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EDIT: Posting Video from Anon below, whoa! https://youtu.be/i-wynuXDKzw

UPDATE Even The Simpsons are coming with the predictions again! Season 24 Episode 9 which is all about the end of the world as we know it from an EMP and Asteroid.

LINK https://files.catbox.moe/970bzq.mov

So all these strange things are all around 22,23,24 September.

  1. TV 3rd Rock from the sun - A meteor is scheduled to hit the planet in September of 2015

  2. TV - Big Bang Theory - Asteroid strike September 23rd

  3. Movie - Volcano - 9/23 next to the cross in the movie an asteroid hits the earth on 9/23

  4. Movie - Seeking a friend for the end of the world - An Asteroids strikes on September 22nd-23rd and ends the world

  5. Movie - Julia & Julia Sept 23 a meteor striking the earth

  6. Movie - Deep Impact - Starring Morgan Freeman - He says the asteroid would strike 9-22 Lotto numbers are 923

  7. Movie - Evan Almighty - Starring Steve Carrol - The date of the flood is September 22nd

  8. Movie - Knowing - the date of September 22nd and 23rd the earth is destroyed by a solar flare

  9. Movie - Little shop of horrors - September 23rd an event that will encounter a deadly threat to Human’s existence

  10. Movie - Tomorrow land - Disaster strikes on September 23rd

  11. TV NCIS - Last man standing was the episode "Do they know 9/23?" "No"

  12. Movie "23" - Jim Carrey mentions the date September 23rd as the day that hell arrives

  13. TV - Sleepy hallow - September 23rd a new dimension is opened

  14. Movie - Ghost Busters - The evil is released September 23rd

  15. This is the end - Seth Rogen - Paparazzi video recorder says date 9-23 the rapture happens and

  16. Movie Pandemic - Hits the east coast 9/23

  17. Movie labyrinth evil consumes the world at 9:23

  18. Movie Lost - Plane crashes on a remote island on September 22nd.

  19. Movie Castaways - Starring Tom Hanks - Driver’s license of dead pilot says 9-23

  20. Taco Bell Commercial - Escaping a concentration camp on 923

  21. Guinness Beer commercial - If you keep an open mind you'll discover dark secrets Stop watch stops at 9:23

  22. Gone girl - September 23rd is used twice depicting the date of the disappearance

  23. Video Florence and the machine "we will drag bodies to the ground - Watch stops at 9:23

  24. Video Called 23 9-23 is in the video 9 times

  25. Video Rhianna called 7/11 Jewish calendar is 9-24 - Her latest video has 923 on the license plates

  26. Video Black Eyed Peas - Calendar of the month of Someday with the 23rd of September

  27. Video Tainted Love – An asteroid hits earth and then they show the horoscope with the date 9/23

  28. Drakes album "Nothing was the same" Released on 9/23 with pics of shirts with this on it

  29. Song by Israel Vibrations -September 24th is mentioned as the great tribulation Fulfillment of the Holy Prophecy

  30. TV Heroes reborn - Persecution of the church begins 9/23

  31. In the video game residence evil - the invasion begins 9/23

  32. Illuminati card game has three cards including the asteroid card with 9-23 on it 9 times

  33. TV show – One foot in the grave – 1990 – “9/23 the day of the Lord shall be upon you"