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08/22/22 20:05 CT https://frankspeech.com/ Brannon Howse Live

Mike Lindell, Brannon Howse, Mary Fanning Discussion

@ 32:24 to 33:46 time marks:

Mary Fanning: "Remember that something else was very important, Brannon. So, for how many years I'd been writing about this, at the same time I released right before the election there was something known as SCORECARD. And that's a prismatic scoring algorithm, an application that works off the HAMMER that steals the votes, it flips them at the transfer point. And so we released that information about SCORECARD right before the election. General McInerney came out and spoke about it as well. And that was important in getting that information out. And now people knew that there was HAMMER. And they knew there was SCORECARD. And you also had Sidney coming out and speaking about this... and on Steve Bannon. And so as I'm publishing these pieces and General McInerney is sharing it on the airwaves this is waking people up. But common sense tells the American people you don't need to know about Hammer. You don't need to know about SCORECARD. You did have to watch the election where you were having twice as many people show up outside the venue for Trump as there were inside. And Joe Biden was not coming out of his basement very often and when he did it was with very few people there to greet him."



@ 59:25 to 1:01:56 time marks

Brannon Howse: "So Mike, you pushed the button on a lawsuit in Nevada last night, correct?"

Mike Lindell: "That is correct."

Brannon Howse: "That will do what?"

Mike Lindell: "That we are asking the judge... I don't know if you'd call it a lawsuit. I'd have to ask all the attorneys. And the attorneys worked on this for a month. Its basically to say that, that to lift that protection order that is..."

Brannon Howse: "Gag order?"

Mike Lindell: "Gag order... to lift that because that's my evidence."

Brannon Howse: "To lift in on Dennis Montgomery, correct?

Mike Lindell: "What?"

Brannon Howse: "To lift it on Dennis Montgomery?

Mike Lindell: "Yeah, that's right. And his declaration is right in there. I got word from Kurt Olsen and the other lead attorney, actually the lead attorney on it, and the attorney in Nevada, that we're going to be able to post the whole thing up on line tomorrow morning for the whole world to see."

Brannon Howse: "And just so everyone understands, Mary, do I have this correct? Dennis Montgomery, working as a contractor in the intelligence arena wrote software that would allow them to be able to be involved in flipping votes in elections overseas and collect data, massive amounts of data, like we heard on Sean Hannity with Sarah Carter and John Solomon, that that software he developed ended up instead of being used overseas for America's protection was flipped on America. Do I remember that correctly?"

Mary Fanning: "So, what happened was, as part of Montgomery's immunity agreement he had to give FBI General Counsel James Baker and FBI Director James Comey, he had to hand over the source code for both sets, the prismatic and SCORECARD. So when he handed that over, this is a very smart guy, he put and electronic marker. So if they ever took the SCORECARD source code that he gave the FBI, and if they ever used it or transferred it any place, he would see the electronic marker. So when we were watching the election being stolen the night of the election and Montgomery saw China had the source code of SCORECARD that he had given our own FBI. Someone had given it to China. And that was what they were using to steal the election."


@ 1:09:28 to 1:10:07

Marry Fanning: "Let me tell you something else, Brannon, that is really important. And that is that Montgomey, when he had the State Secrets Privilege and orders invoked against him by Negroponte, Carlotta Wells, U.S. DOJ litigator and Assistant Director, and Raphael Gomez weighed in and they said that if this had been invoked in order to cover up malfeasance , if the States Secrets Privilege and the government protective orders had been invoked to cover up malfeasance they they are null and void."

Brannon Howse: "Wow!"

Full video clip Howse / Lindell / Fanning discussion, include Sean Hannity video interview of Sarah Carter and John Solomon mentioned in transcript.


@ 15:47 time mark Kirk Weibe 08/12/21 interview opines on DNI Negroponte gag order...