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If it pleases you, may I follow up briefly upon my previous post concerning Phil Godlewski?

Previously, I said that he absolutely has a source. He has a source, but the source may use him as a "voice" for disinformation or accurate information or some combination of the two. And I'm not sure whether Phil, himself, knows. But he has a source.

My previous post concerning Phil was here: https://greatawakening.win/p/15JAXfN1lL/phil-godlewski--some-reflections/

The post is long. Probably the most casually interesting aspect of that post is that in one particular video, Phil accidentally directly addresses his handler. Read my previous post for details.

For further consideration, I ask you to listen to the follow video at 31:56. https://rumble.com/v16weeu-current-events-may-31st-2022.html

In this video, on May 31, Phil asserts that Paul Pelosi was in fact arrested for child pornography. That may prove to be incorrect. That said, we have just recently learned that Mr. Pelosi had an undisclosed passenger in the car with him at the time of the crash. And Trump's attorney has suggested it was a child. ...And Phil was connecting this arrest with some sort of sexual incident involving a child on May 31. Bottom line: there's a source. Things may be a little garbled. The source may introduce disinformation along with information along with nearly-correct information. But there's a source.

Before you tell me everything he gets wrong, let me ask you to perform a mental exercise. Assume I tell you that I have a "source" that lets me know the lottery numbers ahead of time. Further assume that I am wrong 97% of the time. But that I am correct 3% of the time. You could dwell on the 97%. But the thing is this. I could not be right 3% of the time without a source. At a 3% hit rate, I'd be winning once per month. and would track to being the wealthiest man on earth. The only way to do that is with the aid of a source.

The bottom line is that if a person accomplishes something that there is no way to accomplish with an outside factor, then there is an outside factor. Irrespective of whether the person is a good person, a classy person, whether you like what the person sells, whether the person has a "past," or any other thing you might think of, there is an outside factor at play. That's where we are with Phil.

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healmehealme 4 points ago +4 / -0

No, HERE is where we are with Phil:

  • It's been proven through court documents that Phil was sexually involved with a minor.
  • Phil used to claim that med beds are real and 'imminent'. In his second most recent live he said that he doesn't know if med beds are real.
  • Phil has claimed to be Q, a part of the Q team, the one that wrote some of the Q drops, the one that wrote all of the Q drops, someone that was in a position to stop 9/11 but did not, has spoken with Trump on the dark web, created PRISM, and had been to the pit before. This is all a load of bull. If Phil wrote some/all of the Q drops then he above all others should know damn well that he should not be turning a profit off of this movement.
  • He's an elite hacker that can't get his livestreaming to work the majority of the time and had to have someone else 'hardwire his internet' for him. Because it's rocket science to plug an ethernet cable into your PC from a modem.
  • He's a registered democrat.
  • He has a LOAD of Telegram accounts. With these accounts, he runs ads and positive publicity for himself.
  • He routinely claims to have multiple millions of viewers - more than a Trump rally draws from all streams collectively. He's claimed to have over 10 million viewers which beats the Twitch record of 3.3 million.
  • In the past he claimed that Amazon/Twitch and most other companies were now under white hat control as an excuse when people questioned why he was streaming on Twitch, a cabal owned platform. He further claimed that he had a special deal with Twitch that gave him 100% of the earnings from his livestream, a deal even Twitch's top streamer doesn't have. He was later banned from Twitch. Later on during his 'watch the water' fiasco, when people complained about the cost of his filter and said they'd buy from Amazon instead, Phil said, "Thanks for supporting a cabal-owned business over a Patriot business." On a recent livestream he said that Walmart and Amazon are still cabal-owned.
  • There are chat transcripts available that prove that Phil has called his followers idiots that will believe anything and showing that he does indeed sell ad space on his main announcements Telegram page. Furthermore, the vast majority of the followers on the announcements page are bots. This is obvious from the amount of interactions his posts get. Additionally, a large chunk of the followers of his chat page are also bots. You can literally watch the number of followers jump out by several hundred/thousand at night after he's locked down the chat. Meanwhile his chat displays when new users join and there are nowhere near hundreds/thousands of joins when this occurs.
  • He routinely shows ads with videos of Trump that have been heavily and poorly manipulated to have 'Trump' promoting Trump coins or gold cards or whatever else. These ads earn him $5k-$30k depending on the number ordered.
  • The Trump bucks he shills have 666 blatantly on the back of A TON of the bills.

I'm going to pretend you're not Phil, because Phil is running damage control majorly right now and given his typical "switch accounts and spread good publicity" schtick it's likely that you could be him.

How did a man that went to jail for check fraud (thus, he had no money) get out of jail and within literally a single year earn enough money for: a house in PA, an apartment near/in Vegas, a custom house being built on Lake Havasu, a Tesla, an Escalade, a large boat, and a large engagement ring all on top of nonstop flights back and forth from Vegas, Arizona, and Pennsylvania?

There's so much more but this message is already long. Check out one of the many groups on TG calling out Phil for an all access pass to irrefutable proof that Phil is a fraud.


Lisaleemartin1 3 points ago +3 / -0

Wow. Good summary. Thanks

TheyWereCones 2 points ago +2 / -0

Wow I had no idea who this guy is....never heard of him, so thanks for the summary of why he is useless and an assclown!

simon_says [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Sorry - I just committed one of the worst mortal sins: I posted and went to bed!

