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Well looks like we have more election fuckery in the primaries throughout the country. Kari Lake getting screwed in Arizona. Hearing fuckery in Georgia and Michigan too.

In my home Washington State Rino Dan Newhouse "beat" Trump endorsed Loren Culp in Washington District 4 and in Washington District 3 Rino Jamie Herrera Butler "beat" out Trump endorsed Joe Kent. And despite not seeing a single Patty Murray sign or sticker even in King County, Patty Murray won the open primary over Tiffany Smiley by over 200,000 votes.

It really feels hopeless here. Unless mail in voting is banned in Washington State the Democrats and Rino's will just cheat. I cannot accept or believe that Patty Murray would beat Tiffany Smiley if the election were held today by 200,000 votes when Murray has zero momentum while there are Tiffany Smiley signs, stickers and people campaigning for her everywhere I go, even in King County. And to be quite frank it seems like Trump and the GOP have abandoned us in the West Coast no Trump rallies for us. We're just left out here to get fucked by mail in voting.

The worst part about this is not even the cheating but the fact that the turnout for the primaries was in the mid 20% range. Normies who will bitch and complain about gas prices, cost of living, inflation etc. are too damn lazy to take a couple of hours out of their day to research candidates and vote. So fuck em. Normies get what they deserve. Don't care if they die/get injured from the vax, don't care if they get crushed by inflation. I just have no sympathy for them anymore. I have reached the precipice. I can't take this shit anymore. I have to work two jobs at 65-70 hrs a week to stay afloat/get ahead and I as long as all of you still take the time to research and vote meanwhile 70-75% of the population is just too damn lazy to do the bare minimum.

You can blame "brainwashing" and the cabal all you want. But eventually the buck stops with the normies who enable all of this shit due to just straight up laziness so they get what they deserve. The cabal treats them like cattle cause they act like cattle.

I have just had it. JUST HAD IT. How much longer can we let this election shit happen and how much longer can normies maintain their delusions about covid and the vax.

And yes there are lots of happenings right now on the international scene and it's great, I see devolution playing out as well but until these damn elections get fixed and normies stop being so stupid/brainwashed and lazy it doesn't really matter at the moment.

Edit: I guess Kari Lake ended up winning. Thank God.

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Trump says get out and vote but when TF are they going to sort out this election fraud BS.

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Yes, why is trump supporting the system he know is fraudulent? Makes no sense