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This woman's understanding in the Spiritual realm far out-shadows any cognitive thought Man could possibly have.

Let me explain.

Jesus is the Bread. The Eucharist. The Substance of God. The Stone of Stones; King of Kings; Lord of Lords.

Lord itself comes from the words "loaf" and "ward." Specifically the old-English words "hlaf" and "weard" for "loaf-keeper" or "bread guardian"


But the title is more than just semantics.

At the Last Supper Jesus offered himself up in the form of the Passover bread and wine.

Why did he do this?

Why was all this necessary to establish himself as the Lord, the Bread Warden?

Because Jesus IS the Bread. Not just the corporeal bread; the mana in the desert which fills the belly...

Rather, he is the Bread of Life.

And his Passion is a twofold expression of his Authority.

In fact, the entire process was a Coronation, complete with a Crown of Thorns, an Election before the People overseen by the Governmental Authority, Pontius Pilate, then taking up the scarlet Mantle of a King, and finished off with a toast and a Pardoning.


But not just that...

I bet you didn't know there was a recipe for bread in the New Testament, right?

Here's something I think you've never heard, because until recently neither had I.

The Passion of Christ is a recipe for making THE Bread. Jesus' life also includes how to grow wheat for bread with events of his life, but let's just start at the Passion to get the point across.

  • First you harvest the wheat. Judas offered Jesus up as the Sacrifice, betraying him with a kiss as a reaper of the field. He was paid 30 pieces of silver for separating the wheat (Jesus) from the weeds (Apostles).

  • Next, you look over the wheat for blemish or corruption. Pontius Pilate deemed Jesus innocent of any crimes.

  • Then the threshing comes, where you separate wheat from chaff and dry the grain out. With the same action that Jesus is scourged at the pillar and his blood rent from his flesh.

  • Then you barter the grain at market. Jesus is chosen for crucifixion over Barabbas.

  • The grain is ground down under a great weight. Jesus is ground down through the streets of Jerusalem by the weight of a Cross.

  • Water is added as the bread is kneaded. Lady means "bread kneader." This is met when Jesus meets the weeping women on his way to Calvary.

  • The bread is left to rise between kneading. Jesus fell and rose three times between the kneading.

  • Next, the bread is formed into its final shape for baking. Pretzels take on a knot shape, for example. Jesus was hoisted and nailed onto the Cross taking a similar signature form.

  • Then, the bread is scored so that the gasses and vapors can escape and to give it a unique marking of the baker's design. Jesus is pierced by the nails and in the side by a pilum, lance, or spear.

  • Finally, the bread is sent to the oven to bake. Jesus is taken to the tomb and on the third day is released from its confines as the perfectly baked Bread of Life.

Jesus' Passion was the Passion of the Bread of Life. It was a Sacrifice, as well as a Coronation, as well as the recipe by which we may arrive at a Spiritual Bread which sustains not just the Body but the Soul and Mind like no other.

A Substance of Life which, in Truth, is the Substance of God.

Who else can assume the title Lord, the Bread Warden, than the Bread Himself, who offers his own Body up for ransom when the stores of grain run empty?

What separates a King from a Lord is that Sacrifice -- the Sacrifice of your Self so that the ones who look to you for their daily sustenance may yet live in times of turmoil and famine.

Jesus is the Bread. Jesus is Lord. Only by following his Recipe, written in his Blood, might we come to know God and bring forth great Fruit from our hands.


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The Hebrew word for bread is Lechem. The place of Christ's birth is Beth Lechem or House of Bread.

Dogsoldier2 7 points ago +7 / -0

Bethlehem also supplied the sacrificial lambs for the Temple. And of course we know Jesus was the perfect Lamb of God.

lovemyGod 5 points ago +5 / -0

Luke 24:35" The disciples knew it was Jesus in the breaking of the bread.". Christ was resurrected in a "new form". It was not till he broke bread with the disciples that they recognized him.

RealCleanUpPhilly 3 points ago +3 / -0

They sell bread from this recipe. I think it is called Elijah Bread? It's worth the price.

Radian_333 4 points ago +4 / -0

Are you thinking of Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain bread? That is good for you

ITOLDYOUSO 1 point ago +1 / -0

Malted grains have a lot of health benefits.

deleted 2 points ago +2 / -0
Eph612 2 points ago +2 / -0

This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. It is amazing how everything in Creation leads to that climax, where the Bread of Life is sacrificed so that we can be whole. God never skips a detail - everything has a meaning and is part of The Plan.