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"Natural-minded men read of the “kings of the earth” and can only conceive of the outward and the literal. To them it bespeaks the actual kings, prime ministers, and presidents of the visible nations of earth. Though there is on one level a fulfillment in that realm, the quickening of the spirit upon the truth so vital for God’s elect bids me look beyond the letter of the word, and receiving of the spirit of the word, and considering that the book of Revelation is a spiritual book addressed to a spiritual people, we find that all that pertains to the kingdoms of this world lies first and foremost right within the heart of man, and there have been so many kings which have ruled within us, and as His kingdom unfurls its banner over our lives, these kings are subdued and brought to naught."

"In the symbolism of the book of Revelation “heaven” answers to the realm of the spirit, “earth” answers to the dimension of the soul, while the “sea” signifies the body realm of flesh. Thus “earth” denotes the soulical realm both within and without, which is also the religious realm of man and the world. We know, of course, that the harlot is first the soul of our individual life which abandons its union with the spirit and fornicates with the flesh, but she is also an outward and corporate expression in the earth as the carnal or soulish church systems of man. This realm has its “kings,” too! And then there are the kings or rulers of the nations with which the wanton harlot also commits fornication. You see, my beloved, we are dealing here not merely with the specific kings of any particular one of these realms, but with the divine principle that includes and applies to them all! Hers is a long career or harlotry, spread out over long centuries of time, and experimented with in many different realms and on various levels of experience."

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