCucumber

I’ve been off down a rabbit hole that some of you may not have been down, so I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about the powerful yet low profile Wallenberg family in Sweden. There’s not much out there about them, and they like it that way. They own more than you can imagine but don’t go around shouting about it. I’ve thought for many years that families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers were at the top of the tree but always believed there to be more layers behind or above them that weren’t as visible. Although the Wallenbergs are no secret, certainly not in Sweden, the light doesn’t get shone upon them so much as other conspiracy theorist favorites.

The Wallenbergs are happy to sit in the shadows and let other families take all the heat. Here’s what I dug up about them;

There's some interesting connections to George Soros, graphene oxide, 5G, the jab, AI, and a cashless society that will rely upon the telecommunicatons systems the Wallenbergs own.... The Wallenbergs are Sweden’s most powerful financial family and Europe's most powerful business dynasty, noted as bankers, industrialists, politicians, bureaucrats, and diplomats The motto that has served the family so well over the years says all you need to know about their modus operandi : Esse non videri – “to be, not to be seen”. “For the British review the Economist, the Wallenbergs' are the outstanding European industrial dynasty, five generations of highly successful entrepreneurs. For their family historian David Bartal, they are a Japanese-style family, Europe's most powerful of its kind, more discreet than the Agnellis' and richer than the Rothschilds'”

Add up the sales of all the companies in the Wallenberg empire at the close of the 20th century, and you will find that one had more than ninety billion dollars a year, ahead of British Petroleum, IBM or General Electrics. It was then Europe's largest private-sector employer by sales after Shell. But look for "Wallenberg Inc." you would be disappointed. Discretion above all.” (David S. Landes, Dynasties: Fortunes and Misfortunes, of the World's Great Family Businesses) The Wallenberg empire consists of 16 Wallenberg Foundations, Foundation Asset Management AB (FAM), Investor AB, Patricia Industries and Wallenberg Investments AB. The Wallenbergs control most large Swedish and other European industrial groups, such as

1.World leading telecommunication multinational Ericsson (a major contributor to the development of the telecommunications industry and one of the leaders in 5G)

2.Scandinavian and Baltic bank giant Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) ;

3.The world's second-largest stock exchange Nasdaq, Inc.;

4.Global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for marine and energy markets Wärtsilä;

5.The world's second-largest appliance maker Electrolux; one of the world's largest power, automation and robotics multinationals ABB;

6.One of Europe's largest aerospace and arms manufacturers SAAB;

7.Scandinavian airline SAS Group ;

8.Europe's fourth largest pharmaceutical multinational AstraZeneca and many more.

The power supply and the telecoms infrastructure in over 180 countries is owned by the Wallenbergs. They made their start in banking, with the Stockholm Enskilda Bank, founded in 1856 by André Oscar Wallenberg. From there they moved out into industry, founding or acquiring an array of the leading multinationals in their country. In 1916 they set up Investor, an investment company with a major interest in Scania, Ericsson, Saab, ABB, Electrolux, AtlasCopco, AstraZeneca, and a ridiculous number of others besides . Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, a Swedish public and private foundation was formed in 1917 by Knut Agathon Wallenberg and his wife Alice. It was created to support research in the natural sciences, technology and medicine by awarding long-term grants to basic research of the highest international class. This research would ensure the Wallenberg’s stayed ahead of the curve in innovation and technology.

The Wallenberg family helped finance the Russian Revolution, and developed and sold communication encryption tools in World War 1, selling them to both sides of conflicts since then. Intelligence services to this day rely upon their encryption systems.

The Wallenbergs contributed to the founding of the International Chamber of Commerce in 1919 - the largest, most representative business organization in the world.The Wallenbergs have their own room, the Wallenberg room, in the headquarters in Paris. The family’s power became almost regal in its scope. In fact one of them, Marcus “district judge” Wallenberg (1864-1943) , was a Knight of the Order of the Seraphim, a Swedish order of chivalry created by King Frederick I in 1748, the foremost order of Sweden. Current Knights of this order include the Queen & Prince Charles, alongside royals and presidents from all over the world.

The Wallenbergs benefited from trading with both sides during WW2. Ericsson, which the Wallenbergs took over in 1933, provided telecommunications for Hitler. They happily traded with the Germans whilst ensuring Sweden maintained neutrality in the conflict. At The World Jewish Congress it was heard that Wallenberg’s bank was cooperating with the Nazis, who had moved some assets to Sweden. Enskilda Bank owned by Jakob Wallenberg dealt in black market ops, money laundering, and concealing German investments in the US. Jakob and his brother Marcus were involved in “the Bosch Affair” at the end of the Second World War, which led to them being accused by the USA of collaborating with Nazi Germany. Raoul Wallenberg, meanwhile, was considered a hero of WW2 who saved Hungarian jews. While off on business trips to the continent Raoul was confronted with the treatment of jews by Nazi Germany. In Budapest he acquired diplomatic status and saved thousands of Hungarian Jews by issuing them with false protective passports and claiming they were awaiting repatriation to Sweden. George Soros was of course a Hungarian Jew saved from the Nazis in Budapest.

