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I personally think it'll be MUCH bigger than anything 2024 based. I do not think this announcement will be anything about running in 2024. This is why I am standing back with the 40,000ft view until then.

"They need to return the stolen diamonds"

"You'll be seeing me much sooner than you think"

"No next election until 2020 is fixed"

With all the data that was collected last night, and with what we have from 2020, I suspect we may be getting a very Presidential speech from Trump that may possibly SHOW the data collected, and call for action.

To this day, he has not conceded 2020, and he never will. Many here, as myself, state that him announcing a 2024 run would be him conceding. Whether you agree with that or not, look at how the narrative has been building up about DeSantis.

Whether you like him or not, DeSantis, many seem split on him one way or another. I personally think he's a Red Herring. He came on hot, fast, and gained traction unlike nothing we've seen, outside of Trump. I also remember his COVID clause he snuck in, stating "any means necessary" but I cannot quote it exactly without pulling that up. It's not the point of this post, so I will leave that up to you if you want to read it.

President Trump will BE BACK before 2024.

You can already tell, DeSantis is there to take it from him, split our base, cause more division than what RINOs are doing. He's the "Fox News" sweetheart.

This is President Trump's war to finish. And I think all of us can agree with that.