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Our Texas city had an emergency school board meeting today where discussion took place about school security for the coming year. I couldn’t make the meeting today, but a friend on the school board filled me in.

The leader of the Democratic Party in our city is also a pastor for the Satanic church—and yes —I’m serious! He pulled together 12 other Democratic nuts to speak today. We only had 9 on our side. One leftist nut who spoke claumed her son was shot and killed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they paid and hired these people. They are that sick!

Their suggestions for school security included the following: -more counselors -more diversity training -and for CRT to be implemented in the classroom (yes, they said this out loud, too!)

Our suggestions included: -armed, trained personnel (whether it be teachers, police, former military or police) -safes added

School security is supposed to be added to the agenda at the next school board meeting and I want to come armed with facts that will annihilate their arguments.

Can you guys recommend where I can find legit facts to back up arming teachers or adding undercover officers? And also, I’m looking for a good way to counter their argument for more counselors and diversity training.

I’m so mad about this, but know I need to keep a level head when dealing with these psychos.

I’d greatly appreciate any help, knowledge or resources to expand my research.

Thank you!!!

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Dad's in school. Groups of dads volunteering and walking around the schools. These kids need male figures