The family go on to play major roles in the formation and membership of shadow government organisations such as the World Economic Forum and the Bilderberg Group, which the Wallenbergs were instrumental in the creation of and have been members of the Steering Committee of since its creation in 1954. Members of the Trilateral Commission include Marcus Wallenberg Jr., Peter Wallenberg Sr., Jacob Wallenberg and Marcus Wallenberg. In 1973 Wallenberg bank SEB was one of the main backers and funders of George Soros’ Quantum Fund - privately owned hedge funds based in London, New York, Curaçao and Cayman Islands. They are advised by George Soros through his company Soros Fund Management. The shareholders of the funds are not publicly disclosed although it is known that the Rothschild family and other wealthy Europeans put $6 million into the funds in 1973.

Marcus Wallenberg, the billionaire heir of Sweden’s foremost industrial dynasty, first got introduced to the topic of artificial intelligence back in 1977, when he studied in Palo Alto. Today, the family has become one of the foremost investors of artificial intelligence in Europe, investing around €300m in its AI program called WASP, in a mixture of AI startups and a business transformation company called Combient, bringing together Nordic companies to work together on AI. https://combient.com/ https://wasp-sweden.org/ WASP involves research that can be used to create smart systems in cities, systems controlling vehicles and traffic systems, autonomous mines and warehouses, smart robots capable of seeing and understanding their surroundings. Another area is data-driven AI and advanced mathematics that can be used to interpret, analyze and present large quantities of data, potentially resulting in analytical and decision support for doctors, lawyers, bankers and financial systems. https://kaw.wallenberg.org/.../wallenberg-artificial...

The Wallenbergs control the telecommunication infrastructure via Ericsson (Microsoft and Apple must pay Ericsson to be on the internet) and the power grids via ABB. Ericsson is a frontline company for 5G, and currently battling with China’s Huawei (whose Research & Development Centre is in Wuhan) for global dominance in the 5G market. It’s curious that during the pandemic, just as in WW2, Sweden abstained from taking part in the charade, and did not lockdown, most likely to protect Sweden’s (and by definition the Wallenberg’s) economic status. Any future digital money system will rely on the systems this family own. This is no doubt why Sweden is way ahead of other countries in microchipping it’s population and is on course to be first totally cashless society by 2023 - Swedes can pay for goods, display covid passports, membership cards or to gain access to the office using a chip under their skin that can be updated via an app. Tech firm Dsruptive Subdermals created a microchip that can be implanted into the skin, displaying details of one's COVID vaccine passport when scanned. The invention involves a pre-programmed scannable implant 2 millimeters by 16 millimeters in size being inserted just beneath the skin In 2018, it was reported that thousands of people were getting the rice grain-sized chips inserted just above their thumbs, making it easy for them to scan themselves into homes, gyms, and offices or to pay for public transport by swiping their hands over digital readers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJUEmn8XjMA

A key figure worth noting is Leif Johansson who was educated at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Chalmers University is a key manufacturer and distributor of the Graphene oxide that’s allegedly been found to be in the gene therapy shots. Johansson is a powerful Swedish businessman, and very close to the Wallenbergs - he was Chairman of Ericsson from 2011 until 2017 and is currently Chairman of AstraZeneca plc, which all links Sweden and the Wallenbergs, graphene oxide, and the gene therapy treatment together with future AI /cashless / microchip / 5G systems. Here’s Johanesson talking at the World Economic Forum about the fact that we need AI robotics to deliver good health care in the future : https://www.bitchute.com/video/dMiSUfF2mubn/ Marcus Wallenberg Jr, 3rd generation of the dynasty once wrote to his brother Jacob “To move from the old to what is about to come is the only tradition worth keeping” Never before in known history has the 'what is about to come' been so potentially damaging to humanity.

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It seems like this family will be the major provider of the technology for the Antichrist/Beast system.

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Archived page

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I'm adding this to my links I've collected so far on the Wallenbergs, thanks OP & Reddit OP

Wallenberg is a Black Nobility family

Backup Youtube Video Link:

2016-07-09 - maneco64 - The Chaos Profiteers. The Wallenbergs and George Soros..mp4


Backup Wallenberg Financial Times article PDF link


A great GAW post awhile back (go down to comments, I formatted the wall of text)

And down the rabbit hole we go... (LONG READ, worth it tho)


The Wallenberg family should be more often spoken of when you mention elites like Rothschilds and Rockefellers. It is said they have more money than the Rothschilds


Trump mentioned Ericsson in his latest speech. Ercisson/Wallenberg is key.The head of the DS.



Trump Speech On Ericsson (Non-Telegram Link)


Trump Speech Part 2 going over more on Clinton


You are all wrong - The Wallenberg Family in Sweden are leaders of the deep state


Someone asked who runs/owns everything? The invisible enemy. The "quiet" one.



