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To me there are only 2 reasons people are working elections

  1. because they are patriots and they want free and fair elections
  2. because they are corrupt and are pawns of the election thieves and are there to obfuscate and cheat
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I am a paid election worker in my state of NC. As far as I can tell the local elections where you come to vote (early or on election day) are safe. There are too many eyes watching (including myself) for any shenanigans to happen. We have representative workers who are Republican, Democrat and Independents here in my county who get paid to work the elections. The pay is minimal for what an election worker does. It is temporary employment.

As an election Judge it is my responsibility to count up all the unused paper ballots and make sure they match the total we were given at the start of the day. We also double check the number of ballots in the machine and make sure they match the Authorization to Vote (ATV) form. Every ballot has to have an ATV form for the machine. We accept Absentee ballots but they are accepted only in their original sealed and signed outer envelops and we make sure none of these are put in the voting machines. We count up all the spoiled ballots and make sure every ballot we have given out is accounted for at the end of election day. Once we are finished with the counts we sign all the sheets veryifying our counts (including the tally from the voting machine). We hand in the thumb drive from the voting machine at the election board at the end of election day. Election day is a very long day. We come very early and do not get home until very late after we turn in our totals. We have to bring anything we need for the day as we are not allowed to leave the precinct all day.

Thus, I can assure you if you vote in person your vote is protected here at my precinct. However, my biggest concern for shenanigans is what happens to the votes after they leave the precinct and go to the election board and ultimately to those who collect the state totals.

IMHO the cheating is more likely to occur with those who count all the votes in the end.

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  1. to make money in my state, they are paid
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I get that but isn’t this a very short term job

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They are usually retired people or people out of work trying to pick up a little extra cash. In my polling place, they are usually the same people. They bring snacks and chat with each other.