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My thoughts...

Governor - Tudor Dixon Her campaign contributions were $2,363,756 compared to Gretchen Whitmer's $26,046,921

Secretary of State - Kristina Karamo her campaign contributions were $695,677 compated to Jocelyn Benson's $3,615,139

Attorney General - Matt DePerno His campaign contributions were $768,694 compared to Dena Nessel's $3,404,953 THIS ONE IS YUGE! (they all are, but I really hate Dena Nessel)

Prop1 -NO Prop2 -NO Prop3 -NO

Prop 3 is an obvious one. They made this one so vague they will be aborting babies up till the moment of birth. see here... https://ballotpedia.org/Michigan_Proposal_3,Right_to_Reproductive_Freedom_Initiative(2022)

Prop 2 has voting I.D. in it, but is also bloated with stuff like 9 day early voting and drop boxes etc. see here.. https://ballotpedia.org/Michigan_Proposal_2,Voting_Policies_in_Constitution_Amendment(2022)

Prop 1 Not sure. see here... https://ballotpedia.org/Michigan_Proposal_1,Legislative_Term_Limits_and_Financial_Disclosure_Amendment(2022)

Michigan Supreme Court: Brian Zahra and Paul Hudson

On to the districts. This one can be confusing because of redistricting.

I can speak for the 4th. Bill Huizenga. Thank god Fred Upton is gone (he voted to impeach Trump)

So I know this all can basically be summed up as voting down Republican, but I feel like it would be good for Michiganders who are unsure on certain propositions / districts to discuss.

I know I left out school boards and lower level politics, but that's why I put this together. Let's also talk about ways to stop the steal. I would love to help set up drop box surveillance, but there so many boxes out there. Any thoughts??