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I know I made a similar, and more lengthy post on this earlier, so I wont try to beat a dead horse. But after I made that post I had an IRL conversation with an older acquaintance on similar topics, and had an epiphany. The whole societal/political pendulum concept is more true than I realized.

Think about it, in the 60s and 70s you had all the free love hippy movement, where everyone just wanted to be a drug addict hippy. This is also when the gay rights movement really started and began gaining some form of traction. All of the stoner young people were essentially bisexuals since they were all about "free love" and would have rampant drug induced sex with anyone regardless of gender.

Not that different from today no? Sexual immorality and queers (homosexuality, pre marital sex, etc.)? Check. Drugs and no accountability? Check. Constant state of unpopular war? Check. Economic and political Crisis'? Check. Fuel/energy Crisis? Check. Corporations selling us out for a profit? Check. Joe biden and nancy pelosi in office? Check.

Honestly, sounds quite a bit like today if you think about it doesn't it? Fast forward through the Fourth Great Awakening and political/societal backlash, and you end up in the 80s and 90s where the official undeniable numbers and stats show we're a Christian supermajority nation of 80%+, people actually hate gays to the point that they beat the crap out of them on sight just because (something I DO NOT support FYI, but that's how extreme the societal swing was), and we have Ronald Reagan (who is widely considered to be either the 2nd or third best president in modern history, with Trump being the first and JFK being either 2nd or third as well).

Go back even further and you have the same pattern with the first wave feminists, and "liberation" movement in the 20s, along with the rampant alcoholism from prohibition, and the political/financial turmoil from the Great Depression. Which of course led to the extremely conservative 40s and 50s.

So this is what I missed in my earlier post that my conversation with my older acquaintance pointed out to me. There's a SECOND 20-ish year pattern in the USA that gradually gets more and more extreme every go around. So with that in mind, I can't help but wonder how this will play out in the future considering how extreme the left hand swing of the societal/political pendulum was this go around.

I wonder how far to the right we'll be going over the next few years. I say this, because, even though I'm a Christian nationalist, and I'm extremely right leaning. I don't exactly want to end up living in a Christian version of Nazi Germany.

This is where I think the plan and Q comes in. Part of the plan it to mitigate this problem, and moderate peoples outrage and anger, so we don't go TOO far right. To me, this is starting to make more and more sense, the more I think about it.

Feel free to discuss below.