I have noted much of what you've said.

My post is not about whether you should LIKE or TRUST Phil. It is about whether he has a source. Whether there is someone behind him

Is he a registered Democrat - with a source?

Is he a guy who unscrupulously sells Trump Bucks - but has a source?

Is he a guy who is lying about his past - but has a source?

Is he a guy who runs ad publicizing himself - but has a source?

And so on.

None of those things get at the issue of whether he has a source. They get to other issues that relate to his character. He can have poor character, and still have a source.

healmehealme 2 points ago +2 / -0

If he lies about 95% of the other crap that spews out of his mouth, why would you not think he lies about having a source?

Phil has said dozens of things that never came true, like countless dates for EBS, Trump’s return, NESARA’s start, and so on. Hell, just recently his source told him that GESARA is complete and has started, which brings about the end of all global conflict.

Then not even a week later there was an uptick in activity in The ME as well as In Russia v Ukraine and all the stuff happening with China.

Phil’s source also said that the Queen’s death announcement was “imminent”. That was close to the beginning of this year and multiple other times.

Phil’s source also said that during Phil’s January 7k Metals trip to Cancun that all of the police activity on the beaches was because the Mexican cartel had just been shut down. Just a few weeks ago we had news involving the cartel, soooo…

If Phil ever did have a legit source (he didn’t, unless you count his own butthole), he would’ve been dropped so fast. Both for his lack of professionalism, his nonstop aggression towards his own followers and naysayers, his bogus claims of being Q/Snowden, and for spilling the info in the first place.

Go take a look at what Phil spends his time doing these days. He’s throwing around laws he doesn’t understand to harass an artist that drew fan art of him which he then stole and started pasting all over merch without permission.

simon_says [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

I hope you are not in ned of medical healing or any other variety of healing that suggests you're not in a "good place" right now. Let me know (all of us?) if prayer is wanted - you'll get it. ...Where two or more are gathered...

Anyhow, I have plenty of bases to know that Phil has a source. You'd need to read what I wrote.

Keep in mind that having a source does not mean: (1) being correct all the time; (2) being a voice of truth, as opposed to disinformation - it just means being a "voice" for someone else who wants to use your voice; (3) being a good person; (4) being honest; (5) being lawful; (6) being possessed of any particular virtue; (7) being substantially free of fault. And so on. It merely means you have a source. And that the source occasionally tells you what to say. I think many jump to the conclusion that having a source means being in possession of 100% indisputable truth. It doesn't. It just means you have a source.

healmehealme 1 point ago +1 / -0

I get what you’re saying but it’s been proven countless times that the vast majority of info that he puts out has been stolen from others. Sometimes it’s truthers and sometimes it’s wild theories his own followers Have come up with. He just admitted this yesterday in Cold Beer Confessional’s TG chat.

I do think it’s possible that Phil had been paid to spread misery throughout the movement but I don’t think anyone is feeding him any kind of information to spread. I think he’s just got one gigantic ego and gets off on all of the attention and especially the money he’s earning from his endless grifting.

He exhibits all traits of a classic narcissist, including deflecting blame onto his followers.

As far as needing prayers, I’m good, thank you. I appreciate the sentiment but plenty of people have prayed for me already. Things are hard here as they are on everyone. Let’s just all pray we get through this as soon as possible so we can start to live the lives we were meant to. :)

simon_says [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Ok... I lied on this one.

I typically say a rosary on the way to Starbucks, where I work (I consult from here) the first half of days. Not that my schedule is of interest, but I'm traveling next week for consulting (Mon-Wed). But this week and next week Thurs & Fri, I'll be on my routine. And I play a YT video that I pray along with, so as to pray the rosary in a "virtual" group. Mondays are the Joyful Mysteries. I named you specifically before I began, and after each Hail Mary.

If I knew your first name, I could name you in a manner other than "healmehealme." It matters not - God knows who you are.

simon_says [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

I won't force prayer upon you. But I'm here - WE'RE here. And maybe there's other ways we can all help. There's no point in being a community without being a community.

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The3rdKey 4 points ago +4 / -0

Hey Simon,

If you had super ultra confidential information that the world depended on, would you share it with someone like him?

If you were going to use a non-mainstream media outlet, why not use one with a huge platform that people trust like a Joe Rogan?

ShmellyTunaMelt1 5 points ago +5 / -0

Rogan won't sell the Trump coins!! Godlewskis a douche.

simon_says [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Who knows? Life is weird and takes unusual turns.

I don't think that - initially - a "source" would have sought him out. Unless there's more to Phil than I believe, I wouldn't have. I think it is much more likely that his source is someone he knew long before this mess began. That said, we do have to take into account that Phil's name was on the infamous whiteboard, which was produced relatively early-on in all of this. Make of that what you will, but Phil didn't put his name on that board. So who knows?

DaisyPatriot08 2 points ago +2 / -0

Phil is a grifter who repeats things others say online. Stop falling for his bs

killacommieforyourmo 2 points ago +2 / -0

Phil sets off my BS meter.

lsvogel 1 point ago +1 / -0

I've watched him a couple of times and he pauses so much in his dialog/narrative that it makes him seem legit in his messaging. He strings his audience along with blah, blah, blah until the very end of his videos. He does not seem credible, only entertaining hopium click bait.

I stopped following due to his BS.