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_Canadianon_ 53 points ago +53 / -0

He says shame on us? While for 2 years we were threatened with losing our jobs and livelihoods, treated like shit, kept from entering any restaurants or any events and called crazy murderers for not getting jabbed? They blamed the un jabbed for all the deaths and made everyone hate us. The nerve this guy has to say shame on us??? Shame on us for having a shred of common sense that there was something very different and strange about everything surrounding the vaccines and tried to warn everyone? Shame on us for taking care of our health and trying to get others to take care of their health and take some responsibility for their actions? These people make me so very angry.

InarosPrime 29 points ago +29 / -0

Everything about the "vaccine" was setting off red flags.

People were passing out on camera within seconds and the talking heads told us to ignore our eyes.
There were rumors of deaths within days following the shot and the talking heads said it was safe.
Those who questioned the need for a vaccine for such a low risk virus were told by the talking heads it was the only way to save the world.
The talking heads ridiculed anyone who pointed out the possibility of proven alternative treatments, like IVM.
The lack of accountability and insulation from liability should have been the biggest red flag. Eventually, the talking heads told us it was approved by the FDA, even though only Comirnaty was.

The signs were there for anyone to see this "vaccine" was not to be trusted.