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I know he has his own program on TheBlaze, and he sends out an email newsletter (Alex Jones style), but... what's interesting to me is that his name rarely pops up on this Board.

I always thought his team did pretty good research. I would have thought that his content would be regularly shared on this Board. But maybe I've missed something. I'm not a subscriber of his, by the way.

I also recall that he was very big into the Tea Party political movement, and after seeing the Trump-endorsed-candidate successes, it kind of reminded me of the Tea Party's momentum.

Finally, if I remember correctly Beck was down on Trump. But my memory is foggy... did he ever come around and see things differently? If there are any Blaze subscribers who can weigh in, I'd be curious to know his status.

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He’s busy rubbing Cheetos on his face you know like a good reporter