A motto of the Wallenberg family that owns banks, AstraZeneca and arms maker SAAB as well as trillions of $ of other things. They are one of the top tier elites with Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc

It is in bad times profitable business is done - Andre Oscar Wallenberg in a letter 1879

Another motto that has served the family so well over the years says all you need to know about their modus operandi :

Esse non videri – “to be, not to be seen”. “

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There's our guy!

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Choctaw 6 points ago +6 / -0

The free people's movment has a pretty in depth series about them. Not saying it's 100% accurate, but it hits the parts you need to know.

FearTheCucumber 6 points ago +6 / -0

A truly underrated youtube channel. They deserve more focus from this movement.

HelloDolly 4 points ago +4 / -0

WOW. Just listening this morning. You are correct. This youtube channel needs more focus. You should make a post about this. Great find.

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Yes this series is outstanding.

CoolAsACucumber 2 points ago +2 / -0

Backup Video Links

01 - 2022-04-01 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 1_ What is the Deep State_.mp4 12.1 MB


02 - 2022-04-03 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 2_ There is a company called Ericsson.mp4 14 MB


03 - 2022-04-05 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 3_ It's a small country, but sharp. Very sharp..mp4 15.7 MB


04 - 2022-04-07 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 4_ Esse non videri. Acting without being seen..mp4 17.3 MB


05 - 2022-04-09 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 5_ George Soros. Who is he, really_.mp4 14.6 MB


06 - 2022-04-10 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 6_ Russia, the Deep State and the Cold War - Part one.mp4 21.8 MB


07 - 2022-04-12 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 7_ Russia, The Deep State and the Cold war - Part two.mp4 20.8 MB


08 - 2022-04-14 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 8_ Raoul Wallenberg - What really happened to him_.mp4 17 MB


09 - 2022-04-16 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 9_ An illusionist never reveals his magic.mp4 18.7 MB


10 - 2022-04-17 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 10_ The Hidden Enemy listens, to everyone..mp4 15.7 MB


11 - 2022-04-19 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 11_ General George S. Patton - The Murder of an American hero..mp4 30.5 MB


12 - 2022-05-15 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 12_ Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and the Blackmail business..mp4 34.6 MB


13 - 2022-05-22 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 13_ The Lord of the Rings and the All-seeing Eye..mp4 0.1 GB


14 - 2022-06-02 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 14_ Money Mechanics, the Foundation of Globalism..mp4 0.1 GB


15 - 2022-07-04 - The Free People's Movement - Episode 15_ Roe v. Wade - The Hidden Agenda.mp4 87.3 MB


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I skimmed this heading & thought... what's wrong with the Wahlbergs?🐸

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It’s wise to not focus on on family’s, focus on the power structure. When did it start? Similarly to now?

Sweden had the first central bank for a reason. The truth is very simple. Especially for those who are from Sweden in particular and understand patterns and can have a higher consciousness about history.

The truth is infront everyone’s eyes but we focus on specific things we think is of high importance instead of seeing the bigger picture. To see their plan unfold over centuries. The long game.

Remember what Q said. Infiltration. He never said when it started or where.

Something came out of nowhere in certain parts of our world, at a certain time. Carrying the words of Jesus and “enlightenment”.

But it is a sheep in a wolf clothes.We went from small community’s with a half similar understanding of reality , spirituality and the old world, world wide..To something else. The Abraham’s religions (369)The same thing that is currently viewed as the “right” and the “left” globally and all its sub-ideologies.

People who think of reality in terms of separation won’t the see what they did. And how they did it.

I will write a in depth post about it and why the first central bank started in Sweden, but how it begun much earlier than that. Infiltration.

The Khazarians who influenced the church made us all go from to live with nature to slowly build a natural structure that is made out of heiarchy that will evolve society slowly to a point we’re they can implement their Trojan horse, and their purpose to it all..Infest us with nanotechnology’s and in time let AI take over our world and consciousness.

Same people who built churches and castles want to infest us with nanotechnology, and they also understand that stone itself, in the structure can be of ridiculously far more superior use in terms of technology than anything we currently understand. Thin obelisks and pyramids.

The long game. It can never happen if they don’t hijack our evolution cycle and structure our society that makes sense to this artificial intelligence.

We live now a lifestyle that fits with the AI agenda overtime. Walking away from the oneness with the infinte creator and the nature.

Beacuse of “out of this world” crafted deception with the goals of dogma and fear.

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**Pro-Tip: **For excellent digging info on people, families, and relationship networks, use LittleSis.org.

They're down for maintenance for a few hours now -- but check 'em out on twatter:


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Ole Dammegard talks about then alot. Lightonconspiracies.com

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Sweden was also doing experiments in eugenics. Ever wonder why they're all blond hair and blue eyed?

In the first half of the 20th century, as part of the study of eugenics in Sweden, a program was launched for compulsory sterilization. According to various estimates, it affected 63,000 women. Sterilization in Sweden continued until the 1970s when it was canceled and recognized as a crime against humanity.

Sterilization was considered voluntary but, in fact, it was not. It was intended to prevent reproduction by people who were not “Aryan” or who were considered carriers of defective genetic traits.

Swedish eugenics experiment

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they aren’t though.

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