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What is this thread all about?

Just a place for general discussion. A place to unload whats on your mind and talk about anything - personal, health, help needed, achievements, daily highs and daily lows, theories, predictions and what have you.

Does not need to be Q related.

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The is Richard halls film about his research into the disappearance of maddie McCann. Do you remember? john and Tony Podesta feature in it along with Tony blair..has to be the most hated man in Britain...Gordon brown..both ex prime minister's.

The interesting fact is none of the children were theirs...artificial insemination.. Six people went on holiday...visited a villa owned by a British politician named Freud.. known pedophile

Four of the doctors worked at portion down biological laboratory ....I think they produced a vaxx for anthrax?? That isn't in Richards investigation as far as I recall.

Amazing how quickly Gordon brown and Tony Blair were on the phone offering help..opened up a campaign for money to help find her..over a mllion pounds in it very quickly....

Gordon brown now heavily into organ donors. I don't know if it was his doing but the law is now changed so you will have your organs taken unless you write in and say you do not give permission. Most people have no idea about this.

I advise everyone to do this...their idea of dead and everybody else's don't always agree. The definition of brain dead gets changed a lot.!!

When the universities and labs are making vaccines..they use cells from an aborted baby...now there is a court case still going on I think in USA about people who recorded and filmed a conversation where they pretended to be buyers for baby parts. You can look it up. Planned Parenthood I think it was actually took them to court as they shouldn't have recorded. they got millions off the guys..now crowdfunded to go to supreme court....

What people don't realise but the vaccine makers do is the baby has to be alive when they remove the heart or organs ..universities will request a beating baby heart...and they are taken from the baby with no anaesthetic as that would damage the organs..

..the same happens to us...they declare brain stem death and take the organs..no anaesthetic....often a brain dead person will recover and do. The problem is the hospital's make a fortune on the organs and don't want the cost of keeping someone on life support.

Tony Blair was arrested before he became prime minister ..opportuning in publlc toilets. He used his middle name....when the Iraq war happened all that got slapped with a d notice.

Great friend of the new Zealand prime minister. They used to work together....I think when he was called jack so the internet says.

Children's health defence website..Robert Kennedy..all details of removing baby organs while they are alive was discussed.

MudPuddlePie 1 point ago +1 / -0

Yes. The sheeple moms are going to ragenuke when the info comes out that their babies were dissected alive with no anesthesia and quartered up like a pig.


CasuallyObservant 1 point ago +1 / -0

I wish that were true. I talked to a couple of young women recently who have not had abortions but can't say whether they would or wouldn't have one under the right circumstance. Neither were particularly religious. I asked them if they knew what happened to the baby during abortion and what they were doing with the body parts. The young women said something to the effect of 'Well, I guess if I was discarding the 'cells' cause I didn't want them, I wouldn't mind that someone else got to use them for something worthwhile rather than just tossing them in the trash.'

So, the mindset is still that the baby is not a fully-formed human and has no soul and no matter how big or viable, it is still just a 'clump of cells'.

I don't know how you'd get them to comprehend the actual reality of that choice unless they were forced to watch.

In a parallel argument, I've always said that if I had to watch a chicken, pig or cow be slaughtered, I'd never be able to eat meat again. The whole idea is abhorrent and I don't like to think about it or I become extremely sad.

MudPuddlePie 1 point ago +1 / -0

I generally agree with ur comment. My point is re: mom’s who wanted, birthed and loved their children.