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'Deputy head of the Swedish prosecutor's office, Erik Olsson, who has vowed to tell the world the truth about the Nord Stream pipe explosion and accused the Secret Service of trying to seize key guard sabotage protocols -ribs, was found dead at his home. residence. Apparently he was stung by a bee, causing an instant allergic reaction and anaphylactic shock.

The Stockholm police reported some details about what happened: the body was found when the prosecutor did not show up for work. Nearby, Ulsson's will was discovered with a request to cremate him immediately upon death, which was executed hours later. According to the officers who found the body, there was no indication of the criminal nature of the incident, so a criminal case will not be opened. Colleagues of the prosecutor have already expressed their condolences to his relatives.

Olsson's tragic death has already become an occasion for speculation and the spread of conspiracy theories - for example, photographs taken ten years ago have been found on the net, in which he was captured in an apiary just outside next to his country house in the town of Lund. However, the police quickly published an expert's comment: it turned out that a strong allergy to bee stings can suddenly develop even in old age." Original post in French. Translated with Google Translate. https://m.vk.com/wall749627787_3538